Sandals have proven to be quite comfortable for moving around with ease. They come with a smooth layer fixing along and is easy to wear too. Among the different types of sandals, strappy sandals are quite picked by the women to give their stylish look a complete touch. The height and designs give it more space in their wardrobe.

Modern and Stylish Strappy Sandals for Women:

Here are some trendy designs in strap sandals that might grab your heart.

1. Thongs Sandals in Straps:

Black strappy sandals in leather give a perfect and complete cover to the feet with flat designs. They are available in Hawaii, Zoris, Jandals, Flip-flops, etc. designs with a thin heel on the back side. This black colored attract the viewers’ attention.

2. T-Strap Sandals:

Gold strappy sandals with a braided T-strap design gives a delicate yet astonishing look to the wearer for parties and functions. The sandal gives a complete cover to the feet with utmost comfort. Short height girls can try this design for their party time or office time use.

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3. Strappy Gladiator Sandals:

Strappy black sandals with a number of strips surrounding the leg with a flat and high heel are famous as the gladiator sandal. The sandal looks perfect for small gowns or short skirts too. You will get good collections in handmade strappy gladiator sandals; try this one unique design for your sandal use.

4. Strappy Wedges Sandals:

Wedges when given brown strappy sandal designs when given a complete leather touch with flat heels and cross strips gives a pretty look to the wearer. They perfectly suit on nearly all kinds of dresses. You can use in this rainy season too.

5. Espadrilles Strap Sandals:

Strappy sandals flat is introduced in a new design with a mouse like pattern. The espadrilles are given a woven pattern on the sides, with diamonds attached on the front side. The design is also given a firm strip look. This one comes with different color and different collection in design for this pattern; get this design for your stylish and cool look.

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6. Designer Thick Sandal Straps:

A designer silver strappy sandal design is studded with white diamonds with a pinkish shade over it. The long heel and designer thick straps make it suitable for weddings and other similar occasions. Designer sandals are always a famous choice among girls.

7. Strappy Shoe Sandals:

White strappy sandals inspired by the shoes give a boot like look to the wearer for jeans and capris. The white sandals are made from leather with high thick heels and lace at the foot front.

8. Jaipuri Strappy Sandals:

Flat strappy sandals, when given an embroidery touch with Jaipur designs, gives a perfect match to the traditional wears. The sandals are given strips that cover the complete feet with golden and colorful thread work.

9. Trimmed Strap Sandals:

A quite funky design in the sandals with straps is the net-trimmed sandal design. The sandal in maroon is given two straps on the front and back which is given crafted net touch with a buckle look in the front and a good height.

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The strap sandals come in both flat and heel designs with light and handy designs in velvet, canvas, fabric and leather materials. It supports your favorite functions with -high heel designs and also accompanies you to trekking with flat patterns with a perfect grip. All the sandals are also given a cushioned effect that looks after your comfort.

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