Woolen has been the favourable material, especially for the winters when the breeze is ready to give you shivers. There are places where the winter is having mild effects, while there are places too where winter has its claws completely. No matter wherever you live, woolen kurti has always remained the favourite among the women for both a casual and occasional wear.

Best Woolen Kurti Designs For Ladies:

Here are some of the most picked out the latest woolen kurti designs this year you must have a look at,

1. Neck Work Woolen Kurti:

The montrex designs in kurta have remained quite popular for the regular wears. The kurti in plain red is given black printed pattern on the neckline with long sleeves. If you are comfortable with long sleeve, then this one will be nice choice always.

2. Center Print Woolen Kurti:

When a fine kurti is given a knitted center print in woolen, it makes a perfect woolen kurta design. The back and sleeves of the kurti are given plain texture with V-collar neckline. This is the best choice for as a seasonal wear, you can try this one for your regular relative visiting.

3. High Neck Kurti:

A new and latest woolen kurtis collection getting trendy in the market is the high neck kurti design. The plain kurti is given a high collar neck with minute floral thread work on it. This looks comfortable to use; you can try this in winter season too. This one is the best kurti pattern to gift someone.

4. Retro Woolen Kurti:

A black and white collection in long woolen kurtis is given a retro touch with geometrical prints over it forming floral designs. The kurti is given straight cut and long sleeves too. This is best to use for office time too, girls will be comfortable in this black and white pattern kurti.

5. Bridge Style Woolen Kurti:

A new design in the knee length kurti made from woolen material is given a bridge style look. The kurti contains long ends from the side and upside-down ark in the center. You can pair this kurti with blue jeans or leggings too, get this one kurti to make a collection in your wardrobe.

6. Dotted Design Kurti in Woolen:

The women woolen kurti in this design is given a dotted look by placing net circular charms on it. The neckline, sleeves and the end border contain a similar pattern for a dotted look. This is pattern in casual wear kurtis collections; try this kurti on any jeans or leggings.

7. Scarf Neck Woolen Kurti:

Looking for a kurti and a scarf! Here is a party wear woolen kurtis collection that combines your needs. The kurti in black is given a scarf like look on the neckline with short length. This looks best on those girls who skin color is fair; this is nice regular fit kurti for girls or women’s too.

8. Cover Neck Woolen Kurti:

A new kurti design that is given a neck cover design is getting wild among the college teens. The short kurti is given a shrunk look and a cover with a different design on the neck. This is a new pattern which is beautiful but yet simple and stylish kurti, this one is best for your regular use for college or office.

9. Ultra-Fit Tunic Woolen Kurti:

The ultra-fit tunics are the stylish woolen kurtis that come with dual material look. The simple and plain kurti is given a multi shining look with slant neck design with three buttons similar to a jumper. Those girls who have a boycott hairstyle, they will get charmed look on this kurti.

10. Traditional Woolen Kurti:

Want to have a slightly old look for your woolen kurti! Here is a short ladies woolen kurti design, made with laces and knitted pattern that gives a fashion similar to the old times. This is best to use for any party time or celebration time with your friends, get some matching accessories on this kurti to make a good look.

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11. Western Woolen Kurti:

A collection of design of designer woollen kurtis for ladies is made with slight patterns of a shirt and tops, which makes a skinny thigh length kurti. The neck is decorated with copper black pearls. This is a stylish type of kurti which will suitable to use high parties or you can try on any office meetings or parties.

12. Wrapped Woolen Kurti:

A kurti in woolen, when given a wrapped design increases its outlook. A simple kurti is given dual layers in bottom where the upper layer is given a wrapped design connected out with big buttons.

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13. Symmetrical Woolen Kurti:

A ladies woolen kurti design when given a loose symmetrical pattern gives the best outlook over palazzo. The kurti is given a charm slant ending and embroidery neck too. this is best to use for winter season, this one nice fitting kurti and totally comfortable in a crowd too.

14. Dual Layer Woolen Kurti:

A trendy design in parties, this kurti design is made with dual layers effect. The inner layer is given a plain texture, while the upper one is given printed with open neck and more length than inner. It looks on white colored leggings. Try this style of kurti for your next festive season.

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15. Ethnic Woolen Kurti:

The woolen kurta here knitted in white is given an ethnic touch with floral patterns. The patterns are made with thread Jodhpuri design work to make it more adorable and ethnic.

The woolen kurta design generally comes with long length, long sleeves and pack neck. They are widely worn during winters to give the body some warmth. The woollen kurtas can also be accompanied with stalls or scarfs for giving it new neckline.