Women either use make-up to enhance their beauty or prefer to look natural, yet definitely every woman uses nail polish. Teens in college, young, older women and kids attending school all of them love to wear nail polish. There are a wide range of companies and umpteen choices in colours that can be chosen to either match your outfit for an occasion or just be applied to protect your nails from chipping, drying etc. The colour white used as a nail polish has become a trend due to fresh manicures.

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9 Best White Nail Polish Brands to Choose From Are:

Here you get some best White Nail Polishes to decorate your nails beautifully.

1. Lakme – Absolute Gel Stylist Nude Glow:

Image Source: Lakme

Lakme is one of the oldest and most popular brands in India. Lakme’s Absolute Gel Stylist Nude Glow nail polish costs only Rs. 400 for a 15 ml bottle. The brush is large and spreads over your nails amazingly giving them a glossy look.

2. Maybelline- Moon Beam:

Image Source: Maybelline

Maybelline has two types of white shades, namely the Colorama prate pearl white nail polish, which costs Rs. 100/- and the Moonbeam nail enamel 103, which costs Rs. 75/-.

3. L’Oreal- Vendome Pearl:

Image Source: L’oreal

The L’oreal colour riche Vendome pearl nail polish 005 is priced at Rs. 225/-. L’oreal nail polish is crystal acrylic giving the nails a glossy finish and doesn’t require a top coat.

4. Colorbar- Ice Spice:

Image Source: Colorbar

Colorbar also has two shades of white, the Colorbar ice spice nail polish 104 at Rs. 175/- and the Colorbar exclusive nail lacquer 37 at Rs. 175.

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5. Revlon- Neon Nail:

Image Source: Revlon

Revlon is an amazing brand with a wide range of products and colours, which are great in quality, and at affordable prices. The Revlon Neon nail has a white and another colour enamel at the cost of Rs. 300/-. The quality of the product is excellent and the nail polish, when applied to the nails, dries up in a few seconds.

6. China Glaze- White on White:

Image Source: China Glaze

China Glaze nail polish is long-lasting and has colours with a wide range. It is slightly in the higher price range, with the white on white at Rs. 500/- and the moonlight colour lacquer at Rs. 1,473.

7. Inglot- 02 M 601:

Image Source: Inglot

Inglot 02M Nail Enamel also known as the “breathable nail polish” and certified as “Hal” has a white shade code-named 601 and is priced at Rs. 690/-. This cosmetic is free from the chemicals toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and dibutyl phthalate, This nail polish allows the oxygen to pass through the nails and keeps the colour long-lasting. It also avoids the chipping of nails.

8. Max Factor- Glossfinity:

Image Source: Max Factor Glossfinity

Max Factor nail enamels are free from the chemical dibutyl which causes mutation, kidney and liver failure and infertility. This too is a long-lasting nail enamel which keeps the look of your nails fresh and glossy. Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish (White) costs Rs. 485/-.

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9. Chambor- French Manicure Set:

Image Source: Chambor

Chambor has two types of nail enamels, the first one is a single piece which costs Rs. 270/- and has a wide range of colours. The second one comes with a set of 2 enamels called the French Manicure set which costs Rs. 485/-. One such set contains one white and pink shade of enamel each bottle is of 5 ml.

White nail polishes usually used for French manicure is also used for nail art. White colour can be associated with various colours to come up with beautiful nail art. Each and every colour of nail polish not only defines your personality but also tells about yourself.

The colour white indicates the personality or characteristics of the person such as conservative, cleanliness, purity and balance. A person who likes the colour white is believed to have faith in fantasy in their heart and they wait for their prince charming to come and rescue them and get married to him to live a happily ever after life.


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