The white rangoli designs have its own uniqueness because of the colour. The best thing lies only in its shine. The rangoli is used to be decorated outside the house, temple, and auditorium and so on. These really look beautiful when depicted somewhere but here the colour used is single and can be more adorable with the use of lights along with it. The white colour rangoli have many varieties to be encountered. These can be decorated on streets and somewhere else too.

Simple white Rangoli Designs with Images:

Here is the list of top 9 white rangoli designs, The white rangoli design has its uniqueness in the colour. The white rangoli designs have many such designs but these were some of the best.

1. Beautiful White Rangoli Design:

The white rangoli design has its uniqueness in the colour. These can be depicted on the streets for some organizing event so as to give it an adorable look. These beautiful white rangolis can really win the heart of people and give them a good impression.

2. Street White Rangoli:

On the street, one can use the white rangoli powder to decorate it for the borders. The white colour would give it a different look to be admired. This white colour can also be used as path teller instead of rangolis. It has some multipurpose uses also.

3. Simple White Kolam Designs:

The simple white rangoli designs are the best-suited designs for small purpose events where rangolis are not given much attention. Still, people can design it for their sake. These lovely white rangoli designs are adorable and look good to be noticed.

4. Border White Rangoli:

The borders can be decorated with black and white rangoli designs in the house or temple. The white and black combination would give a different look to be admired. These rangolis can be used alongside the streets for a better impression. These border rangolis would look very adorable and admirable.

5. Temple White Rangoli:

The rangoli designs with white powder can be one of the choices for the white temple rangolis where people generally come to worship God. These white rangolis would be the source of attraction for the people visiting. Overall, it would give an adorable look to be admired.

6. Kolam White Rangoli:

The white rangoli kolam can be the best choice for a decorative purpose outside the venue of any function. These are quite a cultural type rangoli which give a meaningful response to the people. One such kolam design is depicted in the picture.

7. Religious White Rangoli:

There can be the even religious type of rangolis which give a religious view over its design. The use of white colour would surely narrate the religious beliefs and impacts of the culture. These can be om designs in white which can be depicted outside the temple. Also, these can be termed as simple white rangoli.

8. Swastik white Rangoli:

The white kolam rangoli can be one of the types for swastik rangolis. Swastik can be designed outside the temple or home in white colour to give a single coloured look. These can be initiated with the use of lights too. The swastik rangolis looks adorable in white.

9. Diva Light white Rangoli:

The rangoli design white can be one of the best choices for the best design which can be used along with lights. The combination of the colour white and different lights would surely give an adorable look to be admired by the people. Even the Diwali rangolis can be decorated with the help of lights.

The white rangoli designs have many such designs but these were some of the best. Among them the best choice can be the white rangoli designs with lights for some great events or functions. Some rangolis in regard to temples can be decorated for giving religious look.


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