Have you ever come across the worst baby names? Well, we all love to keep a special and unique, meaningful name for our newborns. However, the new millennial parents seem to try too hard to keep a unique name and fail utterly. The worst names for babies are often noticed in several countries, and we wonder what the names mean.

Are you excited and wondering to find out what these worst baby names may mean? We have compiled some worst names of all time in the world, and they are fun to check out. Keep reading!

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World’s Worst Children’s Names List

If you are expecting a child super soon and are wondering about a good name, you may want to consider skipping the below-mentioned name ideas. While some of them are funny, some are very distinct and confusing. So, let’s check the worst possible names for a child here.

Worst Baby Boy Names:

Let us first begin by exploring the worst male names and their meanings. We are pretty shocked to come across such names that are absolutely clueless and distinct. Check out!

1. Adolf:

When we hear the name Adolf, we can only think of Adolf Hitler. But unfortunately, the name doesn’t seem any great with this impression.

2. Alphabeta:

There were some boys named Alphabeta in the western world. Well, it’s just the name that means alphabet.

3. Bear:

Bear is another worst baby boy name we have recently come across. It’s not creating a very good impression when we hear it! This is indeed among the worst names idea ever for a boy!

4. Brick:

Brick is a common name these days, and it is indeed among the list of worst baby names for guys. Don’t you think this is among the worst names for guys?!

5. Billion:

Many kids are being named Billion these days, and we may understand the reason. However, the nickname often used here is Billy. Well, we feel the nickname seems better than the actual name.

6. Champ:

Champ is a term we all use to call a boy. However, the term seems to have converted itself to a name suggestion.

7. Colon:

Imagine a name, Colon! It’s only a term for punctuation marks, not a name. It doesn’t create a good impression too!

8. C’Kret:

We all do not know what this name means or sounds like. However, it does exist.

9. D’artagnan:

This name is familiar to you if you read Three Musketeers. However, we aren’t sure how this sounds in real life outside fiction!

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10. Danger:

Yes, if you are shocked, this is indeed a name. But we definitely don’t know why the parents would name their kid after the word danger!

11. Ding dong:

This is a name popular in Asia. The name sounds funny, resembling a tone or sound! Well, this is just truly among the worst nicknames, pet names too!

12. Drug:

We are still confused and shocked that the parents actually named their kid, Drug! It’s surprising and equally awful!

13. Gotham:

If you watched Batman movies, you know what Gotham is. The parents may love Batman movies or Hollywood movie names, but Gotham definitely connotes a negative feel.

14. Hashtag:

This is a recent baby boy name we have come across, and the onset of social media inspires it. It may sound creative and unique, but not welcoming.

15. Hitler Mussolini:

There is indeed a name Hitler Mussolini if you are shocked and wondering. The name itself sounds cruel and scary! This even can be among the worst last names or first names list.

16. Jammy:

Jammy is another form of the name Jamie. Well, we like the original one better; this choice does confuse us.

17. Jihad:

Jihad, in Islamic terms, means a religious war. It is definitely not a cool baby name at all. However, we often notice the name Jihad rising around the globe.

18. Inspecktor:

This is a unique name at the onset; however, it is just another spelling variation for the name, Inspecktor!

19. Kash register:

This name is spotted on a man in the southern part of the globe, and we are thrilled and shocked at the same time listening to it!

20. King:

King is also a baby boy’s name idea, apparently. Well, we are confused about our take on this name! What do you think? Do you like such a phrase-inspired name!

21. Legend:

Legend does sound inspirational and positive; however, it is also among the rising baby name ideas.

22. Like:

Like is a common phenomenon we come across on social media these days. Of course, we understand that we all wish to be liked by other people. But naming a baby, Like, is confusing.

23. Meldor:

Meldor doesn’t have a meaning. It seems like a name that came down from fantasy novels or movies; however, it is precisely not the case!

24. Obamanique:

This is recently getting popular in South Africa and the United States. If you may guess, the name is inspired by the 44th US president Barack Obama.

25. Princecharles:

Prince and Charles are different names, as you may guess. But now, we have come across a baby name that is inspired by the Prince of England. Well, it sounds royal but isn’t very exciting.

26. Rage:

Rage only implies anger. However, this is not a great name to name a baby. Do you agree?

27. Seven:

This is indeed a widespread name, running from ancient times. Many started naming the babies seven since the number is considered lucky in many cultures.

28. Sadman:

Sadman is a name spotted on a guy in the United States. The name itself sounds sad. We definitely do not want a baby name with negative connotations, do we?!

29. Superman:

From this name, we all can guess that the parents of baby boy quite love superhero movies. Superman may be an excellent character for Marvel films; however, we aren’t quite sure how it sounds on a real person!

30. Yunique:

Yunique is just another variation of the term, unique. This is a modern variation of baby names.

Worst Baby Girl Names:

How about now moving to explore the worst possible female names? These worst names for girls are pretty amusing to read. Here we go!

31. Airwrecka:

This name doesn’t have a meaning. However, if you slowly observe the spelling of the name, it means Erica (Air-wrecka). Isn’t it? Well, we would instead name a baby girl Erica than have a unique spelling form.

32. Baby girl:

Do you believe that there is a name called Baby Girl in itself! We are equally shocked too!

33. Beverly:

Beberly is a variation for Beverly, it seems! We can’t believe it is a spelling mistake or if the parents actually named the kid Beberly!

34. Britney Shakira Beyonce:

The parents sure may love music or love these singers and would have named them after these three incredible women. However, it is hilarious too!

35. Hellzel:

Hellzel is the baby girl’s name and has the word Hell in it! We wonder how parents could have named the baby girl after this word. It may seem a variation to the spelling of Hazel, but it doesn’t exactly imply it too!

36. Love child:

We are laughing out loud hearing this possible name, Lovechild! What do you think?!

37. Little sweetmeats:

This is another of the worst possible baby girl names spotted for a kid in the school register. However, this is confusing, amusing and funny at the same time.

38. Jerica:

Jerica is a very confusing name. There’s the name Erica or Ericka, but what does Jerica mean?

39. Merica:

Merica is the part of the actual name, America! Maybe the parents thought to experiment with the country name and have named their daughter Merica.

40. Aliviyah:

Aliviyah doesn’t have a meaning. However, if you concentrate and spell the name, it does sound like Olivia. We wonder why to twist up a beautiful name like this.

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41. Nevaeh:

Nevaeh is Heaven when spelt backwards. The creativity is oozing out from the millennial parents to name after their kids like this!

42. Melanomia:

Melanoma originally implies a form of skin cancer. We wonder what the parents may be thinking about naming their daughter this way!

43. Derfla:

Derfla is Alfred spelt backwards. The story said by this baby girl’s parents is that they wished to have a son and wanted to name him Alfred. And since it’s a daughter instead, they named her Alfred backwards. We are confused!

44. Phelony:

Phelony is the name of a baby girl. It sounds like Felony, just a variation in spelling.

45. Fanta:

Fanta is a baby girl’s name found in quite some countries. But unfortunately, we only know this as a brand that produces sugary fruit drinks!

46. Goodluck:

Good luck is another amusing and not-so-appealing name you could give to a baby. Again, it seems fine for pets but not for humans.

47. Henceforth:

This is a term we use while writing essays and comprehensions. We dint pretty much didn’t expect to have a baby girl name called Henceforth. Maybe there are even names that are called and so forth!

48. Ikea:

Tell us a person who doesn’t fall in love with Ikea, the globally famous Swedish furniture store! But does it mean we can name our kids Ikea?!

49. Jermajesty:

Most of us love period dramas and royal stories. But it doesn’t mean we can name our kid Jermajesty! The name doesn’t definitely sound royal at all.

50. Lasagna:

Most of those who like Italian food love Lasagna. It’s tasty. But it’s a terrible possible name choice for a baby girl.

51. Latrina:

We know the name Katrina. But we haven’t heard Latrina. It sounds weird!

52. Milady:

Milady implies, My Lady! It’s a royal connotation to call a member of the family. However, that doesn’t mean we can name the kid Milady!

53. Misery:

Misery itself is a very sad term; we all definitely do not want to be miserable in life. So why name the beautiful child this way?!

54. Puzzle:

Now, we aren’t quite sure how we take this name, Puzzle. After many struggles, a baby girl was named Puzzle as their parents conceived her. However, it doesn’t mean the child can be named Puzzle, isn’t it!

55. Sativa:

Sativa is a type of marijuana. We wonder why the parents would name the kid after this term. It would be a mark on her future prospects.

56. Shimmery:

Shimmer means sparkles and glitter. But why name a kid, Shimmery.

57. Quiche:

Quiche is the name of the dish. So why would anyone even want to name their kid Quiche! It’s weird and funny.

58. Any:

Any is a baby’s name. Can you believe it? It looks pretty indecisive to us. What do you think?

59. Ebolah:

Ebolah sounds like Ebola – the deadly virus. So why name the kids after the virus? It’s definitely not a joke!

60. Aquanetta:

Aquanetta doesn’t seem to have a meaning. It doesn’t even sound lovely. Wonder why the parents named the kid such a name!

Funny Worst Baby Names:

We also have funny worst names list. These are hilarious to read; check out how the names take their form with different meanings and origins.

61. Abcde:

This is indeed a hilarious baby name. But, what does Abcde mean, besides the first five letters of the alphabet? We wonder what parents were thinking while naming their kid, abcde!

62. Bacardi:

Bacardi is increasingly becoming a widespread name. But, well, it doesn’t sound as cool as it may seem, given it’s just the brand of alcohol.

63. Banana:

Banana is a common name phenomenon in Europe these days, and we don’t quite love it. But, on the other hand, it’s funny; it seems a perfect choice for a pet, definitely not a human.

64. North West:

Do you know that North West is the name of Kim Kardashian’s child! Well, it is true. The name may imply directions but however, seems super funny to hear.

65. Appaloosa:

Appaloosa is a film’s name. However, naming the kid after this film title is hilarious!

66. Ssst:

This is an expression. Not a name! We are even confused about how to pronounce the baby name Ssst!

67. L’Oreal:

Yes, you may guess it right – L’Oreal is a brand’s name. But it is pretty funny to note that it is also a kid’s name.

68. Apple:

Apple is quite an amusing name. Gwyneth Paltrow and Christ Martin named their kid Apple, and we don’t know how to take it! is it inspired by the fruit Apple or the company Apple Inc.

69. Facebook:

Yes, you heard us right. There is a baby in Egypt called Facebook. Isn’t it funny?!

70. Espn:

Maybe the parents were sports enthusiasts and named their kid after Espn’s television network!

Did you ever come across such worst baby names? These names truly are unimaginable; some are funny and hilarious. We sure want to name our little one something unique but not quirky. What do you think!


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