Have you joined a Yoga class? Are you wearing leggings, gym tracks or even salwar pants? We are pretty sure, you find these outfits uncomfortable and deny you the flexibility you need. Yoga pants are designed to stretch and take the shape of your body. Unless regular cotton pants, they keep your dry and stay in place. Yoga pants are made out of materials like Lycra, spandex, cotton mix, polyester and sometimes wool. Designer Yoga pants are made with a synthetic material to give than shiny and glossy finish. Yoga pants are not just chosen for Yoga classes, but are worn everyday by many women for style and comfort. Check out some new Yoga Pants designs to try this season!

Benefits Of Yoga Pants:

Yoga Pants are in great demand for the numerous benefits they offer:

  • They are extremely comfortable and light weight
  • They define the body shape
  • Yoga pants keep your body dry
  • They can enable better stretching and flexibility
  • These are versatile and can be worn everyday

Comfortable and Stylish Pants for Yoga Workouts:

Here are the best yoga pants for gents and ladies.

1. Cotton Yoga Pants:

These yoga pants are super light weight and ultra slim. Made with cotton, these pants come with mesh panels to compress the bulkiness of thighs. They also come with a wide waistband to tuck your tummy in. If you want to store some essentials like earphones, there is an inner media pocket that comes handy.

2. Long Yoga Pants:

This stylish boot cut long yoga pants offer great comfort. They are pull on yoga pants and have no zips or buttons. A 4 inch waist band ensures your tummy is neatly tucked in. The flared leg openings can keep your airy and also help you make a fashion statement during your Yoga sessions.

3. Plus Size Yoga Pants:

If you are plus sized woman and are looking for a stylish, yet comfortable Yoga pants, look no further. The capri styled Yoga pants are specially designed with a stretched cotton-spandex blended fabric to fit your body perfectly. With a fold over waist band, you get to decide whether you want to wear it higher or lower your tummy line.

4. Wide Leg Yoga Pants:

The Wide legged Yoga pants featured here is one of the most comfortable models. It comes in a Palazzo styled leg opening and a banded waistline. The unique feature about the pants is the self-tie attached to the waist line to keep it in place, and also add a touch of style.

5. Flare Yoga Pants:

This flared yoga pant comes with an adjustable ankle tie model to alter the length depending on your mood. It comes with wide legs and an elastic waistband. The hem line has side slits with a tie option to adjust the length. This pant is made with quick drying fabric and can keep you dry for long.

6. Tight Yoga Pants:

Who says Yoga pants have to come only in boring patterns? Add some flowers to your life by wearing these floral printed tight yoga pants. This is a full legged model legging with a daisy print all over it. It is made with an elastic fabric that is breathable and anti-bacterial.

7. Sheer Yoga Pants:

Feeling seductive? Why not try these beautiful sheer yoga pants to spice up your look? Sheer yoga pants come with a netted transparent material, typically on the thigh and ankle areas. They create an alluring look and reveal only a small part of your leg. These are very comfortable, yet can make you look hot!

8. Cropped Yoga Pants:

This pair of Cropped yoga pants combines makes yoga time fun and fashionable. It comes with a zig zag binding on the sides of the legs for a detailed look. This is made with a sweat resistant material that lets your skin breathe and keep you dry. The wide elastic band keep the trouser in place.

9. Spandex Yoga Pants:

This moisture absorbing yoga pant is made with 77% spandex material. It is intricately designed with side mesh panels and an alluring design to flatter your figure. The pant comes in a seamless design with a wide tummy waistband to give a toned look.

10. Leggings Yoga Pants:

One of the most popular and trendy pants you can get yourself for your yoga sessions are the leggings yoga pants. They are soft, elastic and very easy to wear. They will stay all throughout your practices and be your best companion while trying to stay fit.

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11. Waistband Yoga Pants:

To make your yoga sessions more fun and exciting, get yourself the very cool and trendy waistband yoga pants. They come in several patterns, designs and colours and look very attractive. You can get them at your nearest clothing store or even shop them online.

12. Short Yoga Pants:

If you are tired of wearing those long and stretchy yoga pants, you can get yourself short pants that will help you sustain your yoga sessions and enjoy yourself more. They come in various colours and the prices are also quite affordable. The short yoga pants have been worn by many women and have received good commentary.

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13. Harem Yoga Pants:

For all the lovely ladies, who like their yoga pants long can try the harem yoga pants. They are very easy to wear and don’t create any pressure or trouble while practicing. They make your yoga classes fun and comfortable. If you are most likely to leave your house to learn yoga, these pants are perfect for you.

14. Straight Cut Yoga Pants:

Some people like to stay very simple. For them we have the straight cut yoga pants. They are very much in trend these days and have received quite a lot of good comments. They make yoga a very comfortable form of exercise and lasts for a very long period of time. These pants can be bought from a clothing store or from an online shopping website.

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15. Tribal Yoga Pants:

A very unique way of adding more fun and colour to your yoga sessions is by wearing the tribal yoga cotton pants. They are one of the most attractive yoga pants you shall see and the best part is that there is a huge variety of colours for you to choose from. Even belly dancers have started using these pants because of its structure and elasticity.

16. Super Tiny Yoga Pants:

For all the gym and yoga freaks, we have the ultimate yoga pants for you. In case you like to keep your pants short and funky, you can wear the super tiny yoga pants. They make you feel better when you work out and also look attractive on you. These pants are best for those women who don’t mind showing off their beautiful and toned legs.

17. Thai Yoga Pants:

Jazz up your wardrobe with this super funky and innovative Thai yoga pants. They look very cool and stylish and are sure to fetch you a lot of compliments. It is very easy to wear and take off and is one of the most comfortable yoga pants for women.

18. Capri Yoga Pants:

The Capri yoga pants are very much in demand these days. They look very smart, appealing and give you a very casual look. You can wear this at home while practicing yoga or even with your friends at yoga classes. They are very much in fashion right now and are found on different shopping websites.

Top 5 Yoga Pants For Men:

Check out some of the best of Men’s Yoga Pants:

1. Black Ankle Length Yoga Pants:

Check out these super stylish ankle length pants for men who like to perform! This is made with 100% durable organic cotton that can let you practise with confidence. It is light weight and incredibly soft. The pants are designed with a wide crotch to offer flexibility during Yoga.

2. Black Yoga Men’s Short Pants:

If you like wearing shorts, this is the ideal design for you. Made with pure cotton, these shorts can be worn not just to your Yoga classes, but even for your beach volleyball games. They are extremely comfortable and help you focus better on your postures, without much worry.

3. Dark Green Tie Up Yoga Pants:

This is one of the best rated Yoga pants, which comes in a dark green color. It is made with superior cotton fabric for allow better breathability and comfort. It is quite long lasting and is extremely high in comfort and style. This is also designed with a wide crotch to allow better Yoga movements.

4. Blue Dhoti Style Yoga Pants:

Inspired by the traditional Indian dhoti, this pair of Yoga pants is a perfect example of the east meets the west. It comes with a wide waistband and a frilled center area to give you extra comfort. The pants also come with side pockets to let you store your stuff.

5. Olive Green Men’s Tight Yoga Pants:

This low rise super stretchy tight yoga pants is the hottest thing you can wear to the classes. Made with spandex material, the pants are ideal to flaunt your toned thighs and legs. They make sure your hard work at Yoga and gym are appreciated by others. These can also be used for running and aerobics.

Yoga pants are worth the investment. These versatile pants can replace your leggings, jeans and even your trousers. Not only do they ensure you maintain the style statement at your Yoga class, but also makes you ready for a quick shopping tour by just changing the top. Yoga pants come in a variety of colors and prints to suit your taste. They are game changing outfits that have become extremely popular with the younger generation.


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