White gold jewellery is different from the normal gold jewellery. White gold is an alloy of gold with a white metal like manganese, palladium or nickel. White gold jewelry look pretty and unique. The market for this type of jewellery has flourished in the recent times.

Indian White Gold Jewellery Sets:

Here are the top white gold jewellery designs for women and men along with pictures

1. White Gold Earrings Designs for Bridal:

This elegant pair of earrings is simple as well as classy. It is made of white gold and has diamond studded flowers. A pearl hangs from each earring. It looks very pretty on young women. The best part about it is that it will go well on traditional as well as western attire.

2. White Gold Jewellery Set for Wedding:

This marvellous set is one of the best examples of white gold designer jewellery. It is a really heavy set, perfect for occasions like weddings. It is completely diamond studded and has a fall look. The pretty necklace with identical earrings complete the bridal look. It is elegant and is one of the unique white gold jewelry sets.

3. White Gold Bracelet for Men:

Men love wearing accessories too. This solid white gold bracelet will have the attention of all men. It is classy and looks really smart. It can be worn to office too, as it is not very heavy. This is one of the best white gold jewellery for men.

4. Beautiful White Gold Necklace:

This duet circle diamond necklace made of white gold has a sophisticated look. It is light and simple and hence can be worn on a regular basis. The intersection of the white gold and diamond ring looks innovative and appealing to the eye.

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5. White Gold Wedding Ring for Girls:

This ring is elegant and stylish, and one of a kind. It is white gold with diamond studded leaves. The leaves are placed elegantly and the ring looks really pretty on the fingers. This ring can be worn by young as well as old women. It is an evergreen white gold jewelry for women and will look good on anybody.

6. White Gold Heart Pendant for Women:

This heart pendant is different from regular heart pendants. Its design is unique, as half of the heart is diamond studded, while the other half is made of white gold. This is the beautiful white gold designer jewellery that can be worn on a regular basis and will look good over anything.

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7. White Gold Locket with Diamonds:

Lockets can be used to store photographs or other small things, like a key. This jewelry white gold locket has nine diamonds studded on it, which gives it a more appealing look. It is simple, and can be worn every day.

8. Jewelry White Gold Bangle:

This 18 carat white gold bangle studded with diamonds is one of the simplest white gold jewellery designs. This can be worn on a regular basis by those who like wearing jewelry to work. It is simple and elegant and meets all the demands of daily wear accessories.

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9. White Gold Diamond Infinity Necklace:

This pretty necklace with an infinity pendant is very much in demand these days. Half of the infinity is diamond studded, while the other half is white gold. It looks pretty on kids as well as adults.

White gold has become popular today, not only because it has an elegant look, but also because it gives the attire a finished look.


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