Woolen sweaters are the top favourites of all in the winters. They come in a variety of designs and styles and change with the changing times. They are very delicate and have to be washed well with extra care to maintain the texture and fiber. We also have to be careful in choosing the right wool as it may sometimes cause skin irritation. Styles suiting our body structure should also be kept in mind while selecting our winter wear.

Best Woolen Sweater Designs For Women And Men, Kids:

Here are a few woolen sweaters that will enable you to choose the appropriate one for yourself,

1. Broad Neck Sweater:

This is one woolen sweater design that goes well with trousers, jeans and even skirts. It is an official as well as a casual wear. The neck is broad and can be folded outwards to create a cape like style. The thick wool protects you from the cold.

2. Collared Solid Sweater:

This woolen sweater for kids is fashionable and will heighten your kid’s charming looks. This sweater is very snug and has a solid knitted pattern. It has a distinct collar that gives it a stylish look. It is classy to be paired with any outfit. The material is cozy and soft on the child’s skin.

3. Woolen Multicoloured Jacket:

Let us now take a look at this wonderful pure woolen sweater that can be worn by both gents and ladies. This jacket is handmade using sheep wool. It has a high neck, long sleeves and front zipper. It also has two side pockets

4. Girl’s Woolen Dress:

This stylish woolen sweater design for ladies is a frock style which is hand knitted. This sweater is round collared and full sleeved. It has two pockets which are decorated with cute bows. It is double buttoned and has a double breasted coat style appearance.

5. Boiled Wool Sweater:

This is a classy piece of woolen sweater design for men. This sweater is made from boiled wool and hence the name. The wool is boiled and the material shrinks and becomes extra soft. The wool of this kind of sweater is very highly resistant to all kinds of weather and provides complete protection against rain and snow.

6. Granny Squares Sweater:

This is a very common yet popular kind of hand-made woolen sweater. It is made by joining many granny squares together. You can have a variety of colours in a sweater or keep it plain as well. This kind of hand-made woolen sweaters design for ladies can be easily made at home in a short time.

7. Crotchet Aztec Sweater:

This is a lovely Aztec mandala sweater. It is multicoloured and has purple lace decorations. It is made from recycled yarns. This woolen sweater design for man does not have a specific closure but you can create your own by using belts and pins.

8. Baby Sweater with Granny Squares:

Here is a lovely woolen sweater design for kids. This sweater is very easy to make and you can play with colours of your choice. The Sweater is made from soft wool for the delicate baby skin. It is also easy to wear even though it is full sleeved.

9. Chunky Wool Cardigan:

This handmade woolen sweater is made from chunky Peruvian wool yarn. The knits of this ladies’ woolen sweater are huge. The cardigan is front open and buttoned. It has full sleeves. The wool being thick and chunky, this cardigan is very suitable for snowy places.

10. Ivory Irish Wool Sweater:

This is a lovely Fisherman woolen sweater for men made from Irish Wool. This high quality ivory coloured Irish wool is very soft. The sweater is close necked and long sleeved. Irish wool sweaters have to be very well taken care of and need to be packed well when not in use.

11. Stylish Women’s Sweater:

This stylish woolen sweater design for women has flared sleeves and a boat neck. The flared sleeves are stylishly embellished with beads. The flared sleeves have a lovely fringe at the ends. It is a wonderful winter wear to team with jeans and boots.

12. Poncho Style Sweater:

Here is a trendy style of the poncho. The pure wool sweater has been given the poncho look that makes it very stylish to wear with jeans. The full sleeved sweater has a triangular cut. The ends are decorated with fringes for the rough look.

13. Mexican Sweater:

This is a Mexican style sweater popularly called as the Mexican Baja Poncho Hoody. They are very stylish and unique. These wool sweaters are also very comfortable. These sweaters come with long sleeves and the designs have a geometric pattern. Some of these sweaters also come with hoods.

14. Blanket Styled Sweaters:

This is a beautiful blanket styled sweater. The pattern and the print resemble the blanket. The style wraps the entire body and keeps it warm through the winter day. It is one of the best outfits for outings and picnics planned for the winter holiday.

15. Woolen Office Dress:

Ladies now you don’t have to worry for choosing an outfit for the business meeting during winter. Trendy woolen office wear dresses have come up that are very stylish and sophisticated. This dress is short sleeved and of knee length. The grey solid dress has a striking black border and double lined buttons for a show.

Winter times were often considered a non-stylish period. But now we can see varieties of styles popping up during winter as well. There has been a drastic change in winter wear over the period with a lot of combinations of various styles and patterns. Designers have racked their brains and have come up with some brilliant creations that are also seen in regular local shops and also can be purchased online in reasonable prices.

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