Tattooing originated thousands of years ago and is very popular these days. Tattoos are a great way to express one’s thoughts, beliefs and past experiences. More often than not, people go for black colour tattoos or coloured ones. But if you are a little experimental or want to go for something unique, you can consider white ink tattoo designs.

Best and Cute White Tattoo Designs:

Here we have 9 various white tattoos you can choose from.

1. Infinity Pattern White Tattoo Design:

This white tattoo looks simple and beautiful at the same time. You can choose such a simple infinite tattoo design if you want nothing fancy or intricate. The infinity symbol can have a lot of meanings, like you’re a dreamer or you don’t want to be restricted.

2. Arrow Style White Tattoo Design:

This white tattoo design is surely inspiring for the wearer. Just like an arrow always propels forward, the wearer will be encouraged never to give up and excel in life by moving on. Plus, the arrow designs look amazing.

3. Flower Type White Tattoo:

This is one of the best white tattoo ideas to be opted for if you ink yourself for the first time. You can go for a rose like this one. It looks pretty and feminine. To add depth, you can get the flower outlined with black ink.

4. Small Butterfly White Tattoo:

The above pattern is a beautiful small white tattoo idea you can go for. Again, it looks feminine and adorable. Along with a butterfly, you can get a quote like in this one or the name of one of your beloved ones.

5. Snowflake Tattoo in White Design:

This white wrist tattoo is unique a design and eye-catching. Plus, getting a tattoo in white ink, which is white, makes it so beautiful in itself. You can consider this design if you want something different.

6. Feather Tattoo in White Pattern:

This white feather tattoo looks gorgeous and has a certain depth. Imagine the number of compliments you might be getting for this. Getting yourself etched with such a beautiful tattoo for life would surely be a good investment.

7. Small Heart White Tattoo:

This beautiful small white tattoo has a minimalistic design and a good theme for tattooing. A simple heart tattoo is a good design to start with. Also, it looks cute, and any name can be inked with a heart.

8. Lace Style White Tattoo Design:

If you want to cover a large area of your skin tattooed, then designs like this white lace tattoo might be the one you are looking for. It looks magnificent and stands out. You can get it inked on your back, arm, chest or leg.

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9. Crescent Moon White Tattoo:

This is another stunning black and white tattoo you can get on your body. The Crescent moon, along with stars, is a good idea for tattooing. There’s some spiritual meaning attached to it too. Tattoo artists especially do this design; get expert designers for your design style.


White tattoo designs are gaining popularity these days. Because they are subtle and unique, you might consider them while thinking or getting yourself tattooed. Whether you’re choosing strategies that are in vogue or looking for the ones which have a deep meaning, choose wisely.

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