Wooden spoons are used in cooking because of their versatility, and also because they do not have any metal in them to lose. There are many craft ideas you can apply in your life to make the wooden craft with the leftover wooden spoons.

Best Wooden Spoon Crafts for Kids and Adults:

Here are top 9 wooden spoon crafts,

1. Birthday Spoon Craft:

Through wooden spoon you can make a good birthday craft like you can make a cat face on it, then stick some birthday quote on it or write happy birthday on it, these are the small wooden spoons for crafts which you can present it to someone.

2. Vegetable Craft:

Another great wooden spoon craft ideas are the vegetable craft you can, color the wooden spoon with different color as background then you can draw some vegetable figure on it and paint them, you can decorate this well at the time of Christmas, these can be wooden spoon crafts for Christmas.

3. Chef Wooden Spoon Craft:

Every cook uses a wooden spoon for cooking almost everything so if you have a friend who is a chef you can gift them a wooden spoon, with a face drawn on it and little chef cap made, this is a decorative wooden spoon craft idea.

4. Animal Wooden Spoon:

What your kid can do is paint the wooden spoon with a different color then make animal faces on it which can be kept as showpiece or in your kid’s room, this is a great mini wooden spoon for craft which you can easily teach your child to do.

5. Mermaid Wooden Spoon:

One great wooden spoon craft idea is the mermaid one, where you just have makes a face with some woolen thread attached to it giving it a shape of hair and the lower part of a mermaid with another color of woollen thread. This is a beautiful thing you can keep at your home.

6. Bunny Wooden Spoon:

The great arts and crafts wooden spoons which can be made in shape of bunny, you can paint the wooden spoon white, and make paper ears and stick it to the spoon, then you can make a bow and stick on the neck, you can also make the bunny face and your wooden spoon craft is ready.

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7. Crafty Wooden Spoon:

The best decorative wooden spoon crafts and an easy one is where you can simply write some quotes on the spoon if you are gifting it to some chef you can write some beautiful quotes this simple trick will make it look fancy.

8. Flower Spoon Craft:

The flower spoon craft includes the different flowers’ made on the wooden spoon then you can just color them with a different colors’ and this is a great decorative wooden spoon craft, you can also use in your daily life.

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9. Polka Dot Craft:

Polka dot are always in fashion all you need to do is make some polka dot then color them with a different color, you can also make some floral things like flowers or some creatures on it, these are great mini wooden spoons for crafts.

In the end, you have a lot of ideas for wooden spoon craft all you need to do is think and execute them, you can gift these spoon to some friend of yours, or you can decorate it in your home. You can also sell them if you are talented and skilled enough. You will get more options while making this crafts.

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