9 Gorgeous Soft Woolen Blazers in Trend for Men & Women

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Woolen garments have been in trend since decades due to its amazing smoothness, shine and comfort. A new phase of woolen clothes began with the amazing designs of wool blazer. It not only gave simple and sober designs to carry but also protected the wearer from the winters. The woolen blazers are quite trendy among the college teens and the official people.

Wool Blazers Jackets for Men and Women:

Let’s look at some hand picked latest wool blazer designs for your season shopping.

1. Simple Grey Blazer in Wool Cloth:

Simple Grey Blazer

A simple but elegant men’s wool blazer is quite picked by the official men. With a prefixed size, it is a best selection on black or grey suits. They also give a good match with casuals for parties. It is also a sober match to official wear.

2. Black Woolen Blazers for Men:

Black Woolen Blazer

A wool blazer for men design in black is quite in trend any time. The plain black blazer without any pockets is quite a proper match for casuals to carry on partied and other family occasions. It gives a challenging look over dark blue jeans.

3. Lining Wool Blazer in Brown:

Lining Blazer wool

A men’s wool blazer in light brown with dual one side pocket is quite lovely to wear for a great professional look. The blazer is also given minute light lining design which shines out beautifully in lights or sunlight. The suit is also a sober look for marriage functions.

4. Dual Layer Blazer Jacket for Winter:

Dual Layer Blazer

A winter special wool blazers for men design is a combination of wool and cotton forming double layer. The woolen blazer has an inner made with cotton material which gives utmost comfort. Such blazers are widely worn on winter eves by the youth for a cool appearance.

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5. Professional Blazers for Women:

Classic Blazer

A women’s wool blazer with deep neck collar pattern is quite trendy among the working women these days. It helps them to carry a professional impression for corporate events. Along with the smoothness, it also gives three waist buttons and pockets which add to its stylish look.

6. Long Size Wool Blazers in Fashion:

Long Blazer

A long ladies wool blazer design with is quite often seen in the shopping list of women. The blazer has a side button design with a high collar which locks your neck from cold. It also has a woolen belt for tight grip on waist. It gives a blooming look with a hat and winter boots.

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7. Fashionable Collar Blazer:

Funky Collar Blazer

Are you fashion conscious? Here is a funky women’s wool blazers jackets design with an amazing collar design. The collar of the woolen blazer is given amazing flaw from one side till the waist. There is also a small belt design on the other side for a different look. It is quite acceptable on casuals.

8. Shrug Blazers Wool:

Shrug Blazers

Another amazing viral design of blazer wool for girls is the shrug blazer design. As the name suggests, the blazer is given a loose fitting with extra broad collars. The availability in various colors gives it an amazing look for parties over jeans or pants. It gives UN upside down v design at the waist.

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9. Wool Hooded Blazer for Men:

Hooded Blazer

A blazer design which is quite worn by the collegians is the hooded wool blazer design. The plain black blazer for men is given silver front buttons with a cute cap to carry with. The design is popular among the cold regions. It gives a smashing look in parties and night outs.

Wool blazers are widely recommended by the skin specialist as they give a smooth material which stops any kind of skin infection. They are widely available in dark colors, but the three are also light and attractive colors available for the girls like pink, peach, light green and much more.

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