Whether you are running short of time for work or running out of the dryer, or even time to have a proper shampoo, the Wet look hairstyles have become a new trend. These wet hairstyles are among the fast and quick ones to do, yet look chic and bold with modern hues. Right with the wet hair from shower post your shampooing and conditioning, you can try these makeovers at one go.

Not just it, there are few other perks of these hairstyles for wet hair too. Be it for beach vacation and holidays, or high-end fashion event, these have become the new choice in fashion town. Often we even spot celebrities in the wet looks, and we are quite stunned. Now, if you are wondering how to try them out, let us help you with it.

Cute Wet Hairstyles: 10+ Hairstyles to Do with Wet Hair

Here we go; our top favorites in the quick and easy hairstyles for wet hair makeovers include the following.

1. Wet Look Bob Hairstyle:

If you have short hair length and prefer that bold and wild hairstyle, this easy wet bob hairstyle can be perfect catch. We often spot celebrities and fashionistas too in this look, and here is one proof. Stephanie Saliba in this style looks absolutely stunning and we can’t take our eyes off her. This lovely and chic style is super easy to maintain and can also appear stunningly gorgeous in no effort.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and long face shapes can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • Straight and smooth hair texture or wavy hair can be ideal for this wet hairstyle.
  • Try this wet makeover hair for women in the 30s age group to look stunning and beautiful.

2. Wet Hairstyles for Black Hair:

In case you are blessed with jet black hair and have medium hair length, this wet look hairstyle can be ideal and amazing in choice. The hair here is taken half up half down style and looks gorgeous. This one is quick and easy to achieve and ideal for those perfect office going look or outings. What do you think?

  • Women with oval, round, and heart face shape can try this one easily.
  • This look can be edgy for women with straight and wavy hair texture.
  • Those in the late 20s to the 30s age group can look stunning and beautiful in here.

3. French Braids for Wet Hair:

Hey, wondering how to do an elaborate hairstyle with wet hair? You can even do the braiding and here is one such example. Neatly start braiding your hair right from the crown, and make sure to brush well to avoid unevenness and roughness. Braid till the edge and secure with elastics, and that is it. Isn’t it simple and cool?

  • Women with any face shape and facial feature can try this hairstyle easily.
  • Try this look with straight hair texture for the best looks.
  • This casual look is good to go for those in any age group effortlessly.

4. High Wet Hair Bun Updos:

You can even try out the neat and high hairdo style easily. Comb the hair very well without roughness anywhere and bring it all together. Take it to high updo and roll it around well. Secure with bobby pins well and that is it. Be it for offices or casual outings or colleges; these wet hairstyles for work can be a good one and an easy choice.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes can try these wet bun hairstyles easily.
  • This effortless look can be ideal for women in the 20s to the 40s age group
  • This hairstyle can be good to go with straight and wavy hair textures for the suitable looks

5. Low Wet Ponytail Hairstyles:

This is another everyday yet mesmerizing hairstyle which one can try out. For the ideal formal and professional looks, this low wet ponytail hairstyle can be ideal and easy to achieve. Yet it looks dignified and quick to do, ideal for women with busy schedules and timings. Pair this with formals for the perfect look. This is one of the easy and cute hairstyles to do with wet hair.

  • Women with oval, round and oblong face shapes can try this hairstyle easily
  • This lovely look can be good with wavy and straight hair texture.
  • In case you are in the age group of the 30s and the 40s, this can be a suitable hairstyle option.

6. Wet Hairstyles for Short Hair:

You can even try this bold and wild wet hairstyle idea for short length hair. If you love to look like a fashionista and prefer modern-age contemporary and wild statement trends, this short hair wet look hairstyle with hair color can be edgy and quite gorgeous. For those high-end events and gatherings, you can try this hairstyle, preferably, and look stunning.

  • Women with round, square, and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • Those women in the age group of the 30s can ideally prefer this edgy-chic style
  • Straight and curly hair both can try this hairstyle easily.

7. Quick Hairstyles for Wet Hair in the Morning:

We can’t get over these wet hairstyles easily and quickly for short hair. If you have the same short hair length, you are blessed to style it according to your wish and event, and still look fashionable and stunning. This casual everyday look can be ideal and suited for regular days and any woman can try this out.

  • Round and heart face shape women can try this hairstyle easily.
  • Achieve this quick look if you have smooth and straight hair texture.
  • Women in the late 20s and 30s age group can look beautiful in this hairstyle.

8. Wet hair for Curly Texture:

Style your curly hair with this wet hairstyle now and we bet you will receive a whole lot of compliments. For those special date nights or dinner events and friends gatherings, this curly loose hair in wet form can look sizzling hot, especially in the winter season. What do you think of this wet hairstyle one?

  • Girls and women in the age group of the 20s can try this hairstyle.
  • This wet hair look can be edgy with curly hair texture and frizzy hair or thin hair.
  • Women with oval and oblong face shapes can try this hair makeover idea well.

9. Loose Curls with Wet Hair:

If you have thin hair and loose curls of textured hair, you can try this simple yet refreshing and elegant hairstyle for wet curly hair. The makeover looks feminine and classy, yet bold with versatile looks – be it for events or offices and outings, we quite are in love with this one. With mild layers and steps in this curly haircut, this can be modern as well as classic.

  • Curly hair texture is only ideal to get this look in this hairstyle.
  • Those with any face shape can try this hairstyle effortlessly
  • If you are in the 30s age group this lovely haircut can be perfect.

10. Wet Hair with Waves Texture:

If you have a wavy hair texture, you can embrace and try this hairstyle easily. With natural hair, you can look gorgeous in the simplest grooming technique with these beautiful waves and wet wavy hairstyles. Women who love vintage hues and bright, vibrant looks can try out this sizzling hairstyle and we bet you will receive a lot of compliments.

  • Women with long and oval face shape can try this hairstyle easily.
  • The middle age group of women can ideally try this look and appear youthful.
  • The edgy style can be best with wavy hair texture.

11. Half Hair Twisted Wet Hairstyles for Long Hair:

You may have come across several half hairstyles across but this lovely twisted hairdo with half hair down looks absolutely lovely. Take the hair from both sides and twist it around as a braid. Bring one side of the hair beneath the other section and take it to cross side. Secure it well with bobby pins, and a similar look can appear.

  • Women with oval and long face shapes can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This lovely look can be perfect if you have long or medium length hair with wavy or straight hair texture.
  • Girls and women in their 20s end and till 30s can try this lovely and simple makeover.

12. The Diva Look with Wet Hair:

We often spot celebrities around with wet hairstyles and how they flaunt them with style and trend. You can do the same too on several occasions. If you are out on the beach vacation or swimming, naturally, you can get this lovely wet slicked-back hair look. After all, we all want to look trendy and modern and get amazing pictures of ourselves right!

  • Women with any face shape and features can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This wet hair makeover can be edgy for those with any hair texture.
  • Women with the age group of the 20s and 30s can try this hairstyle makeover.

13. Wet look Hair Twisted Bun:

This unique and edgy twisted bun is to be done ideally with wet hair only. Take all the wet hair together and bring it to roll it and twist it across. Do it with only one side twist and grab pins to secure the ends. With the bit of messy look and twists, this hairdo in Wetlook hairstyle can be amazing and gorgeous.

  • The modern hairstyle makeover can be edgy with long and oval face shapes.
  • This style is perfect for any hair texture easily and can be done with any hair length too.
  • Try this style for women in the late 30s to the 40s age group.

14. The Sleek Braided Hairstyle with Wet Hair:

Finally, we quite love this modern-age and new-gen sleek braided and roped hairstyle. The fashion model’s look inspires this makeover and we quite can’t stop getting over it. If you too have an eye for fashionable and unique and bold styles and are in search of something innovative, why not this one?

  • Any face shape and facial features can be ideal and perfect in this style.
  • Those with straight and wavy hair textures can be suitable in this look easily.
  • This chic and sleek hairstyle can be perfect for women in the 30s age group for youthful style.

The Wet look hairstyles are something new in the fashion town and are proudly flaunted by several celebrities and in the red carpet looks. If you are bored of the casual looks, or even running out of time in your hands, wet hairstyles can come to your rescue. Try these ones out and we bet you will love it.


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