Flowers play an important role in maintaining nature’s cycle. They are appreciated for their colours and beauty, making them a true gift of nature. Though flowers of all colours look beautiful, white flowering plants add beauty to the garden and are considered a token of purity, humility, appreciation and Innocence. This is the reason why white flowering plants stand out exceptionally. White flowers are used on several occasions, whether for a wedding to convey modesty and beauty or during funerals to offer condolence.

So, let us go through this article to learn more about the different white flowering plants which can add beauty to your home garden.

Beautiful White Flowering Plants That Grow in Home Gardens in India:

White flowering plants can be an exceptional addition to any garden, whether on your terrace or in the home garden. Let us look into this article to know more about different white flowering plants:

1. White Hydrangea Flowering Plant:

Scientific name: Hydrangea Macrophylla.

Hydrangea looks like white cotton candy on a stick and is a snowball-shaped flower. This white flowering plant has smaller white blooms, with the centre having a soft blue ball. These flowers are used for bouquet arrangement purposes, though they are mainly suited for gardens. The stunning contrast provided by these shrubs makes your garden more colourful during springtime in combination with other flowers.

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2. White Lily flower:

Scientific name: Lilium Candidum.

The white lily flower is a plant in the true lily family which is naturalized in other parts of Europe, including France, Italy, and Ukraine. However, they are native to the Balkans and the Middle East. The classic bloom of this flower reveals eye-catching lime white petals and is known for its unique shape and pure bloom colour. The white lily flower is one of the popular flowers chosen by brides because they symbolize purity while enhancing royalty.

3. Jasmine:

Scientific name: Stephanotis Floribunda.

Jasmine is a beautiful plant with small white star-shaped flowers with an amazing fragrance. These flowers are very popular all around the world. Jasmine flowers are climbers and cover fences, giving them an elegant look, which is possible if the plant is an ornamental jasmine shrub. These flowering plants can grow up to 18 to 30 feet and are one of the fastest-growing flowers.

4. White Tulips:

Scientific name: Tulipa.

The start of the spring season is represented by the beautiful tulip flowers. The flowers of this plant can be identified with their long stem with a cup-shaped flower on top. The shape of the white tulips makes them look elegant and beautiful in any garden. However, some tulips look spiky because they have a tapered look of petals. Ice follies and white triumphator are some of the white Tulip cultivars.

5. White Daisy:

Scientific name: Matricaria Leucanthemum.

White daisies are white flowering plants often used for decoration purposes and bridal bouquets and are innocent-looking simple flowers. These beautiful flowers symbolize new beginnings, simplicity, purity and Innocence. In the flower language, white daisies are considered the secret flower that can hide personal love messages.

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6. Lily of the valley:

Scientific name: Convallaria Majalis.

Lily of the Valley looks outstanding and produces white bell-like flowers. The stems of this plant are long, up to 7″ to 12″ and usually have two leaves surrounding the flower. This plant looks fabulous because each branch has more than 12 flowers. Royal weddings and bouquets during the marriage are some of the popular places these flowers are used. The lily of the valley plants produce flowers in late spring, and the best thing is that they are low-growing plants.

7. White Hibiscus

Scientific name: Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis ‘Dainty White.’

White Hibiscus is a beautiful white flowering plant that can cure diseases with its healing properties but is also a breathtakingly beautiful flower. According to the language of flowers, white hibiscus stands for ‘seize the opportunity,’ and it symbolizes fertilization and purity. Therefore, white flowers are the prominent feature of this perennial shrub. The lifespan of each flower is only one to two days. However, old ones are replaced with new ones rapidly.

8. White Orchid Flower:

Scientific name: Bauhinia Acuminata.

White orchids are considered the rarest type of orchid because it is not as common as coloured ones. The flower arrangement with these flowers looks exotic and extremely elegant, making it a must in any wedding bouquet. There are more than 1000 categories of orchids in different colours from all around the world. Refreshment, Innocence, and beauty are some of the symbolisms of white orchid flowers.

9. White Daffodils:

Scientific name: Narcissus Papyraceus.

Daffodils have trumpet-like central crowns surrounded by six petals in white and yellow colours. These flowers symbolize rebirth, hope and resilience and yield gorgeous blossoms in the early days of spring when you plant daffodil bulbs in autumn. The white daffodil announces the revival of nature because it is a soaring flower of all times. This amazing flower symbolizes friendship and a new beginning because it has divine beauty and charm.

10. White Bougainvillea:

Scientific name: Bougainvillea Glabra.

White Bougainvillea flower’s bracts are often confused with petals because the waxy inflorescence of this plant is surrounded by bracts. The white bougainvillaea continuously produces flowers throughout the year, which grow in clusters.

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11. Snowdrops:

Scientific name: Galanthus.

Snowdrops give your garden an enhanced look and are small perennial flowers. These flowers can cover your garden like a carpet of white blooms and look extremely beautiful. The best thing about snowdrops is that some of them bloom in May as beautiful flowers and even just after winter.

12. White Camellia Flowering Plant for Home Garden:

Scientific name: Camellia Japonica.

The white camellia is an exotic, fresh-looking and precious flower. The petal holder represents a young man and the protector of the lady. In contrast, the flower’s petals stand for the spirit of the ladies. In the language of flowers, white camellia stands for you are adorable. However, these flowers come in different colours, which hold different meanings. Camellia plants lend some life to your garden during the winter because they are evergreen plants. The flowers are gorgeously symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing because their petals grow in a fractal pattern.

13. Chrysanthemums:

Scientific name: Chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemums come in white, purple, pink and red colours, which gives your garden a different look, especially in the fall. In addition, these flowers come in different shapes and sizes, making them look attractive. This category has more than 100 tiny petals called globular flowers. Chrysanthemums are large snowy white flowers that add beauty to your garden. Spider mum and Billy Bell are some of the white cultivars of Chrysanthemums.

14. Magnolias:

Scientific name: Magnolia.

The shrubs and trees that are completely dependent on climate are Magnolias. They are evergreen, deciduous and perennial species. These flowers are perfect sources of happiness with their attractive look and amazing aroma. The Magnolias fill your garden with immense beauty and Fragrance and grow between spring and summer. These flowers come in curving petals in a backward direction, whereas some have cup-shaped petals.

15. White Dahlia flower:

Scientific name: Dahlia Pinnata.

Dahlia flowers are hand perennial plants and come in several varieties. These flowers can be small or big, depending on their species. These summery flowers have a bright yellow centre with pure white petals, and the flowers are lobe-shaped. The symbolism of these flowers is a forever-lasting bond and commitment. Whether in gardens or flower arrangements, Dahlia is one of the most commonly found flowers.

16. White Iris Flower for Garden:

Scientific name: Iris Albicans.

The Iris flowers come in a wide variety of colours though most wild ones are white. Iris flowering plants compete with other plants for sun exposure and are long-stemmed. As a result, these plants need a lot of space for themselves. The white Iris flower has delicate petals opened, fully revealing yellow throats of the outermost petals and is typically a springtime flower.

17. White Rose Plant:

Scientific name: Rosa × alba.

A white rose symbolizes purity and everlasting love making them a compulsory addition to many weddings. These flowers are worth all the extra attention, though they have a reputation of being difficult to propagate and fussy. These beautiful flowers bloom when they get more sunlight. Memorial services and funerals also use white roses because they also symbolize reverence.

18. Amaryllis:

Scientific name: Amaryllis.

Amaryllis are large flowers with showy looks that come in various colours, including white, pink, orange, etc. These flowers can grow up to 2 feet in height. The beauty and charm of the Amaryllis flowers fill the room attractively. The Amaryllis flowers in all colours look attractive in any garden. Christmas Gift and Mont Blanc are some of the white cultivars of Amaryllis.

19. White Ranunculus:

Scientific name: Ranunculus.

Ranunculus plants have a long vase life making them popular among florists. They also have spiralling petals and are robust. These flowers have a long life even after they are separated from the root, which makes them used in bouquets and flower arrangements often. However, often these plants are considered weeds in ornamental gardens.

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20. White Spider Lily:

Scientific name: Hymenocallis Carolina.

The beach spider lily is widely cultivated and naturalized in many tropical countries. However, they are native to warmer coastal regions of Latin America. This bulbous perennial herb ranges from 62 to 70 cm in height. These flowers have a vanilla scent and are large and white. You can find these flowering plants in nurseries though spider lily bulbs are rare. These flowers add a lot of character to your garden though they bloom only in summers.

With so many white flowering plant varieties available in the market, choosing one might feel difficult. So, with the list of some of the best white flowering plants, you can decide which one to plant in your garden. Since white symbolizes peace and purity, you can expect the same vibes to spread through your garden beautifully. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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1. Which are the white flowers that bloom at night?

Ans: Moon flowers bloom only at night, hence the name. These fragrant flowers bloom around late afternoon and become full flowers by night. These flowers have a lovely fragrance and are pure white in colour.

2. Which are the small white flowers?

Ans: Baby’s breath (Gypsophila) is the small white flowers that are thin, wispy, and have a delicate appearance. Though these flowers are small, they are very resilient in the landscape.


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