White shirts! Whether you like simple and elegant outfit choices or looking for professional and clean ensembles, the white shirts for women always stand out. The colour is a versatile, timeless, elegant choice for both genders, and white shirts add a graceful look for women across age groups and body types. Today, we are doing a round-up on white shirt styles for females. The white shirts are always trendy and in demand and will seamlessly serve you on multiple occasions. Do you have a white shirt yet in your collection? If not, keep reading to explore the gorgeous white shirt outfit choices for women and ideas to style them for a stunning look.

What To Wear with White Shirts To Look Like a Fashion Pro:

Before we learn more about which white colour shirts are trending in women’s outfits, let us first check out various tips and style ideas on what to wear for the best looks in white shirts!

  • To begin with, always think about the occasion or event you are dressing up for.
  • In the case of work or professional/formal engagements, white shirts will always be just the right and elegant choice. They can be styled in myriad ways.
  • The most classic outfit choice is pairing white shirts with black skirts (pencil skirts) or black trousers. They also look great with grey or beige formal trousers.
  • Add on a blazer for an extra dose of charm and professional elegance.
  • You can also wear white shirts for semi-formal or casual outings and even romantic date nights. Wear white shirts with printed trousers or palazzos.
  • You can pair them with printed flared skirts (midi skirts/maxi full-length skirts). Of course, the ever classic white shirt combo with blue-washed denim can never be dismissed.
  • You can style white shirts seamlessly in multiple outfit choices and occasions. Isn’t it exciting?

Importance Of White Shirts For Women:

White is one of the most soothing colours and suits almost every skin tone. Pure white shirts speak a lot about your inner personality. Once reserved for the elite class, white shirts are still considered to make you look exclusive among the others. White shirts are also suitable for casual, formal and even party wear. They are extremely versatile to work with and are always the first preference for any woman.

Latest and Stylish White Shirts for Women in Different Designs:

If you are a working woman, the white shirt is a boon. Here look at the 15 best White Shirt models for Women in Trend.

1. Oversized Full Sleeve White Shirt:


Oversized shirts are often understated in the fashion world. But if you have an eye for unique looks, this white oversized full-sleeve women’s shirt will indeed impress you. The white shirt features long sleeves, dropped shoulders and a rounded hem, giving an edgy and bold hot vibe. Try it out, and you can see the hotness bars rising above!

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White Long Sleeve Oversized Women’s Shirt
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Tailored Fit
  • Occasion To Wear: Casual Dinners
  • Preferred Body Shape: Anyone
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim

2. White Satin Knotted Shirt:


Like our casual white shirts, the knotted shirts are quite in trend and a new entry in the fashion market. Check out our new favourite – white satin knotted shirt for women. the shirt oozes style, oomph and grandeur, giving it an elegant, hot, beautiful and mesmerizing look.

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White Solid Knotted Shirt With Full Sleeves
  • Material: Poly Satin
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Dinners, Formal Gatherings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Petite
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black Trousers

3. Statement Collar White Silk Shirt:


Casuals are always chic and never can go out of trend. How about this basic women’s white casual silk shirt? The shirt is perfect for versatile styling and a timeless look; it oozes grace and a charming, edgy feel. Pair it with myriad occasions, and you can notice the difference yourself. What do you think?

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White Silk Full Sleeve Shirt With Statement Collar
  • Material: Tussar Silk
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black Trousers, Skirt

4. White Sleeveless Shirt With Ruffles:


Add on to the diva-inspired vibe with this white shirt with a sleeveless design. The shirt features beautiful ruffles with a plush and polished look of the fabric, perfect for accentuating your beauty and adding to the contemporary glow vibes. It is exquisite, comfortable, and brings a new hot vibrant look. Check it out!

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Plain White Sleeveless Shirt With Ruffles
  • Material: Poly Satin
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Parties, Dinners
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin And Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim, Trousers Or Pencil Skirt

5. Cropped White Short Sleeve Shirt:


The crop tops have made quite a noise in the fashion world, and today we have cropped shirts for women, too! This white women’s cropped shirt features short sleeves with a resort collar and looks stunning. It is unique and bold and gives out hot glitzy vibes.

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White Cropped White Shirt With Short Sleeves
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Pear
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Distressed Jeans

6. White Cotton Formal Shirt:


Yet, another solid white shirt that we love is here. This cotton shirt for women is perfect for your work, professional and formal engagements. Pair it with a beautiful skirt or formal trousers to get a formal clean, dignified vibe with a graceful appearance. Check it out!

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White Full Sleeve Women’s Formal Shirt
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Formal/Office
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear And Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black Trousers Or Pencil Skirt

7. Plus Size White Long Shirt:


Longline shirts are favourite for several women out there, and they never disappoint in creating new trends. This long white line plus size women’s trend is beautiful and worth checking out. The outfit can create several appearances and looks seamlessly, giving you a versatile dewy appearance and bringing out elegant contemporary vibes.

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White Long-Line Women’s Casual Shirt
  • Material: Viscose Rayon
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Shape: Plus Size
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim

8. White Checks Shirt with Embroidered Detail:


We bet you may not have come across a check shirt. Did you?! This white checked design shirt with embroidered detail on the sleeves. It beautifully blends modernity with an elegant look and a classy statement vibe. This sure will impress you and give you a whole new outlook.

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White and Black Checked Shirt with Embroidery Work
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Dinners
  • Preferred Body Shape: Apple, Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers/Jeans

9. Polka Dot White Linen Shirt:


Polka dot can never get less trendy in the women’s fashion world. It is timeless and charming. This white and black polka dot women’s shirt is nothing less than a stunning outfit. It oozes out vintage diva-inspired vibes and delivers a vibrant feel. The shirt features a high-low hem with full sleeves and is comfortable, edgy and stylish!

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White And Black Polka Dot Full Sleeve Shirt
  • Material: Linen
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Brunches, Dinners
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear, Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim Or Skirt

10. White Striped Chiffon Shirt:


This classic women’s self-design striped shirt is the perfect pick. Right from your office and professional meetings to outings and gatherings, this ladies white shirt delivers a very charming, elegant, simple and seamless beautiful vibe. The shirt features full sleeves and gives a polished, stunning and sophisticated feel.

  • Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: White-Striped Women’s Shirt With Long Sleeves
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion To Wear: Office, Gatherings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Apple
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers

11. White Button-Down Shirt Women:

This white shirt is tailored to perfection. It has a neat button-down collar and a slim fit to reveal those gorgeous curves! The shirt is best for those who are looking for a sleek appearance. It has a front placket with a V-neck model. This three-fourth sleeve shirt can be worn with trousers or a skirt.

  • Design: White Button-Down Shirt For Women
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Of The Shirt: Slim Fit
  • Preferred Occasion: Formal
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers, Skirts

12. White Button-Up Shirt Women’s:

Look sensuous in this pretty white shirt for women! The button-up shirt is great for formal and casual wear. It has a superior feel and a classy look to it. The full-sleeve shirt can be styled in many ways to create different looks. You can add colour or choose to keep it simply white!

  • Design: White Button-Up Shirt Women’s
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Of The Shirt: Slim Fit
  • Preferred Occasion: Formal
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers, Skirts

13. Ladies White Fitted Shirt:

Make your boss go crazy about you in this white fitted shirt for women. This super slim fit flows along your curves and gives a feminine look. It is a full sleeve model with a neat placket. The shirt can be worn with a formal skirt or trousers. Don’t forget those high heel shoes for a womanly gait!

  • Design: White Fitted Formal Shirt For Ladies
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit Of The Shirt: Slim Fit
  • Preferred Occasion: Formal
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers, Skirts

14. White Denim Shirt Women’s:

White denim shirts never go for the fashion scene! This tomboyish shirt is tailored for women who are independent and free-thinkers. The white denim is perfect for long wear, especially for travelling and shopping. You can wear it with distressed blue denim to make everyone say “wow”!

  • Design: White Denim Shirt For Ladies with Full Sleeves
  • Material: Denim
  • Fit Of The Shirt: Slim Fit
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers, Denim

15. Ladies White Shirt With Lace:

This white shirt for ladies has a lace fabric with an inner affixed. Lace fabric has the quality of making you look rich and classy. It gives a dignified appearance and shimmering out. This shirt must be worn with a matching inner for a refined finish. You can wear it for a casual event or even for evening parties.

  • Design: White Lace Shirt For Women
  • Material: Lace
  • Fit Of The Shirt: Slim Fit
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual, Party Wear
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Trousers, Denim, Skirt

How To Style White Shirts For Women?

Take cues from our fashion gurus to slay in your crisp white shirt:

  • Make sure your white shirt fits you well. Nothing can be worse than an ill-fitted shirt.
  • For office wear, pick opaque fabrics. Go for button-down shirts, oxfords or tuxedo shirt models.
  • You can wear formal white shirts with a trouser or a skirt.
  • A colourful scarf or a brooch can multiply your glam quotient.
  • Roll up those sleeves and leave your first button open for a girl-next-door look.
  • Try a long white shirt with leggings and boots for that shopping trip!
  • Are you attending a party? Add some bling to your white shirt. Experiment with sequins, patches and even jewellery.
  • You can wear a transparent white shirt with a neon inner garment for an eye-catchy look.

White shirts for women look royal and flexible to match them with any colour bottom. You can either wear a skin-fit skirt, jeans or pants. It depends on where you go. You can pair as per your requirements. The white shirt has the quality of getting adjusted with any colour.

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