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Top 8 Yoga Asanas For Weight Gain

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Weight gain is something a lot of people desire, sometimes it is very difficult to gain weight because of the fact that firstly mostly everybody leads a very hectic lifestyle and secondly due to this hectic lifestyle people find it difficult to follow a fixed diet, these two causes followed by a high metabolism rate will surely keep you thin and low on energy. If you seriously desire a stronger fitter body it is time to make some drastic changes to your life. Start firstly by regulating a better diet for yourself. Eat home cooked food and eat plenty of calories, drink plenty of water and secondly start exercise, exercise comes in many forms but the most suitable for a fit and string body is yoga. Yoga to facilitate weight gain has been used by many people for hundreds of years now and is a very compact and full proof technique. This article will state how yoga facilitates weight gain:

The Cobras Pose Breathing Technique:

Yoga cobra pose

Also known as the bhujangasana pose where we have to lie on our front and lift up the upper body and hold it there with the help of the hands. The inhalation and exhalation process then proceeds. This is the most basic yoga pose for treating and toning the abdominal muscles. It must be done in sets of 15 seconds each with a ten second break in between.

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The Sarvangasana Yoga:

yoga to reduce belly fat2

Sarvangasana also known as the shoulder standing pose is a shortcut key to benefits such as optimizing the function of thyroid glands, purifying the blood. Lying down on the back the lower portion is forced upwards and held in that position with the help of shoulder blades. The shoulder carries the entire burden of the rest of the body. The hands are used to support the waist. This facilitates weight gain successfully if a proper diet is followed alongside the yoga asana.

The Vajrasana Yoga:


Also known as the diamond pose or the thunderbolt pose is another of the yoga techniques for weight gain. Kneeled on the floor sitting on the heels, spine erect and the palms resting on the knees inhale and exhale of air is done slowly.

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The wind relieving pose is very helping when it comes to the toning of the body and facilitation of weight gain. A healthy diet alongside this asana will surely give you the results that you require desperately.

The Matsyasana Yoga:


The matsyasana or fish pose is another great yoga where the person sits with her legs together and then bends backward in an arch supported by the elbows while the hand is tucked into the hips. The head goes more backward until it touches the ground. This way blood circulation in the head opens up and helps in better hair conditions.



Savasana is another great way for weight gain as it gives you the rest you require. It is an easy pose and often called the corpse pose where a perfect has to lie in one position with their eyes closed. It is a great stress buster allowing you to gain weight over time.

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The Uttasana Yoga:


The person while standing upright on her feet bends down the full length and catches hold of the ankles with her arms. As usual the inhalation exhalation follows. This is another great way to gain weight.

The Kapalbhati Yoga:


This form is known as kapalbhati or the front lobe cleansing technique where the breathing movements are corroborated with the stomach muscles to work out the breathing. When the air is inhaled the stomach muscles inflate while the exhalation leads to deflating stomach muscles. This pose among other benefits helps to ease out metabolism allowing us to gain weight easily.

While yoga is normally associated with weight loss, it is also equally helpful for weight gain. Yoga assists in weight gain by increasing appetite and body metabolism. Moreover it also strengthens the muscles and brings flexibility in the body.

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