Winter time is the only time when all the woolen wear comes out of the closet. Till then the woolen sweaters are packed well with moth balls to keep the woolen wear in a good condition till next winter. But still every season you go out to seek the latest in woolen winter sweaters to keep up with the trending changes. Different patterns and styles of woolen clothes are created by designers every year. Crotchet sweaters made by grandmothers will never go down in style.

Best Winter Sweaters For Women And Men:

Here are a few of them so that you get in line with the latest fashion in woolen wear,

1. Turtle Neck Christmas Sweater:

Let’s take a look that this wonderful casual sweater for men. It has reindeer patterns on the sweater showing it is Christmas season. It is full sleeved and has a turtle neck pattern and a front zipper. If the zipper is down it becomes a regular turn down collar. It is a thick and warm winter sweater.

2. Snow Flake Pattern Sweater:

Here is sweater which gives a casual and at the same time, a sporty look. It is made of Acrylic and polyester material with snowflake design knitted on it. It is a full zippered sweater with regular long sleeves.

3. Ribbed Turtle Neck Pullover:

This Pullover has a turtleneck style. It is a winter sweater for women. The sleeves of this sweater are longer than the body. It has a loose fit and is made of thick wool that makes you warm during the chilly winter.

4. Woolen Dress:

If you are bored of wearing pullovers, sweaters and cardigans over and over again, then here is a very pretty option. This woolen dress is long sleeved and reaches up to your knees. What a lovely warm winter sweater that keeps you in line with the trendy change in winter clothes’ style!

5. Grey Winter Dress:

If it is getting really chilly then here is a lovely long winter sweater which is soft and warm. This dress is made of viscose, acrylic and wool. It has a high collar and long sleeves. It has two lateral pockets and the hemline is asymmetrical.

6. Crotchet Woolen Baby Dress:

A crochet cute winter sweater dress has dual functions – it keeps you warm and also is very fashionable. You can have a variety of colour combinations and patterns that will make your baby look very adorable. You can also have lovely decorations like bows and flowers.

7. Crotchet Sweater:

Ladies here is a beautiful crochet sweater for winter season that you can make it yourself. The pattern being very easy, you can have your own ideas as well as to make it look more beautiful. The sweater is full sleeved and front open. Lovely big buttons are the highlight of this plain sweater.

8. Winter Long Sweaters:

These long winter wear sweaters for ladies are made from the high quality material. It can be also worn with jeans and trousers as well. They are very stylish and can make you stand out in a crowd. It is full sleeved and has a short side opening.

9. Loose Winter High Collar Dress:

This is a lovely wine red loose winter dress. It has long sleeves and a high collar. The close knit makes this long sweater a real warmer. It has side slits and a straight hemline. It can be worn with jeans as well.

10. Pink Cashmere Sweater:

Here is a lovely pink long cashmere stylish winter sweater. The long winter sweater is light weight and very warm. It is also soft to the touch and one of the best sweater for winter. It is long sleeved and front open with two side pockets.

11. White Men’s Sweater:

This is a classy piece of winter wear. This winter white sweater is single breasted style with a V-neck. It is full sleeved and a really wonderful sweater to wear to business meetings. It can also be worn as a regular office wear.

12. White Floral Winter Sweater:

Girls get ready to look hot in the chilly weather with a white pullover sweater. It has lovely red roses embroidered with silk thread. Team this white winter sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and high boots for that classy and chic look.

13. Red Celebrity Winter Coat:

This is a real celebrity winter coat for your boy. It can also be worn by girls. The coat is made of thick fur to keep your child warm and fuzzy. It has long sleeves with brown cuffs and a cute teddy bear face on the jacket. These coats are very popular in countries that get extremely cold in winter.

14. Pink Fleece Coat:

This Pink fleece coat gives a proper insulation to your body in the cold winter. This winter wear sweater for ladies is frock style with two slanting side pockets. The double line buttons give a stylish look. The fleece material is very lightweight and easy to manage as well.

15. Leopard Print Jacket:

This is a stylish winter wear sweater that is party-wear. This thick sweater for winter is party wear and has leopard print with two pockets. It has a stylish velvet belt. It has a front button closure. This stylish jacket sets a style statement and gives you a wild animal look.

Winter time is a wonderful time for you to experiment with a variety of styles, colours and patterns with your wools. Lovely creations pop up in the shops as well as online. You also come across lovely designs in magazines as well. There are a variety of pullovers, cardigans, sweaters for men, women and children that are easily available online as well. These are very comfy to wear and for the pocket as well. Homemade crotchet sweater with granny squares is also very popular and easy to make as well.

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