Hastha Mudras or Hand gestures, are an integral part of yoga practice and gaining popularity globally. Yoni Mudra is a hand gesture that has the potential to improve fertility in women by regulating hormonal imbalances. The practitioner of Yoni Mudra experiences peace and calmness and is detached from the rest of the world. Often referred to as Shakthi Mudra, Yoni Mudra is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Shakthi. Yoni Mudra in English is known as Womb Gesture.

Yoni Mudra strengthens and cultivates the sacral chakra or Swadhisthana, which plays a vital role in maintaining the health of women’s reproductive organs. Let us go through the article to know more about this hand gesture.

Let’s Find Out The Meaning Of Yoni Mudra:

Let’s understand the meaning of Yoni Mudra. Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “Uterus” or “womb”. As you might know that when a baby is inside the uterus, it is in the live stage, but still, it is detached from the external world. It is completely isolated from the external issues and tensions of the world. In a similar way, yogi mudra detaches you from the external world.

How to Do Yoni Mudra Step by Step:

Yoni Mudra is practised with both hands and is associated with the womb. This hand gesture is practical when combined with meditation or Pranayama. Here are the simple steps you can follow to perform Yoni Mudra:

  • Sit down in a comfortable sitting position while keeping your spine straight.
  • Become aware of your breathwork while taking a few deep breaths slowly.
  • Join the tips of both thumbs while you bring both hands together.
  • Let your hands face downwards in the shape of an inverted Namaste while you join the tips of both index fingers.
  • Now slowly turn the ring, middle and tiny fingers inwards, making sure that the back of the fingers is touching each other. The resemblance between shape made by your hands and a womb is similar.
  • Let your index fingertips point towards your pelvis region while pressing the tips of the thumbs together.
  • Try to incorporate Pranayama at this point of the Mudra to get maximum benefits.

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Tips to Perform Yoni Mudra:

Here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind if you wish to perform Yoni Mudra efficiently:

  • It is essential to start practising Yoni Mudra slowly and gradually increase the time to avoid any problems.
  • You should practice Yoni Mudra in a calm, clean space without distractions to experience its full benefits.
  • If you want to get efficient results, make sure to stay consistent with the practice of Yoni Mudra.
  • If you are under stress or feeling anxious, or have a fever or cold, avoid practising Yoni Mudra.
  • Like any hand gestures, a healthy lifestyle and proper diet add to the benefits you can get.
  • It is also suggested to avoid performing Yoni Mudra if you have recently suffered from an injury to your arm, wrists, fingers or shoulders.

How Long Do You Hold Yoni Mudra?

For that matter, you can perform Yoni Mudra or any Mudra for a bit of time initially. Then, you can hold yourself in the Yoni Mudra for at least two minutes to get calming, soothing, or activate that body. But as you get used to the Mudra, you can keep it as long as you can, up to 45 minutes a day.

Best Time to Practice Yoni Mudra?

Although you can practice the Mudra any time of the day, for effective results, you can perform the Yoni Mudra between four to six AM in the morning. You can also chant a mantra while performing this Mudra for better concentration. Practising hand gestures regularly for three months is necessary for efficient results.

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Benefits of Yoni Mudra:

Performing Yoni Mudra has emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. They are as follows:

  • Practising Yoni Mudra is said to help oneself recognize one’s own inner shortcomings and strengths because it is associated with spirituality. This is why this Mudra is best when combined with yoga or Pranayama.
  • Yoni Mudra helps you achieve a higher meditative state efficiently.
  • It also helps reduce the fire of the body, stress, anger and anxiety with the help of the thumb movement spiritually.
  • When done correctly, Yoni Mudra is also an effective remedy for people with fertility problems, irrespective of gender.
  • Practising Yoni Mudra helps you feel energetic, especially for people who aren’t very active, get tired quickly or feel lethargic.
  • Practising this Mudra will help control hormonal imbalance, improving women’s fertility.
  • Yoni Mudra helps build self-confidence and symbolizes the origin and nurture of living beings.
  • This Mudra also helps women with menopausal issues.

Yoni Mudra gives you the power to hear your inner sound and also helps calm your mind and body efficiently. Your body gets the ability to work in a smooth and balanced way if you perform the Mudra in the right way. So without further ado, add Yoni Mudra to your routine and reap all the benefits. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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Disclaimer: The content presented in this article is based on research and not a replacement for professional advice. Please consult a certified healthcare professional if you are unsure.

1. Who Should Avoid Performing Yoni Mudra?

Ans: If you have the following health conditions, then it is better to avoid performing Yoni Mudra:

  • Women suffering from anxiety and stress.
  • People suffering from flu, cold or fever.
  • People who have cardiovascular issues.
  • Women with high blood pressure.

2. Can Anyone Perform Yoni Mudra?

Ans: Women who would like to improve their overall health and well being can practice Yoni Mudra. It is also advised for women who would like to control chatter, to remove negative feelings regarding self-image. This Mudra is also recommended for women suffering from PCOS, PMS, and hormonal and reproductive health issues.

3. Are There Any Side Effects Of Performing Yoni Mudra?

Ans: Performing Yoni Mudra or any mudra doesn’t cause any side effects. But to avoid the feeling of restlessness, avoid putting pressure on your fingers. Instead, consult a doctor if you have any psychological problems.


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