Winter climate is not the apt season to wear stylish and designer clothes which are the thought running behind all young girls and ladies. But that is not completely true, this article completely brings out different ideas in which winter top can be worn in a stylish way.

Latest and Cute Winter Tops Collection for Ladies:

Here we are listing out top 15 winter tops for young girls and ladies who are searching for fashion and trendy winter tops.

1. Winter Kashmiri Printed Top:

Kashmir wool is known for its quality and best suited as winter wear outfit. Designing a top with 3/4 sleeves with printed design in the centre is one of the most popular winter clothes. This type of top with a pair of jeans for mild weather is a perfect outfit.

2. Long Patchwork winter Top with Collar:

Long tops for winter are in trend these days due to its unique look. The fabric used is Fleece material with patchwork pockets in the centre. Patchwork with embroidery work or sticker attached forming facial designs of animals like cat, dog or birds. The neckline has a turtleneck design with thread adjustment.

3. Plain Designer High Neck Collar Top:

This plain wool with cotton combined material is a perfect outfit for a mildly cold day for women. The high neck collar design covers the neck, protecting the throat against cold and wind. This designer wear has two parallel running cloth which looks like a petal attachment.

4. Pleated Winter Plaid Top:

The plaid material is similar to woolen fabric, but it is much lighter and comparatively cost-effective. This fabric has gained importance in the fashion industry by designing various modes of clothes. In this type of plaid top, the top part of the material is body-hugging and flares down from the hip region which resembles like a mini-frock. This can be combined with a long coat and a pair of jean.

5. Fur Attached Winter Tops:

The fur is a fluffy material which is known to be used in designing winter clothes. One such cloth design is winter top. To a plain fleece top, contrast coloured fur is attached around the neck region, sides of the top and also on the lower border of the top. This type of design gives more warmth than usual fleece top.

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6. Drop Neck Winter Tops:

In this type of top, with two or three materials of woolen fabric is collaged to form a top with full sleeves. The most striking feature of this design is the falling neck design which curves down in the wavy fashion. This type of top is best to wear for a business party with a pair of jean. This falling neck design best suits for the small to medium body figure.

7. Off Shoulder Full Sleeve Winter Tops:

This off-shoulder top made from the wool material is most comfortable and also absorbs sweat. To give it a more attractive look, the off-shoulder neck has a cape design which has an extra layer of material running around the upper part of the body. The sleeve women’s winter tops are the full hand type which narrows around the ankle region.

8. Crochet Designed Winter Tops:

Crochet design is a popular design for many ages made from yarn material, this type of top can be made at home itself. Since it needs time and energy to design such top, it is easier to pick from the store. The crochet design does not have a continuous design, creating space between the design which makes it less thick and lets air passage more easily when compared to the knitted top, to avoid that is better to wear a tank top and then add a layer of winter top on it with a pair of short or jean.

9. Long Tunic Rolled Collar Winter Tops:

This is the best winter tops for ladies on a chilly day. The material used to make this is a thick wool fabric is stitched into a loose top which can be worn by pushing the top overt the head. The hands have a flare-out design with rolled out the collar. Since they are no side stitches, this kind of top is worn on top of a t-shirt or a tank top. This tunic design is similar to creep design dresses.

10. Animal Print Woolen Winter Tops:

This animal printed top is best winter tops for a girl, commonly worn top during winter seasons. Since it is made from thick wool material this type of top can be combined with a biker jacket and a pair of jeans for a casual outdoor meet with friends.

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11. Knitted Winter Crop Tops:

Crop tops are winter wear tops, worn more commonly by young girls, due to its trendy and fancy outlook. Crop top generally falls just above the hipline. Girls match crop tops with high waist straight jeans or a mini skirt with a pair of boots. This mid-waist top is made from pure wool material knitted into a closely packed design which gives a good amount of warmth even without a jacket.

12. Diagonal Seam Winter Tops:

This type of winter tops for women are unique and brings out a different pattern from the usual winter top. The material used here is a thick bright faded colour from my velvet material. The difference created by stitching the top is the seam line passing diagonally from the lower end of one side crossing over in the middle and ending on another side of the shoulder. The neckline has a closed design which helps to protect the throat from cold weather.

13. Knitted Top with Lace Sleeve:

The plain knitted woolen top is always the first choice of cloth pattern during the winter season, to give it a more pleasant look the sleeves are stitched by using lace material. The colour of the lace can be either similar to the top colour or a contrast colour. Either of the types is available in the market. The neckline is generally round.

14. Plain Plaid Top with Ripped Sleeves:

Plaid materials are light in weight and yet gives a considerable amount of warmth when worn during cold weather. This plain plaid material top is highlighted with design sleeves. They have numerous equal size cuts, which form a cut-out design exposing the skin in between the cuts, which the most common design these days. This type of top winter is worn along with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a ripped slim fit jean.

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15. Crochet Winter Crop Top:

This crochet crop top is one of the most widely worn winter top-wear by young teenage girls since it has a peculiar design made from yarn fabric, which gives a thickness to the top yet having a numerous gap in between them due to its stitching pattern. This crop top is designed with full sleeves made from the same yarn material. Girls can match a dark tank top a with crochet winter crop top which gives a cool look.

Why still thinking to shop for clothes for winter?? Time to hit the stores and pick one of the top 15 winter tops listed above and match them with jeans or a skirt when you go for a trial and enjoy your winter vacation by displaying colourful knitted or crochet design top and enjoy your selfie time with a smile!!