Yoga Diet and Food Benefits

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Is it enough to just practice yoga every day? Is it important to regulate my eating habits? If these are the questions swarming in your mind, then you have come to the right place. Eating the right kind of food in the right amount is an essential part of life, without which your exercise or yoga sessions will have very little meaning or importance.

Satvic Food:

Satvic foods are those kinds of food that purify the soul, body and mind. Cooked food that is consumed within three to four hours is called Satvic foods. Some examples are fresh milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and certain kinds of spices. A Satvic diet will encourage peace, love, wisdom, spiritual evolution and light.

Rajasic Food:

Rajasic foods are those foods that drive the body to perform certain actions. They cause disequilibrium, sleeplessness, anger, hyperactivity, irritation, speed, agitation and emotional fluctuations. Hatred and disgusted are generated from Rajasic foods. They are basically over cooked or are over tasty. For example foods cooked with onions, garlic, tea, coffee and different spices.

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Tamasic Food:

Tamasic foods are stale foods that have been reheated or contain artificial preservatives. They cause dullness in one’s mind and cause lethargy, ignorance, heaviness, depression etc. Some examples of Tamasic foods are oily or sugary foods, excessively fatty or fried items.

Foods to Avoid:

A yoga diet is very strict and does not allow the consumption of certain items that can cause damage to your health. Some of them are drugs, alcohol, stale food, eggs, onions, garlic, fried and fast food, animal flesh and food that are cooked. The bulk of a yogi’s diet consists of root vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products such as ghee, milk and sugar.

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Any diet calls for moderation or balance. This is not only about the quantity of foods one should intake but also about the flavourings in it. Food that is full of heavy spices, too much grease or abundance of flavour is not a part of any yogic or healthy diet. Overloading your plate with unhealthy foods is definitely what a yogic lifestyle would call for.


It is also important to know how you should consume your meals. Cooking and consuming with love, joy, peace and awareness is vital. Those who practice yoga daily are very much aware of this. Eating or preparing food while you are in a bad mood that leads to some negative results (including stomach upsets). Therefore it is important to bless your meals before you eat them.

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Because of certain health reasons, it is sometimes impossible to maintain a strict yogic diet. There are several yoga variations where one can eat fish or meat to stay healthy and active. It is important to listen to the needs of the body and tailor to it accordingly rather than following a plan that will eventually make you sick.

Why is The Diet Essentially Vegetarian?

Current researches have showed that yoga diets are essentially vegetarian because it is healthier. It increases physical endurance and longevity. It is full of goodness and purity which make life easier and active for all of us.

The Yoga Diet Is a Part of The Practice:

Doing pranayams and yoga asanas are just not enough, following the yoga diet is also considered to be crucial. It is all the part of a practice. No doubt that practicing yoga will heal major diseases but if one keeps consuming foods that are unhealthy then he is misguided. Therefore it is important to eat right in yoga.

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