Winter brings the essence of celebrations, starting from Christmas Eve, year ending party to Saraswati Puja and apart from all these there comes the most awaited events those are the weddings. The ceremonies are incomplete without make-ups, dressings and it is must to have the Mehendi session. Still, it’s the dry and cold weather. Here to present some of the best and most breathtaking winter mehndi designs along with pictures that most inspire you in this winter.

Stunning Winter Mehndi Designs With Pictures:

1. Lord Ganesha’s Mehendi Design In Winter:

These are the holiest artworks for the wedding ceremony. This contains various moments of our lords with various types of flowers with leaves in different shapes and sizes. Lord Ganesha’s forms are the most popular ones it considers much more design patterns which makes the hand look beautiful.

2. Full Back Peacock Mehendi Designs For Winter:

It contains the different forms of peacock feathers but most of the time, the dancing form of the peacock are being used along with the trees, flowers and some random patterns to give a complete look. Sometimes the design also includes elephant patterns and dotted patterns to give a stunning look.

3. Minimalist Mehendi Design For Winter:

This peacock mehndi art is selected and drawn oval patterns leaving with spaces in between two shapes. Maintaining mini gaps inside the feathers of the peacock are just appealing. The random floral pattern is covering simultaneously selected dots, odd line and curvy line in the shapes providing gaps.

4. Winter Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

This is one of the unique henna designs for winter, which is filling with some particular floral and geometrical pattern & the design includes triangle, square art. Circles and dots have been placed to cover up the small squares. This henna design looks like the series with various shapes placed on the hand like a bracelet. This will look simple yet elegant.

5. Pakistani Mehendi Designs in Winter:

These motif patterns are inspired by the artworks of the tribal lives in Africa. The patterns placed with the single straight lines, odd lines, curvy line, circles, and squares these are the randomly drawn one after another it often used on the palm and stretched till the wrist with a spiral design.

6. Arabic Winter Mehndi Designs:

Among all the artworks the Arabic is the most sophisticated and it is the popular one. It has peacock, floral, leaf, vines and dot pattern flowers are being used in spacious ways to look appropriate. Fingers have been highlighted with flowers and dots and it doesn’t cover up the whole hand.

7. Floral Winter Mehandi Designs:

The flower Mehendi contains various shapes and sizes of adding some curve line to attach flowers together with leaves with a blooming flower which Roses are often being used on this as it is the sign of love. People who prefer to be simple can try out this beautiful winter henna design for their hands.

8. Fish Patters Mehandi Design for Winter:

This is a unique design with mesh, floral and also leaf pattern on the complete palm, V shape design has been used to give a different look. All the fingers are covered with the same pattern of small flowers. This mehndi design has a gorgeous combination of all these motifs thrown in with other intricate patterns.

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9. Traditional Winter Mehendi Designs:

This is one of the different mehndi designs on the back of the hand which includes a sunflower touch with curves and lines. Dots has been used to give an elegant look for the design, all the fingers have a similarly simple design with intricate patterns. The mehndi artist can also draw slanted lines which are spaced out nicely for a neat look.

These Mehndi Designs are exclusively made and customized for the winter session as it will be cold and dry. Especially during winter heat helps a lot to develop a deep colour of mehndi. These designs are easily manageable for this season as it looks stunning and beautiful. There are many more designs which can be used according to the season and occasion.


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