Winter is back again with the cold breezes that would shiver you out. Along with the change in the climate, it is also time to change the apparel in the wardrobe, giving it clothes that would give proper protection from the cold and add to the winter trend. When it comes to women, they mostly adopt winter kurtis that would take proper care of their skin in winter.

Best and Comfortable Kurtis For Winter:

Here is a must to have latest winter kurtis collection to select from for adoring your cupboard for winter.

1. Casual Woolen Kurti for Winter:

Woolen kurtis have been quite popular for winters. The kurtis come with prints in a plaid design, full sleeves, and a collar neck. The straight-cut kurti is given thigh length. This is made with cotton, which is best for winter.

2. Christy Kurti for Winter:

The plain kurti in pink is made from woolen, which makes it perfect for winter wear. The kurti is given embroidery on the opposite sides on top and bottom with long sleeves. If you are looking for pinkish coloured kurti for the winter season, then his type of Christy kurti will be yours.

3. Umbrella Kurti for Winter:

The collection of winter wear kurtis would be incomplete without the umbrella design kurti in grey. The plain kurti is given a round neck design with full sleeves and knee length that can be carried over leggings and jeggings. Get this type of kurti in the cool season to look and feel comfortable; this is also best for college girls or office women.

4. Velvet Kurti for Winter:

Velvet is an adorable material for winter wear during marriage functions. A similar winter kurta is given a silver embroidery design with long sleeves that suits well on palazzo. This looks better, and instead of wearing tight clothes in the cool season, this velvet fabric kurti will be a good choice always.

5. Tunic Kurti for Winter:

Tunic kurti, when given a woolen touch, gives the best look for winter. The kurti in checks is given long sleeves with losing fitting and a round neck. The kurti is also given a pinched ending with a mini cut on both sides. Girls who look for jumpsuits or sweaters in the cool season can try this pattern of tunic kurti for the upcoming winter season.

6. Cardigan Kurti for Women:

The Cardigan winter kurti design gives a combination of ethnic and Western styles. The kurti in long sleeves is given a slant circular bottom design with a filled brocket neck. This kurti helps to make a freeze in the winter season; this is best for your regular use these days. Get this one pattern from any online store too.

7. Center Cut Kurti for Winter:

The winter kurti collection introduced specially for college teens includes a design made from woolen material and given a centre cut. The sleeves are given a folded wrist design. Those girls who need fashionable kurti to impress their dear ones can try this unique style of collection in winter kurtis.

8. Sweater Kurti Design:

Want to have your beautiful look along with protecting yourself? A kurti design inspired by the sweater look gives a fabulous look to the wearer. The kurti is given a V-neck with long shrunk-out sleeves. If you have a Christmas party in the winter season, get this style to catch the party’s attention; you can gift this kurti to your friends too.

9. Gown Style Kurti for Winter:

Want to have that lavishing look in winter too? Here is a Voonik winter kurti that is made inspired by the gowns. The plain kurti is given a combination of wool and velvet. You can get this kurti on your jeans, too; try this pattern because this is a trendy style which girls can easily try.

10. Knitted Triangle Kurti for Women:

The stylish winter kurtis collection for womens is given a knitted pattern with a triangular design. The kurta is given an open sleeves design in a triangular shape with woolen charms on the lower edge and mirror work on the neck. Those girls who love to do morning walk get this kurti to make a style statement for your walk too.

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11. Alkaram Kurti for Winter:

The rich collection of Alkaram winter kurtis for ladies achieves a simple and sophisticated look. The kurti is given a batwing-style sleeve with a printed neckline in a V shape.

12. Geometrical Kurti for Winter:

The winter kurtas for ladies here are given a geometrical design on the sides and the neckline to give them a new look. The kurti is also made in woolen with an embossed blue and pink look, giving a royal look.

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13. Poppy Winter Kurti:

A kurti design that gives you the look of a long sweater is made from pure cotton material. The kurti is divided into four diamond-shaped cuts where the upper side look is given pink colour in long sleeves.

14. Hand Block Winter Kurti:

A kurti design made with dual looks gives a pattern in cotton. The front and the back of the kurti is given a black-and-white printed look, while the sides are given plain opening with string ties.

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15. Breezy Winter Kurti:

An elegant Voonik winter kurti collection here is given a breezy look with flawless cotton material. The kurti in black is given a trio of colour side lines in shades of orange and brown with butterfly sleeves.

Whether you are looking for a completely packed or open-up kurti design, the winter kurti design gives you every inch of satisfaction. The main attraction of the kurtis is the long length, skinny fitting, closed neck with a flawless appearance.

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