Tattoo lovers always love to depict which are unusual, innovative and even at the same time, others rarely style it. So here comes world map tattoo design which looks unique and lends you a distinct appearance also. Some people are fond of travelling and adores exploring new countries’ heritage and culture; this could be one reason to style world map tattoo on body parts.

Best World Map Tattoo Designs And Ideas:

Let’s glance at the top 9 different types of world map tattoo designs for you to pick one of them.

1. Spectacular World Map Tattoo Designs:

This is a stunning tattoo world map design for people who loves travelling and is always curious to explore new venues and countries and at the same time can enhance their knowledge. Here on the hand, a globe is depicted and on it, the world map styled with different countries lending a distinct look to the wearer’s hand.

2. Creative World Map Tattoo Designs:

Tattoo lovers can go to any extent and use innovative ideas to make their designs look unique and sensual. Here the wearer has outlined the world map of its back in henna style, giving a contemporary appearance. The plan would ensure all heads turn and make her feel special even in the crowd.

3. Lovely World Map Wrist Tattoo Designs:

Here comes a timeless appearing tattoo design depicted on the wrist of the tattoo lovers, and the golden colours add a more sparkling look to it.  The world map tattoo on the wrist displays the wearer’s wandering attitude and passion for visiting other places.

4. Directional Small World Map Tattoo Designs:

For travellers, a compass shows the direction as if they are following the way to the destination.  In this world map tattoo forearm design, a compass is depicted accurately with arrows, and the world map on top lends a sensitising appearance.

5. Startling World Map Tattoo Designs:

These are simple tattoo designs outlined on the palms of tattoo lovers and are perfect for people who love elegant designs. Here depicture has designed the world map on both of his, and this design could be viewed in full only when he joins his palms.

6. Watercolor World Map Tattoo Designs:

Designing a tattoo design through watercolour lends a marvellous look, and the array of colours makes it more striking and appealing at times. The world map tattoo arm design shows the wearer’s adventurous perspective bends of ideology.

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7. Temporary World Map Tattoo Designs:

Designing a tattoo could be a painful process for some people, but tattoo designs fascinate them, so here is a solution. The temporary tattoos world map could be the right one as they can stick on any part of the body and quickly grab those distinct looks in seconds. The same has been wherein the wearer has a fixed world map temporary tattoo design on the back and flaunts its stylish looks.

8. Elegant World Map Tattoo Designs:

Many people depict these world map tattoos as it reminds them of their lovely house as they got dispersed because of work. Here the wearer has designed a world map on its wrist in black shading, displaying its anxiety as a birthplace.

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9. Fabulous World Map Tattoo Designs:

Tattoos have always been an excellent way to express yourself and a terrific way to display your intelligence and knowledge. Here the person has carved a world map on their feet, conveying that he has good geographical sense and knows places in detail.


World map tattoos look fantastic if it’s appropriately depicted. These tattoos can be styled in many ways, and various sizes can be sketched according to the viewer’s perception.  Both men and women can outline the world map tattoo to whomever it fascinates them, and the harmonious colour combination makes the tattoo designs appear outstanding.

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