Slide sandals are open, and they don’t possess the support to hold back. Slides are mostly used to wear in the home or as bathroom sandals. As it comes in a number of colours, you may choose one of your favourite colour sandals. Slide sandals usually include a single strap or a sequence of straps over the foot area.

Latest and Stylish Women’s Slide Sandals:

Let’s see the top 9 women’s slide sandals, which give you more style and comfort.

1. Slide Sandal with Fur:

This black slide sandal has a singular strap made up of fur. The fur over the foot gives you a soft touch. The base of the sandal is tough. It is low in between and high on both sides, thus covering your foot.

2. Panda Design Slide Sandals:

This slide-on sandal features a panda character, which is liked by kids and adults, too. There are linings on the sandals of Open Square, which, when mixed with another line, form a rectangle.

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3. Sling Back Leather Slide Sandal:

It is a leather slide sandal with a slingback added quality. There is a wide nude colour strap with an open toe and narrow elastic sling to hold from the back side. This sling back will give you comfort in walking outside, too.

4. Floral Print Slide Sandals:

It is a plain black women’s slide sandal with a floral print strap. Both straps have the same dark grey colour as a base but with a distinct print. One has a flower design, while the other has a butterfly with leaves.

5. Kitten Heel Slide Sandals:

It is fancy to slide in the sandals with kitten heels. The beige slide has a transparent red strap, and the heel gives a party-wear look. This eye-catching sandal looks gorgeous and enchanting. This one is for your regular use; get this style for any outfit.

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6. Fancy Slide Sandals:

In this slide sandal, women are going to steal the show. The sandal is made of fabric with a faux fur strap attached with tiny black strings. There is a cover on the cushioned footbed pattern on the ankle, which will look awesome in a short dress. Try this pattern on a skirt or short dress.

7. Contemporary Slide Sandals:

It is a beautiful black slide sandal. There is a white strap, too, over which uneven sizes of colourful symbols are affixed. It has a unique pattern. A kid or young girl prefers this.

8. Stone Studded Slide Sandals:

This sandal slide is just wow. There are so many black coloured stones studded on the strap. Some are round, square and round shape of stones. This strap will give weight to the sandal and be heavy to carry. Those girls who like to wear sandals for any party, like a birthday or a friend’s party in a hotel, can try these sandals for a different look.

9. Ankle Wrap Slide Sandals:

It is an amazing women’s slide sandal with the ankle wrap concept. There is a broad white strap over the foot with a minor heel attached to the strap; your ankle gets wrapped to some level, leaving the knot behind. This is silver with a soft and comfortable feel for your foot.

From the above-discussed 9 types of slide sandals, one thing we can make out is that slide sandals are comfortable to wear. It will give a smooth base and proper cover to your foot. Not only simple but even decorative slides are also available. Based on your slide choice, it depends on where you can carry this.

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