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15 Attractive Wings Tattoo Designs with Meanings

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The style of tattoo includes variety of designs in it. Tattoo can be stained in various designs and structures. Among them wings tattoo is one. As name it suggests the tattoo will be stained in various designs of wings. Wings tattoo varies in color, size and design. Tattooist makes the design as our personal feeling is expressed through the wings tattoo to the world by the finishing work of tattoo. Wings tattoos are made in large sizes all over the back portion denoting some creatures like horse, dragon, unicorn, skull and other creatures.


Meanings of wings tattoos were exhibited as love, adaptability, freedom, fallen state, death, ancestral heritage and love to nature etc.  These are the symbolic representation of the wearer. It can be done by both genders. These tattoos are easily adjustable from ankle to full back.

Best Wings Tattoo Designs:

Wings tattoos can be of different styles and different size as per the design and on which part of the body it would be inked. Apart from these small sized wings tattoos are also popular being done on the hand, ankle, shoulder and lower back portion which shows your aspiration and belief. Apart from mono-coloured tattoos, colored wings tattoos are also being made. Some of the various designs of wings tattoos are followed for general awareness.

1. Fairy Wings Tattoo:


Wing tattoo made may just be done as a design or reflects a symbolic value. In this design of wing tattoo, it reflects fairy design. As shown in fairy tells and mythological characters, there are many creatures with wings that helps them to fly that been part of mythological stories. In fairy tales, angels do possess wings that make them to fly across the wide sky. In mythological stories, messengers also used to have wide wings that make them easier to carry the message to god. Various creatures which in reality do not have wings but they are being depicted with wings in fantasy stories. If you like to flaunt your back with tattoo, then must try this out. This simple designed tattoo is for women yet it looks stylish covering your whole back portion.

2. Love Quotes With Wings Tattoo:


If you like to add special quotes along with the wings designed tattoo, it’s a best option. Tattoos made using quotes are recent trend among men and women. Designs are being done with a special touch up of quote. You can add love quotes, special words or character to enhance the beauty of the tattoo so that it looks attractive. Here, words inked in between the winged are “Love is how you stay alive even after you are gone.” It is being inked on the back of the lady. In this design, the wings are in relaxing mode showing its being fallen. This is one of the best wings tattoo designs for women.

3. Winged Horse Shoe Tattoo:


You can add any components or noteworthy objects in your tattoo which you like to flaunt all the time. The things which are significant in one’s life are being depicted with the tattoo design. Here, a horse shoe component is being inked in between the two wings. This wing horse shoe tattoo has 3-dimensional effect with different coloured effect. Coloured effects look different from the other mono coloured tattoos and it has some sort of funky style. It will be perfect if you flaunt this small sized tattoo on your hand.

4. Mehndi Designed Wings Tattoo:


This mehndi designed winged tattoo is an artistic expression forming two wings on the upper portion of your back. If you opt to look sexy and inventive then try this permanent tattoo. This designed tattoo is really unique from the so called wings tattoo. Intricate innovative designs are made by circular patterns and block designs. This design is a mixture of designs and various mehndi designs are available to form different patterns. This sexy mehndi designed tattoo is one of the innovative designed tattoos for women.

5. Devil Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 5

Devil wings tattoo comes under the state of fallen. It means the representation will be very hard. The devil will be not only skull but this one will be combined with horns and bones etc. Colors like red and black are mostly used. These are mostly stained on leg and full back.

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6. Butterfly Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 6

Butterflies are the best representation for tattoos. These wings tattoos are seen in almost every different design of tattoos. Butterfly wings tattoo is symbol of transforming from one state to other. Since butterflies are emerged from cocoons of humble moth. The wings can be stained from smaller size to larger size from part of ankle to full back set.

7. Birds Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 7

As tattoo can be stained in any design bird wings are one among them. Birds will rise from ashes will be elegant. Generally eagle is mostly used in bird wings tattoos. Bird wings are stained at ankles and wrists etc.

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8. Star Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 8

Star tattoos are stained mostly. But the combination of star with wings will be awesome. It can be done in several colors to make tattoo more attractive.

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9. Tribal Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 9

Wings tattoo can be done with tribal design in it. This tattoo will be unique which represents the different nature of person.

10. Broken Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 4

Broken wings tattoo is general representation of fallen state. This tattoo is generally done by the people who will be in lone manner as they were in need of support. So this is good idea of representing, that the person is need of assistance. It can be stained anywhere from ankle to back length full.

11. Heart Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 2

These will same as the wings tattoo but it is designed with the heart shape in it. These tattoos are very popular from centuries. Generally heart is represented for love. Wings are represented for freedom. When both are combined it represents the freedom of love. So people who are very close to their loved ones represent their love to then through this heart wings tattoo.

12. Cross Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 3

General representation of cross is Jesus. It is represented as religious freedom. These designs make the wearer unique in crowd. As Jesus was suffered on cross. When wings are joined with cross it is seen as freedom from cross for Jesus. So cross wings tattoos are seen mostly by the people who are lovable to be religious. It is one of the best wings tattoo designs for men.

13. Angel And Demon Tattoo on The Lower Back:


Women who like to wear cropped top or wearing it, tattoo on the lower back is a best option to flaunt. Your lower back portion gets highlighted by making wing tattoo. This angle and demon wings tattoo depicts your belief with mythological effect. You can add some catchy words that reflect your idea. A lovely halo is being made on the left wing that depicts the angel. Here, two wings reflect two opposite effect, i.e., one of angel and other of demon.

14. Anchor Wings Tattoo:


This wings tattoo has anchor design in between the two wings. It is made fantastically made on the chest by dark blue ink with light reddish effect and a rope is being wrapped around the anchor. It makes you look bold.

15. Angel Wings Tattoo:

WingS Tattoo Designs 1

Angel wing is represented as the tattoo the person left to heaven after passing the world. These tattoos will be simple and unique. These tattoos will be complete and customized. The tattoos are generally preferred back side of the body. Tattoo can be stained on interest of the wearer. These tattoos are stained in various sizes with different colors. Extra designs are added to view it attractively.

Different styles of wings tattoos are there which reflects the mythological history and some are of artistic which look innovative. Here in this article both of these styles are reflected. The top fifteen wings tattoo designs for women and men are shown over in this article.

Likewise different deigns of wing tattoos are available for wearer to stain a tattoo with the combinational of wings.

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