15 Stunning White Blazers for Men and Women

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White is a sober color and white blazer just looks awesome. It is so trendy. It will get match with any color outfit. White is a calm color and gives peace of mind. Personality of person will get totally changed in white blazer. Color does affect your mental status. Some people prefer to wear white only. They daily wear white color outfit. It may even be lucky color for them. But white blazer has its own significance. It can be casual and formal both. It appears as soft as cream. White blazer is mainly chosen in Christian wedding. They consider white as auspicious.

White Blazers for Special Occasions:

Here are the 15 stylish white colour blazers in latest fashion for men and women.

White Blazers for Women:

1. Stylish White Women Blazer:

White Women Blazer

Women look attractive in white blazer. She can wear it either in Office or in Meeting too. It gives a true executive image to women. It increases her respect which can lead her to Promotion. Perfect blazer helps in increasing your inner confidence.

2. Split White Blazers for Women:

Split White Blazer

It is known as spitted blazer because it is getting split in sleeves. It is loose-fit with relaxed look. It is apt to wear in summer. It is open and airy. Girls will wonderful with sublime qualities. It is not an official style. It expresses informal atmosphere.

3. White Cropped Blazer in Short:

White Cropped Blazer

This white blazer has crop pattern with 3/4th sleeve. It will nicely suit plain long tee. Collars are very short to look stylish. It will look good with skin fit skirt and slim fit jeans. It enhances the beauty of women. Crop pattern will look stylish on women.

4. Womens White Blazer Jacket:

White Blazer Jacket

This is an amazing blazer jacket for women. It is having print in inside fabric which is looking fabulous. It is long in length and full sleeve. It has one button and will look best with plain shirt. Women will look gorgeous and pretty. It will be the first choice of women for its fine look.

5. Fitted White Blazer for Ladies:

White Blazer for Ladies

This beautiful blazer is for ladies to make her feel special. She is looking gorgeous in this. Blazer is having tiger print on sleeve. The buttons are so stylish. Ladies will look splendid in this white blazer. In this, collars are broad and it is slim fit design.

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6. White Blazer with Lace Work:

White Blazer with Lace Work

This white blazer has some lace work on shoulder portion. It looks charming and delightful to have work on white blazer. The girl has worn everything white which makes her different from others. This white blazer will look as pretty as in this picture.

7. Beautiful White Long Sleeve Blazer:

White Long Sleeve Blazer

I love this blazer. This white blazer is very different from regular white blazer. It has much broad collars and bow pattern on tummy area. It seems like it is attached with tee inside which is having lace work. This blazer will really look enchanting on young ladies.

8. Womens Long White Blazers:

Long White Blazer

This white blazer is very long in length. This type of long blazer is worn in winter. It is impressive and phenomenal. It is rarely used in India but is in demand in Foreign Countries where there is cool weather. It gives full protection to body. You will find this pattern in India during winter.

9. White Blazer with Fur:

White Blazer with Fur

This white blazer is having fur on neck instead of collars. It is having so much fur. It gives modern touch with ultra-fine white blazer. It even does not have buttons. This will really look incredible on girls. It will take away breath of people when you will wear it.

10. White Blazer with Ruched Sleeve:

White Blazer with Ruched Sleeve

This white blazer is having Ruched Sleeve style which will please the sense. It will look fascinating on women. This sleeve pattern is new and unique. People will love this style. It is lovely and appealing directly to one’s heart.

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White Blazers for Men:

11. Mens Casual White Blazer:

Casual White Blazer

This is for young boys who like to wear blazer to deliver cool image. It is for informal wear. It looks cool upon jeans and tee. It suits much in party. It is having much narrow collar and no buttons. Boys will look handsome in this blazer. You can wear this in College too.

12. Slim Fit White Blazer for Men:

White Blazer for Men

It is an amazing white color blazer. It looks creamy. A colorful shirt with checks print is worn inside. It gives an unusual look to man. It is an extraordinary piece. It is not like a typical blazer. A man really looks superior and high-class in white blazer.

13. Men’s Printed White Blazers for Events:

Printed White Blazer

This white blazer is printed with floral prints. It is created for occasion. A guy will look special in this special white blazer. It will invite lovely compliments from people. When it is worn in occasion, people will say well about it.

14. Designer White Blazers for Men:

Designer White Blazer

This white blazer is specially designed. It is having black color prints on white blazer. It is having many different designs of black color. It will look best when worn in club or casino. It will give perfect fit to man’s body. You can even wear it casually.

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15. Mens Stylish White Blazers:

Stylish White Blazer

This is stylish white blazer for man. It is utterly butterfly delicious. The collar pattern is new with three black buttons and full sleeve. It is perfect to wear in winter. It seems like this blazer is having thick fabric. A man will look slim fit in this. It is just marvelous to wear.

White is an innocent color and colorless. It will get mold with every color. When gets mixed with dark color, it changes the quality of color. Same happens with blazer.  When white blazer is worn over dark color shirt, it changes the look of a person. It feels comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. White blazer expresses leisure and luxury of wearer. It will make you feel like a rich person. It adds glamour to one’s personality. It denotes exceptional and noteworthy resemblance of yours.

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