After a tiring day, we come back to our house, to our family. We don’t want to uptight and perfect as we are the whole day. We are laid back and we are just ourselves. Since we are most comfortable in our house, we should wear the most relaxed clothing too. That is why nighty is a favourite amongst all the female.

Beautiful Nighties Designs for Ladies & Girls:

Selecting a night wear can be a big deal. Especially for your first night as a bride. Many women struggle to find perfect nighty. Look for perfect fit with right amount of comfort. Give some importance to night wear as it equally important to look good even if you are just going to sleep. Here are the 30 best comfortable nightwear nighty designs for women and girls.

1. Satin Cloth Nighties:

By it is named; Satin nighty is made of satin material. It is smooth and sensuous. It adds an extra oomph to look. It is super comfortable and perfect for a peaceful night. I would not recommend it for summers, as it doesn’t soak sweat and can give you rashes. If you have air-conditioned, then this best choice to sleep in.

2. Simple Soft Cotton Nighties:

Cotton nighty is all Indian women’s favourite nightwear. It is made of pure cotton mostly. It mostly has a front opening with buttons or zips. They come all the colours you can think of. You will all types of prints and styles in this type of nighty. Since it is preferred by middle-aged ladies, it is also called ‘aunty nighty’.

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3. Cloth Lycra Nighty for Ladies:

Lycra nighty is nighty made of Lycra material. This material is also used for making t-shirts.  The Lycra nighty is mostly knee-length. They are fancy and mostly worn by young teenagers. They are medium to body fit. It is ideal for Indian weather as it soaks sweat.

4. Ladies Nighty Pyjama:

Many women wear to prefer nighty with pyjama. It is mostly short and stylish. It is a modern Indian women’s choice. Normally, it is shirt with pyjama. Sometimes t-shirts style nighty is also worn. This nighty is ideal for winters and during PMS. It is the most comfortable option.

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5. Shorts Nighty for Girls:

Nighty worn with shorts is considered a stylish option for girls. If you want comfort and style both then this your best option. They are mostly lacy and sensuous.  This style is worn by young girls and bridal women. They have short to no sleeves. They are very stylish and elegant.

6. Girls Nighty Capris:

Nighty with capris is mid-calf length pyjama worn with nighty. They are teenagers favourite. It is not too short and not too long, hence perfect for girls living in a big traditional joint family. They are made with very cool prints and styles. They are mostly made of cotton.

7. Long Nighty for Women:

A long nighty is full-length nighty till the toes. They are worn by mostly all Indian women. They made of printed cotton mostly. Sometimes it is made of Lycra or satin. It is mostly with sleeves. But sometimes women prefer sleeveless or spaghetti straps in summers. This type of nighty is very traditional and are worn women living in a joint family. They are also preferred by old age ladies for its comfort.

8. Women’s Nighties in Short Size:

Short nighty has length till mid-thigh. It is short and sexy. It is mostly preferred by brides for their first night and honeymoons. They are mostly lacy and is made of satin material. It is sometimes made like a long t-shirt for regular wear. They may be very bridal, but it is perfect for hot summers, especially if you have your own room.

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9. Brides Nighty Dress:

A dress nighty is knee-length nighty. It is my favourite type of nighty. You can do all of your work in it. If it is cold night then, wear pyjamas below it. It is a style which suits every body type. They are mostly cotton. You may find few satins ones too with laces for shy brides.

10. Ladies V-Neck Nighty:

V-neck nighty has V-neck. It is mostly deep neck with lace. It is mostly satin and comes with nice cuts. You will find many colours in them. They range from light to dark combinations of colours. V-neck nighty is also used by new mothers to feed the baby with comfort.

11. Bridal Nighties for Wedding Night:

By its name, a bridal nighty is worn by brides for their first nights. They are mostly sexy and sensuous. Most of brides prefer dark colours. They are mostly made of satin. It comes in various styles. The length is mostly mid-thigh to knee length. They have laces and frills with few cuts to add little sexiness.

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12. Enticing Lace Nighty for First Night:

Enticing lace nighty is nighty worn bride on their first nights and honeymoon. They are short and flowy. They are made to get the attention of the spouse. They mostly made by lace and chiffon. Most of the time they come with a robe as it is very revealing.  It has no print. But few playful ones do have flowery prints.

13. Baby Doll Nighty for Women’s:

Baby doll nighty is short nighty which is shaped like a baby frock. It is fitted on the bust and flowy from waist to end. They are mostly sleeveless with noodle strap. The frills and laces are really enticing. It was worn by many actresses in movies. It is very naughty and gets all the attention you need.

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14. Full-Length Slip Nighties:

Slip nighty is spaghetti strap knee-length nighty. It is mostly soft and comfortable. They are available in all colours. Most of the slip nighty is worn with robes. The slip nighty has laces to add an extra edge. It will be present in every women’s wardrobe. These made of satin material.

15. Beautiful Peignoir Nighty Set:

Peignoir nighty set is flowy nighty. It is knee-length. It has a bow in the front. It comes from the vintage collection.  They made of satin and chiffon. They are fastened with a bow, thus you don’t end, winding up in your sleep. It is called a set because it comes with a robe. The sleeves are umbrella sleeves. Sometimes it has frills instead of sleeves.

16. Ladies Nighty Kimono:

Kimono nighty is like a kimono, traditional Japanese attire. They are wrapping around with a belt to tie around the waist. They are loose and most comfortable. They made of cotton mostly although traditionally it is made of soft silk. They are knee-length to full length. This nighty is worn if you are going to sleeping around elders or in a traditional environment.

17. Kaftan Loose Nighties for Moms:

Kaftan nighty is kaftan type nighty. It is favourite amongst expecting mothers. They are loose and very roomy. They are made of cotton. They come in many prints. They are majorly full length. It is liked by many Indian women. It can be used by plus-sized people too. Mostly they are very classy with the strings.

18. Trendy Victorian Nighty:

Victorian nighty is nighty worn by the females of Royal and Dutch family. It is a traditional nighty. It has long sleeves. The length is also full. It is mostly made of cotton. It has laces and frills. You can wear thermals underneath them on chilly nights. It is very classy and easy. You don’t have compromise on your comfort with these.

19. Flannel Women’s Nighties for Winter:

Flannel nighty is fully knit nighty. It is mostly woolen. They are warm and long. It is perfect for winter nights. They have collars and pockets. It is comfortable and best during PMS. They are worn with pajamas too.

20. Negligee Ladies Nighty:

Negligee nighty is by its name almost negligible. It is made of lace throughout. It is short to your hips. You can wear it on special occasions. They are meant to get attention. So if you want to lure your spouse, then this the best option for you. It comes in robe mostly. You can choose from an array of colours.

21. Long T-Shirt Nighty for Teens:

Long t-shirt nighty is knee-length nighty which is made of t-shirt material. They have various prints. It is worn by many young girls. It comes with the cut for making it easy to walk and sit, giving extra comfort for you to sleep in. It is a bit similar to the maxi dress. Also you have funky ones with cartoon print.

22. Camisoles and Shorts Nighty Set:

Camisoles that is also a chemise, is worn with shorts in the night. It is till the waist with spaghetti strap. It is of satin mostly. It has deep neck with laces. It is very naughty nighty wear. It is perfect for hot summers. You can use a robe if you want to get out of the bed and attend the doorbell.

23. Wrap Robe Nighties for Females:

A wrap robe nighty is a sleeveless nighty with a robe to wrap around. It is mostly preferred by everyone, who has to get up to take milk from milkman. This type is stylish and very classy. It can be worn by all age. It can be found majorly every women’s wardrobe.

24. Multiple Piece Nighty Designs:

Multiple piece nighties are nighty which is loved by the brides. You can wear it in different styles. It can be negligee nighty, camisoles and shorts, V-neck nighty and many more combinations. It is mostly satin or chiffon. Mostly it is gifted by someone to the brides. It saves money as you can have many styles.

25. Sensuous Playsuit Nighty:

If you are going for your honeymoon, then sensuous play suit nighty is your best option. It is playful and naughty. It is short and lacy. It has some frills. It is mostly made of chiffon and lace. It is mostly made with combinations. It is mostly short up to the hips. They are meant to entice the spouse.

26. Teddy and Teddiette Nighty for Women’s:

Teddy is one piece of of night wear. It is a combination of camisole and knickers, hence the name camiknickers. A teddiette is detachable garters. It is very appealing and sexy. It is a must in a new bride’s wardrobe. They are new thing in season. It is bit bold for the Indian market.

27. Women’s Sleeveless Nighty for Summer:

India is known for its hot summers. During such high temperature, you would want to sleep in most comfortable clothes. Sleeveless nighty is your best option. It could be a simple strap or spaghetti. It comes with all laces and frills, to add some sexiness.

28. Girls Summer Nighty:

Summers can be very annoying, especially to sleep. Summer nighty is loose and comfortable. They are made of breathable cotton. They are flowy and have laces. It is mostly short and can be worn with or without bottoms. They are knee-length to mid-thigh. The cotton used to make this nighty have self-print and come in light colours mostly.

29. Lace Chemise Nighty:

Lace chemise nighty is short nighty till the waist. It is worn with shorts and pyjamas. As kids, girls would wear it to sleep. By adding all lace it becomes very appealing. They are also fastened under the bust with strings. They are mostly sleeveless with noodle strap. They come in all colours. Wine and peach is my favourite.

30. Plus-Sized Nighty for Women:

Any plus sized women have to settle for full-length nighty or kaftan or kimono nighty. So for them, plus-sized nighty is made. They are very comfortable and not very body-hugging. They also add the right amount of sexiness. Enjoy the variety and type in this category. It is mostly stretchable satin material.

It is the matter of choice, and style for women to select the nighty. It also depends on the residence where she will wear.  I am sure once you start thinking, you will get more choices to select in. This list will help you deal with the task of selecting your night wear. Although nighty always has to be thoroughly thought before selecting. Do not give up on your comfort and style as you have to sleep in them.


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