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9 Stylish YSL Brand Handbags Collection in India

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YSL stands for Yves Saint Laurent. It is luxury brand of France founded by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s. There are clothes, bags, jackets, foot wear, fragrance and many more products under this brand.

YSL is particularly known for bags. It is the most sorts after handbags in style. When it comes to luxury bags, you have to know which style suits you the most. That is why they have ultimate luxurious bags of every type and shape. They are spacious and have space for all your stuff. Their array of colour will truly amaze you.

Stylish YSL Brand Bags Collection in India

YSL Handbags:

Here are few types of YSL Handbags for shopping.

1. Shoulder YSL Bags for Shopping:

Shoulder YSL Bag -1

If you are looking for striking and bold designs, then YSL shoulder bag is for you. They come in prints and high quality leather. They are sophisticated and perfect for evenings. They add just the right amount of glamour.

2. Satchel YSL Cross Bags:

Satchel YSL Bag

A satchel YSL bag is cross bag, which can be used like sling. They usually have metallic chain as belt. They come in many print and different types of leather. They are perfect for outings if you want to be hands free.

3. YSL Black Clutch Bag:

Clutch YSL Bag

YSL bags have been for its spectacular clutch design. They have unique and amazing colours. They are made with good quality leather. They usually have metallic finish and a logo of YSL. They are perfect to carry with evening dress.

4. Totes YSL Bag:

Totes YSL Bag

Totes YSL bag is always spectacular. The leather is best and has marvellous print. Leopard print is very well known. They are perfect for office to evening party. They add extra edge giving you smart and elegant look.

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5. Sac Der Jour YSL Handbags:

Sac Der Jour YSL Bag

Sac Der Jour YSL bag is one of the amazing creations of YSL. They catch your attention by its design. It is also known for variety of colour. They are known for weighty padlock. It is perfect for formal meetings.

6. Monogram Small Tassel YSL Bag:

Monogram Small Tassel YSL Bag

A monogram small tassel YSL bag is perfect sized bag. They are not too small and not too big. It is a beautiful bag and comes with magnetic closure. It comes in python embossed leather. It is perfect for petite figure.

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7. YSL Cross Body Handbag:

YSL Cross Body Bag

YSL cross body bag is more like a sling bag. They are made of many colours and sizes but mostly are small. It has glittering, cracked body metallic finish and a gleaming iconic insignia, which enhances the lux look of petite cross body for your next soiree.

8. Baguette YSL Bag:

Baguette YSL Bag

A baguette YSL bag is a small hand held bag. It is made of leather and has one flap to close. It comes in all colours but it is known for its iconic royal blue calf leather. It is very famine and chic.

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9. Mini YSL Bag:

Mini YSL Bag

A mini YSL bag is a small bag, but spacious enough for you to fit all your essentials. It is made of leather and has many prints. My favourite is quilted ones. It is perfect to team with your short sexy dress with high heels.

Today’s shoppers have become very smart. They are investing in right luxury bags, especially with high resale value. There is no doubt YSL bags is one of the favourite amongst the buyers. There are surely luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. You can use it on any occasions and look fabulous.

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