Crazy about white colour and want to make your dream house look brighter, then choose your house furniture colour with white as the main colour or combination colour with white as the main theme colour. One such house furniture plays an important role in the bed. Wooden finish or colourful bed frame are now becoming more like a traditional as well as antique type. The modern and current trendy bed frame beds in white or a combination of white and other subtle colours. The white bed designs give in more brightness to your bedroom, this way bedroom becomes more prominent and more attractive.

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What Is White Bed?

Going for one colour which soothes your eyes when you enter your bedroom is white. The white colour is the best of all colour which can calm your mind and set a peaceful atmosphere. The simple white beds generally fit in with all type of other furniture’s and help to make a room look less messy. The white bed is the bedding style which helps to clean easily and brighten your room more easily.

What To Consider/Think When Buying An White Bed?

It is definitely not an easy task when you want to decide the best furniture in the house. There are many minute details to be considered which should not be left unseen under your eyes. Some of the most important points to consider for selecting bed furniture especially the white colour bed.

  • The foremost point to be considered is your bedroom size, depending on your bedroom dimension either white king size, queen size or a full bed can be selected.
  • The room lighting and position of the windows and entrance doors.
  • The mattress type ( foam, spring memory foam mattress).
  • White headboard design.
  • The bedsheet colour scheme.

Simple & Best White Bed Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 cool and latest white bed designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. White Bunk Bed Design:

Looking for an inspired white finish bed made from wooden material then check this cute white bed as your white kid’s bed. This product has a well-detailed headboard design and also a solid footboard pattern. The fitted guided ladder design helps to reach the bunk bed more easily and comfortably. The bed requires the help of a carpenter to assemble the bunk bed more easily. The bed size provides the parents also accompany the kid to sleep.

  • Dimensions: Height (64 In), Width (39 In), Length (79 In)
  • Material/Finish: Solid Wood/White finish
  • Style: Modern
  • Mattress Type: Single
  • Pillow Type: 2 pillows
  • Warranty: N/A

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2. White Twin Bed Design:

This traditional product made from solid wooden frame material with the beautiful white twin bed is an amazing bed type for students, as a dormitory bed as well as grown-up kids bed. The white twin bed is a traditional style with an elegant finish. The sturdy wooden bed frame gives good rigidity and sturdy look. The frame is supported with six wooden legs providing the bed good stability.

  • Dimensions: Height (64 In), Width (39 In), Length (79 In) 198.1 x 106.7 x 81.3 cm
  • Material/Finish: Solid Wood/White finish
  • Style: Traditional
  • Mattress Type: twin
  • Pillow Type: Single pillow
  • Warranty: N/A

3. White Sleigh Bed Design:

Yes, safety is definitely an important factor for parents, who are selecting a good bed design for the kids. A good safety ensured bed design is the Sleigh bed. The sleigh beds are ensured with safety rails on both sides of the bed frame and the height of the bed is designed almost as a grounded level bed. This ground level bed provides easy entry to the bed. The White bed can be used as a gender-neutral colour, this idea can be applied to your kids for purchasing a neutral colour white sleigh bed and avoid the confusion of selecting the gender-oriented colour as kid´s bed.

  • Dimensions: 144 x 73.7 x 71.1 cm
  • Material/Finish: Solid Wood/White finish
  • Style: Sleigh bed
  • Mattress Type:  Single
  • Pillow Type: Single pillow
  • Warranty: N/A

4. White King Size Bed Design:

Classic White bed finish cottage style contemporary king size material is an amazing and comfortable bed made from rigid rubberwood material. The bed frame is a contemporary style best suited as an elegant bed design. The headboard is also made from the same rubberwood material providing rigid head support. Due to solid wood material, assembling the bed requires a carpenter help. The recommend mattress dimension is 72″x 78″ for a comfortable sleep for the couple.

  • Dimensions: Length (206.8 cm), Width (193 cm), Height (114.3 cm)
  • Material/Finish: Rubber Wood/White finish
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: Two pillow
  • Warranty: 1 year

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5. White Platform Bed Design:

The low-level bed is also called as the platform bed, wherein the bed frame is almost ground level. This type of bed frame is easy to use since the effort to climb the bed is reduced significantly. This bed due to peculiar design can also be mentioned as girls white bed platform bed. The bed is made from pine wood provides amazing rigidity and increases the durability of the bed. This type of bed comes with storage as well as without a storage facility. The mattress has a good snug fit thanks to the well-detailed bed frame design.

  • Dimensions: 18.75x57x76.5 inches
  • Material/Finish: Pine Wood/White finish
  • Style: Platform bed
  • Mattress Type: Standard
  • Pillow Type: Two pillows
  • Warranty: 1 year

6. White Upholstered Bed Design:

Want to change your bedroom look completely from a traditional bedroom set up to a modern and luxurious white wooden bed or with white leather bed finish.  Then check this Wooden and upholstery material combined material with white colour finish king size bed. The white colour is definitely a royal colour, using this as advantage combine Soft Italian leatherette upholstery material with underlying light foam padding material as your headboard also along the sides with wooden frame.

  • Dimensions: Length (210 cm), Width (188 cm), Height (107 cm)
  • Material/Finish: Wooden material with leatherette upholstery material /White finish
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: Two pillow
  • Warranty: N/A

7. White Tufted Queen Bed Design:

Give your bedroom a gorgeous and modern outlook just by changing your traditional wooden look bed to a leatherette tufted bed with a big white bed with white bedding design. This product is made from high-quality material with solid wooden frame and good upholstered white leatherette material with solid upholstery lining made from a combination of rest well foam and PU foam headboard. The mattress suited for this product is a queen size which is best suited as a couple of bed.

  • Dimensions: Length (212 cm), Width (160 cm), Height (127 cm)
  • Material/Finish: Wooden material with Leatherette Upholstery material /White finish
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Mattress Type: King
  • Pillow Type: Two pillow
  • Warranty: N/A

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8. Modern White Queen Bed Design:

Modernized bed designs now dominate traditional bed styles. The modern bed designs like a high white bed or low white bed are made more easily through laser cutting technologies and machine enabled the fitting system. One such modern bed is the white queen bed made from premium quality engineered wood. The headboard is made from the same wood material with a unique design seen on the top corner of the headboard. The leg design is also made from the same wood with precise cutting work.

  • Dimensions: Length (62.4 inches), Width (80.8 inches), Height (30.7 inches)
  • Material/Finish: Engineered Material; Subtype: Particle Board, Secondary material: MDF/ White finish
  • Style: Modern
  • Mattress Type: Queen
  • Pillow Type: Two pillow
  • Warranty: 12 months

9. White Storage Bed Design:

The bed is an important part of the bedroom and for those who lack sufficient storage space in the bedroom and bed with storage facility is essential. For those who are looking for such a kind of bed with storage facility then check this white fabric bed with storage product with a hydraulic pulling mechanism. The engineered wood with white glossy finish gives a crisp finish to the bed. The storage mechanism provides enough room for storing bedding accessories like duvets, extra pillows, bedspreads, etc.

  • Dimensions: Length (178.31 cm), Width (218.44 cm), Height (92.46 cm)
  • Material/Finish: Engineered Wood / Finish: White, glossy
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Mattress Type: Queen
  • Pillow Type: Two pillow
  • Warranty: 1 year

10. White Single Bed with Storage:

Living in a studio apartment and want good compact furniture’s at your place. One such compact furniture is single bed furniture with storage facility. To make your small room with a furniture look big and bright, go for single white bed. The single white bed can be made from wooden material or as white iron bed design. The single white contemporary made from rubberwood is sturdy and stable. The storage system is a drawer system seen on the lower part of the bed with a pulling system. Hide your bedsheet and pillow in the storage system.

  • Dimensions: Length (99 cm), Width (107 cm), Height (193 cm)
  • Material/Finish: Rubberwood White finish
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Mattress Type: Single
  • Pillow Type: Single pillow
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Pros and Cons of White Bed Designs:

Personal style is an important theme to be considered when it comes to designing your bedroom. To make your cosy bedroom look more appealing to your eyes, the word “Color” plays an important role. One such eye attractive colour is white. Change your bed colour to white by choosing as a white iron bed or a wooden or leather white bed and find out the difference from your previous traditional bed frame colour.

But definitely, not every bedroom can take white as the primary colour. So let’s take a brief look at the most essential pros and cons of a white bed.


  • White colour can match with similar white duvet, pillow, and bedspread more easily; thereby the time to select the matching bedding set can be reduced tremendously.
  • The white bed can be easily cleaned just with a simple wipe. Glossy white finish can be even easier to wipe just by a simple dry cloth designed as glass wipe.
  • Plain white bed are relatively cost-effective when compared to bed with a colour combination.
  • White can make your bedroom look classier.


  • House with small kids, white colour furniture can make it difficult for parents to clean.
  • Complete white bedroom sets can make your bedroom have a hospital atmosphere.
  • Dust particle can be easily seen on complete white bedding.
  • Bright white colour can make your bedroom look brighter than the required amount of brightness.

These are the simple and comfortable decoration solution for your bedroom includes designing the bedroom more in a modernized and minimalistic design. Selecting white bed set up can draw total attention to the bedroom rather than concentrating on other furniture in the room. To make the eye-catchy furniture attractive, select the white bed design from the above-listed types. Each bedroom located in the house for example bedroom having a good nature facing the window, a wall covered bedroom or a roof window. Depending on the natural light available to your bedroom we can select the brightness of the white bed.  Make your bedroom visually enormous by just selecting the best white bed design.


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