Gold jewelry is used by men and women since ages. Gold creates an aura and appeals to all people as it is used not only for occasions and wedding, etc but also on a daily basis. White gold is a type of gold alloy that has gold and a white metal like palladium or nickel in it. The jewelry piece will then be plated with rhodium.

White Gold Rings for Men and Women:

Here we listed below 9 best jewellery engagement rings in white gold for men and women.

1. Solitaire White Gold Diamond Ring:

These are exquisite pieces of jewelry that are given to a woman on a really special occasion. It contains a large solitaire, that is normally very expensive, that is encrusted in the white gold ring. The ring maybe studded with smaller diamonds to give it an imperialistic appeal.

2. White Gold Engagement Ring:

White gold engagement rings are very trendy these days are they are more modern and classy. The engagement rings in white gold present the couple a wonderful array of beautiful pieces. These are sure to make the couple extremely happy. A white gold ring will be something that a girl will want to flaunt and show to her friends.

3. White Gold Wedding Band Ring:

The white gold wedding rings are also in vogue now since white gold has become so modernistic. These wedding rings have a plain band like look with the names of the couple engraved in the inner lining of the ring. The couples may even want to add their wedding date to the engraving.

4. Cute White Gold Ring with Diamonds:

Diamonds being a girl’s best friend, the white gold diamond rings bring a look like no other. It ticks all the points that a sophisticated women looks for in a ring. Since the diamonds are white in color, the white gold only adds to its luster. These are pieces of jewelry that a girl will keep for many years to come.

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5. Pearl White Gold Ring:

Cultured pearls are a thing of beauty. These are used in precious pieces of jewelry and pearl white gold rings are one of them. There are many intricate designs of rings and the addition of a large cultured pearl only adds to its beauty. These can serve as engagement rings too.

6. Ruby Ring with White Gold:

White gold allows many types of precious stones to be adorned together. Ruby is a brilliant red color that goes extremely well with white gold. Normally the ruby is of high quality and it is big in size too. The white gold encrusts the stone in the centre and diamonds are placed around it.

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7. White Gold Emerald Ring:

Among the precious stones used in rings emerald is of majestic and kingly appeal. This beautiful green color is widely used to make rings that stand out. The white gold emerald ring is a masterpiece and it gives a very regal look. Use this ring to bring out the beauty in you.

8. White Gold Infinity Ring:

Infinity rings are a new modern trend that looks absolutely beautiful. The design incorporates the infinity symbol and this is very symbolic for engagements and weddings. The infinity rings are normally encrusted with tiny diamonds. These are very unique and give a really nice look to the finger.

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9. Simple Plain White Gold Ring:

Since white gold is not the gaudy type, it is acceptable by men easily. The rings for men are normally simple in design with lines. Some may even be more intricate with manly designs. Some men will even opt for diamonds on their rings and these are normally bigger in size.

White gold rings are extremely beautiful pieces. They are used by men and women alike. White gold jewelry has a modern appeal and that is why many men are also seen wearing the items. White gold rings are very unique pieces of jewelry and attract men and women as they are used on a daily basis for work.


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