Platform sandals provide a proper and steady base for the walker. It is flat and sometimes thick or thin too. It is the most comfortable type of sandal that one can have. There are enormous designs available in platform sandals that can be used in daily routine and on occasion. Because of its high and thick soles, it provides safety to your foot from sand and dust.

Stylish and Most Comfortable Platform Sandals for Women:

Get some new designs in women’s flatform sandals patterns below,

1. High Heel Platform Sandal:

It is a platform high-heel sandal in tri-colour. There are black colour cut-out print straps over the foot with a tiny buckle on the ankle. This is highly useful for girls of short height. The toe, both sides and ankle are open in this sandal. Never disappoint your short-height girls; try this sandal to show your attitude.

2. Satin Platform Sandals:

This platform sandal flat has a thick base of white colour. These open-platform sandals in red colour have a wide strap over the fingers. There is a tunnel-like shape behind the base. The sandal will get noticed with a short dress. This one is useful for your stylish look outfits.

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3. Lace-Up Platform Sandals:

It is a beautiful women’s platform sandal with lace wrapped over a foot. There is a dual shade thick base in sandals with grey laces. A cross lace is strapped over a foot, and three layers of lace are wrapped on the ankle with a buckle. You can try this style at your office parties or any function. It looks good on a slim-fit dress or skirt too.

4. Bridal Platform Sandals:

It is a shining gold platform sandal for the bride. There are two gold colour straps with diamonds fixed on them. Three small buttons are attached at the heel. This sandal will shine with a heavy bridal dress and glitter out.

5. Open Toe Platform Sandal:

It is a chunky platform sandal with a high heel. In this sandal, the top portion is open. An ankle will stay more elevated than the toe area. A strap is tied up with a golden buckle on the ankle. The sandal has a light shade which looks awesome.

6. Cross Strap Platform Sandal:

This white platform sandal is just a fascinating one. The sandal contains a leather base with a white cross strap design, and the sandal ties up with a buckle. The sandal has hard soles and is rough and tough to use.

7. Ankle Bow Platform Sandal:

This platform sandal has the captivating quality to get liked by almost all. Blue lace is attached to the ankle base over the toe and ankle. A bow created with white ribbon is affixed with blue lace on the ankle.

8. Flat Platform Sandal:

These platform wedge sandals with a thick base of floral print. There is a dual colour strap of pink and grey colour. This flower print on the base looks distinctive and attractive. It is a theme in sandals.

9. Beaded Platform Sandal:

It is ultra gorgeous platform sandal heels with low high. The back side of the sandal is covered with a sole, and the strap over the foot is nicely decorated with beads of small and large sizes. The white and golden colour beads are attached to the strap.

As we saw here, we found many varieties of platform sandals. It is the latest fashion going in sandals, which one should explore. By having such a nice platform sandal, you can not only provide safety to your foot but also make your foot look lovely too.

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