Zari is a thread that is formed by using a base thread like pure silk and then winding pure gold or silver strip around it. The gold thread is electroplated and then further passed through a machine called a brightener which gives the shine and luster to the thread. This zari is then used for making all kinds of garments like real zari sarees, skirts, tops, ghagras, etc.

This art of zari work had been passed down from generations of weavers who have perfected this. They used pure gold and silver in the olden days. Now as these precious metals are far too expensive and not easily available, you also have metallic zari which is lightweight and also keeps its shine for a longer time.

Zari Sarees Importance:

The use of zari for saris has been done for several years. The latest zari work sarees have all the beauty of the gold thread and the shine. Most of the zari sarees are used for festive occasions and special days. You can have thin zari border sarees or heavy zari sarees according to the function. Brides would always have zari saris as part of their collection. So an Indian woman would have several zari sarees in her wardrobe.

Zari Saree Features:

The zari saree images that you see everywhere have these things in common:

  • A gold border along the saree which is either thin or thick in width. This adds to the price of the saree accordingly.
  • Zari work on the palla of the saree which completes the saree look.
  • Intricate zari work in between like motifs are always put for that traditional look.
  • Grid pattern zari work on the body of some sarees like Gharchola and bandhani.

Which Fabrics is Used in Zari Sarees:

The full zari saris are usually made of silk as the silk thread is the base on which the gold thread is wound. The other sarees can be cotton sarees, silk, net or georgette. These sarees look very stylish when zari is added to it. Chiffon is another cool and lightweight saree that you will find looks great with zari work done on it. The zari saree design is always changing according to the modern woman. You will find the border length to be smaller in the latest designs.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred:

A zari work saree design will have all the intricate handwork that makes it look elegant. This saree makes you look beautiful and stunning. So your body shape will not be much of an issue. As a saree is the most flattering of garments, when worn well, it makes you look slim and stylish. Your body shape should not be of concern when you choose a lovely zari saree. Chiffon, silk, and georgette are great for fuller women, while cotton and net are perfect for slimmer ones too.

Different Types of Zari Work Sarees for Women in Weddings:

Let we have to look at the best 15 Zari saris with pictures.

1. Zari Kota Saree:

This is a lovely handloom zari Kota saree from the state of Rajasthan. Kota is the place where this saree is created. The handloom work done on this saree is just brilliant.

Design and Fabric: the Kota saree from Rajasthan is lightweight and has a large floral design on it. The colors are bright on the white background. A thin zari border is put on the top of the saree. The bottom of the saree has a very broad zari border.

Occasions to Wear: This is a semi-formal kind of saree so you can wear it for almost any occasion. It can be worn for ceremonies and meetings too.

2. Silk Zari Sari:

This wonderful yellow tussar silk zari saree is breathtaking to look at. The combination of yellow, gold and red is perfect for a festive saree. You can choose the lovely contrast saree for any occasion.

Design and Fabric: The design of this saree has round zari patches all over the body. The border of the saree has thread work as well as a zari border. The fabric used here is tussar silk which is soft silk. Combined with the zari work, this saree is great for women.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear this for most festive occasions and wedding receptions.

3. Chiffon Saree with Zari Work:

This is a lovely chiffon saree with zari work in a perfect deep red color. This light saree is good for all women as it is easy to carry off. Have this saree as part of your collection for any occasion.

Design and Fabric: The chiffon saree has the zari work all over in the way of tiny booties. The zari border is thin, and so it makes the saree look semi-formal. The red of the saree is deep in color and this brings out the richness.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear this saree for any occasion, festival, meetings, etc.

4. Georgette Saree with Zari Work:

This latest georgette sari with zari work is a perfect bridal gift. The smooth and soft georgette with the fantastic zari work all over and the border makes a pure choice.

Design and Fabric: This saree is made from georgette material which is pink in color. The zari work in the form of booties is done all over the saree. The border has zari work too along with thread work. Both the pink and the brown combo work well.

Occasions to Wear: This is a good saree for brides. You can wear it for weddings, festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc.

5. Bridal Zari Work Saree:

Bridal wear is one of the most popular segments where zari work is done. The bridal zari work saris are heavy sarees with rich zari work all over. The colors of the sarees are bright and bold too.

Design and Fabric: This silk saree has a wonderful rich red color that is perfect for a bride. The zari work is done in a grid pattern with beautiful motifs in between. The zari on the border and the palla are also quite broad.

Occasions to Wear: This saree is to be worn mostly by brides. It can be part of her trousseau or can be worn on the wedding day itself for the rituals.

6. Pure Zari Kanchipuram Saree:

A pure zari Kanchipuram saree is always sought after by Indian women. This collection of sarees from the south of India is known for its beautiful and elegant sarees. It is always great to have one such pure silk saree from Kanchipuram in your wardrobe.

Design and Fabric: The Kanchipuram saree has a paisley design all over the saree. The palla has large paisleys and a zari border. The pure zari that is used in these pure silk sarees makes them quite rich and expensive.

Occasions to Wear: These sarees can be worn for occasions like festivals, receptions, ceremonies, etc.

7. Zari Pattu Saree:

Here is another creation from Kanchipuram in the form of a zari pattu saree. This saree is a very rich saree preferred for a bride. The colors and patterns are bright and bold.

Design and Fabric: This saree is made in pure silk and the rich fabric is used for special days. The design is filled with zari work and motifs in zari. The border of the saree is broad zari work too.

Occasions to Wear: This is a saree for a bride to be worn for the wedding day. She can also wear it for other special occasions in her life.

8. Cotton Zari Saree:

This is a casual wear cotton zari sari that is made to have a rich look with the addition of zari work. The black saree with the gold border and hint of red is just what that modern woman would love. Get your hands on this majestic piece now.

Design and Fabric: The design is plain and simple, but the end result is just spectacular. The plain black saree has a broad zari border that is complemented with a red block strip. The fabric used is pure cotton that is stiff and drapes well on the body.

Occasions to Wear: This saree can be used for any occasion like casual, formal or even semi-formal. This can be worn for ceremonies, functions, etc.

9. Heavy Zari Work Saree:

Here is a heavy zari work saree that is expensive and beautiful. The gold zari work done on this Kanjivaram saree is breathtaking, to say the least. The all gold color of this saree gives it a rich feel.

Design and Fabric: This silk saree has the floral design all over that is done with the zari threads. The color of the saree itself is gold. The thread work is done on the border and the body is intricate and large.

Occasions to Wear: This is perfect for a bride or even for very special occasions. If you are a family member of the bride, it’s a perfect garment for you.

10. Banarasi Zari Saree:

Here is a rich Banarasi zari sari with round zari patches called Booti work. The dark yellow and orange saree is a stunning and ravishing saree that is great for a bride too. Try this saree for that fab look.

Design and Fabric: The design of the saree has the booty work all over the saree. Zari thread work is also done on the saree and its border. This gives the saree a wonderful feel. The broad border is also something that makes the saree look rich.

Occasions to Wear: This is a saree to wear for very special occasions like weddings, ceremonies, etc.

11. Zari Embroidery Saree:

This is a saree that has the zari thread used in embroidery. The zari embroidery saree is a lovely saree that can be worn for most occasions. The intricate work of embroidery can be handwork or machine.

Design and Fabric: The fabric used for this saree is silk and the blue color is enticing. The intricate embroidery work is done all over the saree and more broad work is done around the borders. The blue and gold combination is really something to have in your collection.

Occasions to Wear: This saree can be worn for any occasion like festivals, meetings, ceremonies, etc.

12. Plain Zari Saree:

This gorgeous deep blue plain zari sari is what should be your ultimate choice. The deep hue of blue in this saree is perfectly complemented by the gold zari. It’s always a good choice to have some plain sarees too.

Design and Fabric: This lovely saree is made in handloom Kanjivaram silk. The design is plain and simple. The zari border is thinner at the top of the saree. The bottom border of the saree has a much broader zari border.

Occasions to Wear: This saree is plain so it can be used for numerous occasions. It can be formal or casual wear too.

13. Net Zari Saree:

Here is a stunning net zari saree in red and beige. The beige skirt part of the saree has intricate work done on it. The red palla is bright and strikingly beautiful.

Design and Fabric: The design of this saree is modern. The saree and the palla are of two different colors. The palla has intricate and delicate zari work motifs and border. Net as a fabric is perfect for easy maintenance too.

Occasions to Wear: This is a good saree for a bride as part of her collection. You can wear this for many festivals and other ceremonies.

14. Zari Checks Saree:

Here is a wonderful saree that shows how the zari can be used effectively to create something brilliant. The zari checks saree has zari work not only on the border but also all over the body. The bright orange saree look stunning with gold.

Design and Fabric: The fabric used here is georgette and the design has checks made of zari all over. The broad zari border also adds to the richness of the saree. You can choose different colors instead of orange too.

Occasions to Wear: This is a rich looking saree so you can wear it for festivals, ceremonies and wedding receptions.

15. Chanderi Zari Saree:

Chanderi silk is a lightweight fabric that has a see-through effect. This pure chanderi zari sari in pink looks stunning with the gold combination. You should have this saree in your collection.

Design and Fabric: The light fabric of the chanderi silk is just right for you. The design on this saree has stripes with zari border. The palla has gold booties woven in a good design.

Occasions to Wear: This is casual wear saree that can be worn for any occasion. You can choose to accentuate it with heavy jewellery and wear it for formal ceremonies too.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Zari Saris:

An Indian zari saree has the perfect complement in terms of the saree blouse. You can choose any style and cut for your blouse. The latest designs of saree blouses are always making its way in the fashion scene. Choose the ones that you are comfortable in. Short sleeves, long sleeve or sleeveless are all good choices. Having the zari border on the blouse makes for a good style choice. You can add it to the back of the saree or the sleeve endings.

How To Style Zari Sarees:

You can style a zari saree in many ways:

  • The perfect Indian way is to drape the palla over the left shoulder and leave it loose.
  • You can also pin up the palla for a more comfortable feel. This also showcases the zari border beautifully.
  • Drape the saree over the front, also known as the Gujarati style.
  • Try out other Indian state styles of draping the zari saree.
  • Each of these ways only makes the zari saree look even more elegant.

A zari saree has always been something that a young girl wants to wear as she grows. A mother will always buy a special zari saree for her daughter. A bride will have a zari saree as her trousseau collection. So a zari saree is very important for the Indian woman. The gold and silver metal that is wound around a silk thread with such great precision is just perfect. Generations have learned this art form and this is only getting better year after year. A zari saree will always be a part of us and the beauty and elegance of this will last forever.

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