Yoni Mudra Importance :

Yoni Mudra is one of the ancient Indian practices. It has been mentioned in mythology that people in the olden days which are also called the golden days of India used to practice mudra. Actually, at that time mudra was not something that need to be practised. Mudra was actually then a form of life. They need not find any time, especially for mudra. That was a way of their existence. It was inherent in their lifestyle. That is the major reason why in those days the health system was so strong.

There was no use of medicines those days. Even many deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS and all was not that popular then. It was not even heard. This is at present only that time our lifestyle has got so much disturbed and stressful that many diseases have become like a household name today. They are so very common. Science has definitely progressed a lot but frankly speaking, eating allopathic medicines for so long is not at all good for the long run.

They help and impact your internal system in some way or the other. It may be the case that today you are not able to see its demerits but gradually they will become so big and hard to avoid. That is the major reason why today even doctors advise to practise yoga and mudra exercises for a healthy and long life.

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Now, coming to today’s yoni mudra. This one is very significant. Why let me tell you that. Firstly, in today’s stressful life there is no room for pause. People just run and run without any reason. It is aptly called a rat race. So, today when you wake up in the morning your rush for your workplace or college. Once when you come back by evening you are drop-dead tired and you have got neither time nor energy for your family or any other activities. So, what should a man do in that case? You have only 24 hours to yourself and you have to utilize it fully. In that case, we try to make some room for peace.

Many people have been practising yoga and mudra poses just to achieve that level of peace. We all long for that peace in our daily life. And that is the prime reason people practise yoga. They practise it for a number of years and then they gain expertise on it. Then they can detach themselves from the present material world and travel to another world where there is peace and silence. But do you know that there is a form of yoga that can easily help you to get detached from the world and travel to your inner self? Well, that mudra or yoga form is called Yoni Mudra. This is the main yoni hand mudra yoga benefit.

Yoni Mudra Steps, Meaning And Benefits :

Let’s Find Out The Meaning Of Yonimudra :

Let’s understand the meaning of Yoni Mudra. Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “Uterus” or “womb”. As you might know that when a baby is inside the uterus it is in the live stage but still it is detached from the external world. It is completely isolated from the external issues and tensions of the world. In a similar way, yogi mudra detaches you from the external world.

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Steps For How To Do Yoni Mudra :

Since hand yoni mudra is such a relevant yoga pose. Thus, we will be explaining to you next how to do it.
Below given are some of the brief steps as to how to do this mudra –

1. Since this exercise does not involve any sitting or standing instructions. So, you can do as you please. But the major point which you should bear in mind is that you should be sitting in a very comfortable position. Wear loose clothes and sit in a position where there is not too much noise. Where you can concentrate better. And where you are completely devoid of any worldly tensions or affairs.  Then take a deep breath and finally begin this mudra.
2. Place your thumbs in the ear close to your ear holes.
3. Close your eyelids by placing your index fingers on them.
4. Push your middle finger on either side of your nostrils.
5. Press your lips together with the remaining fingers
6. Release your middle finger but keep inhaling and exhaling.

Yoni Mudra Technique :

Yoni mudra has a very special technique. What happens in this is that when you start getting an extra edge or practise over this mudra then you start visualizing the chakras of life. Many ancient yogis or practitioners have already been told that they have started seeing their life as a chakra movement. Also, you see your past life too. I mean there will definitely be some important points or milestones in your life. You see them. Those life memories which has left an impression on your life. Also, once when you get proficient over this yoni mudra meditation then you will be able to hear your inner voice. We all have an inner conscience or inner voice but it gets lowered down due to external influences and pressures. So, yoni mudra takes care of the same.

It is also said that you can hear sounds in this yoga pose which is also called mystic sounds. It is widely believed that right-handed people hear sounds from the right ear whereas left-handed people hear sounds from the left hand. Also, the posture which is recommended in yoni mudra is siddhasana. This is considered the best yoga pose to gain expertise and control your lower apertures. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea to do siddhasana. So, you can begin with padmasana. And once when you are all done with the lower apertures then you can begin with the sealing of upper apertures.

Benefits Of Yoni Mudra :

These include some health benefits also

  • It is very useful for getting rid of stress and depression.
  • balance the nervous system.
  • Keep you always relaxed and rejuvenation of mind and soul.
  • It is very helpful to develop mental peace.
  • Gives spiritual calmness and peace to your heart and mind.

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Last Words :

Concentration is the key to yoni mudra. You need to make lots of efforts to concentrate and then only you can excel in yoni mudra.

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