Sunglasses are the saviour of our eyes. The amount of UVA-B rays harm our eyes. So it is a must to wear sunglasses on a sunny day. Traditional sunglasses are brown or black. It is believed that dark glasses avoid rays. It is not true, but not all dark glasses filter harmful rays.

Different Shades of Yellow Colour Sunglasses in India:

Many coloured glasses protect the eyes. Yellow sunglasses are one of the most liked choices. Here is a list of 10 fashionable and branded sunglasses with yellow colour frames and lenses.

1. Ray-ban Sunglasses Yellow Frame:

Yellow frame sunglasses are made of fibre. They are soft and easy fitting. They go well with well-structured faces. These frames are funky and come in all shapes. It is every youngster’s choice as the young heart always loves colours.

2. Protective Yellow Lens Sunglass:

The lens is the glass in the sunglasses. They are the most important part. They protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Yellow lenses are quite good at it. It can be dark yellow like mustard yellow to light early morning yellow. They are much pretty and cool.

3. Transparent Lens Yellow Sunglass:

Yellow transparent lens sunglass has little shade of yellow. The tint is light and cool. It is perfect for evening strolls. As it is transparent, it may not block the sun completely. It goes well with white and light coloured glasses.

4. Metallic Frame Yellow Sunglasses:

Frames have light frames made of metal. They are rust-free. The metallic frames go well with yellow sunglasses. They are gold to black. They look cool when worn to college or work.

5. Round Shape Yellow Sunglass:

Round yellow sunglasses have lens-shaped circles. They were worn in the 1970s. But it has made a comeback. These are cool and very fashionable. The round lens is yellow in the shade. It gives a casual look and is very laid back.

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6. Aviator Sunglass in Yellow:

Pilots wear aviator sunglasses. That is why it is called an aviator. These sunglasses have tinted glasses. They have gradient shade. It looks cool on formal and casual outfits. Men and women both wear it.

7. Polarized Yellow Sunglass for Men:

Polarised lenses are special lenses that don’t let harmful sun rays enter the eyes. They reflect the rays completely. They don’t just filter the rays. It has a cool effect on the eyes. They are unisex wear.

8. Oversized Yellow Sunglass:

Oversized sunglasses have always been a top favourite amongst the celebrities and youth following them. It covers the major part of the face. The oversized sunglasses look spectacular on men and women both. The shaded lens adds extra style to it.

9. Yellow Mirror Sunglass:

Mirror sunglasses have lenses that look like mirrors. They reflect the rays. The yellow shade looks very stylish. They are worn by girls mostly, but few men also carry them well. It is a casual style and goes well with denim.

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10. Yellow Retro Sunglass:

Retro sunglasses have elongated lenses. They have this shape for better protection. The retro yellow sunglasses are the cool version of it. The shape is the same; just the lens is yellow. They are unisex and look good on formals.

Sunglasses are the essential item one can have in their bag. Yellow sunglasses are the new stylish coloured sunglasses. They are known to increase the vision in the dark. They look good on all outfits. It gives a good look for women and men.

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