The famous British and Pakistani singer, Zayn Malik, is not just known for his prominent singing and vocal skills, but also his eye on fashion. The young singer seems to follow the style trend quite religiously, and his fans often spot him flaunting different and unique hairstyles now and then. It looks like Zayn Malik hairstyle trend is most sought and followed after by his fans, and today we are here to let you explore and know about the latest ideas and styles of the celebrity.

From long hair to shaggy look, pink and rainbow hair to blonde, undercut to hot emo looks – Zayn has done it all. He is quite experimental and bold coming to his style ideas, giving all of us followers major fashion inspiration goals. Let’s get going with the most viral, and popular Zayn Malik haircut looks!

Top 15 Viral and Trendy Zayn Malik Hairstyles with Pictures:

Today, we shall give you a glimpse and idea of the best style and hair ideas he has given his followers. They are cool, trendy, and unique and can make anyone appear out of the crowd. Here are our top ten Zayn Malik haircut ideas, which went viral and are among the most sought!

1. Zayn Malik With Green Hairstyle:

If you are in an experimental mood, this is a perfect haircut to try out. Check out this green hair-coloured haircut that brings modern vibes and perspective to an existing classic men’s haircut. The lovely look is perfect for adding some definition and fashion quotient. What do you think? Guys and men in the younger age group can try it out.

2. Short Man Ponytail With Fade:

This is among the trending and our favourite best Zayn Malik hairstyles. The haircut comes with a mild fade on the sides with long hair at the back to make it a tiny pony. It erupts of dapper and dashing style statements giving masculine contemporary vibes. What do you think?

3. Zayn Malik Haircut With Thick Hair:

This is yet another option to check out, especially if you have thick wavy hair texture. The stunning haircut is a classic look that is yet timeless and does not go out of the fashion world. It is a perfect all-rounder look, suitable for everyday casual outings, parties, and special events.

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4. Messy Short Haircut:

If you love a youthful and easy, subtle sense of fashion, this short messy hairstyle from Zayn Malik is an excellent inspiration to follow. The hairstyle has a cult fan following for its youthful and edgy charming appearance and clean style quotient. Men with round and oval face shapes can try this best look easy.

5. Semi Blonde Hairstyle:

How about a simple casual hairstyle with a twist? This blonde hair colour amidst a regular haircut and hairstyle can genuinely spice up your entire appearance instantly. This picture above is suitable proof. Men and guys in younger age groups across face structure and hair texture can try this simple yet stunning and dapper look.

6. Zayn’s Messy Hair:

This is among the newest and latest Zayn Malik hairstyle we can see in his social media. Zayn is known for his popular hair looks, which keep changing every other week, and this one has got a lot of attention, given the bit of longer hair length and messy waves haircut. The hot manly beard is further adding to this stylish trend and is making us drool! Zayn looks super cute and, at the same time, hot for this looks!

  • Matching Outfit: Wear a casual t-shirt and pants to rock the style with ease.
  • Ideal Season: Winters and monsoons are the right time to get this style going.
  • Preferred Hair Type: Men with wavy hair textures can try this stylish hair idea.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round and sharp square face shape can try this lookout for better style.
  • Preferred occasion: Dinners with friends or date nights can be the best time one can wear this similar look.
  • Best Age Group: Those men and boys below 30 years can experiment with this popular Zayn Malik hairstyle 2019.

7. Zayn’s Blonde Hot Look:

Most men do not prefer blonde hair. But this is the most popular zayn malik signature style and among his favourite ones. The stylish appearance is not quite easy to carry and requires the right styling and attitude. This look of the celebrity can be with a crew or buzz cut as a base, or as one wishes to, with blonde highlights. One can notice the angular fringe falling on Zayn’s forehead, adding and enhancing the entire look!

  • Preferred Hair Type: Men and boys with any hair texture can try this style out.
  • Preferred Occasion: One can wear this look during night events or party times.
  • Matching Outfit: Casual and chic T-shirt with a funky look can be best suited in here.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round and oval face-shaped men can best possibly try this look.
  • Best Age Group: Those in younger age groups below 30 years can look good in this look.
  • Ideal Season: Any season and time of the year can look best and deem fit in this hair idea.

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8. Zayn’s Fade Hairstyle:

The fade cut is among the most common in young boys. However, it requires the right proportion of hair and waves to add to the look and hotness in anyone. Zayn Malik manages to pull off this faded haircut very well with this super stylish look and attitude. The messy hair near the crown area is quite mesmerising, and he looks dashing in this hairstyle.

  • Ideal Season: Summers is the right and comfortable time to try this hair look!
  • Preferred Hair Type: Wavy hair texture can be the best and apt fit for this haircut idea.
  • Preferred Occasion: Wear this haircut during parties or cocktail events in the evening.
  • Matching Outfit: Casual or party shirt with jeans can be the best outfit to suit this popular look.
  • Best Age Group: Men in any age group below 40 years can pull off this look with the right styling.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Those men of any age group can look good in this trending Zayn Malik 2018 hairstyle.

9. Unique Zayn Malik Style:

Here comes one such adorable picture of Zayn! In this picture of his old hairstyle, Zayn Malik is quite youthful and looks innocent so we cannot take our eyes off him! His style is combed in slicked back hair with a puffy look near the forehead. His thick hair texture is quite an advantage to this hairstyle, and one cannot deny that the look can make anyone appear glamorous and yet cute!

  • Preferred Hair Type: Any hair texture can be good to try this super cute look!
  • Matching Outfit: Casual T-shirt with a jacket or blazer can be best to try in this look.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round face shape men can look perfect in this hair idea than others.
  • Ideal Season: Winter and autumn seasons are the right timing in the year to experiment with this hair.
  • Best Age Group: Those young boys and men below 25 years can look more amazing in this haircut than others.
  • Preferred Occasion: Prefer to wear this haircut during college fests or similar events to impress everyone around!

10. Zayn Malik Cool Hairstyle Idea:

Most of us took a moment to recognise that this picture above is of our favourite Zayn Malik! Yes, you heard it right, this unusual and unique style of Zayn is quite trending and went viral back then when he flaunted it out. Styled with sunglasses and funky mismatch attire, Zayn’s messy wet hair look is handsome, and one cannot deny the level of hotness in the picture!

  • Preferred Hair Type: Short wavy hair texture can be the best fit for this look.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this haircut if you are in the early 20s of the age group only.
  • Preferred Occasion: One can prefer to wear this look for casual outings with friends.
  • Matching Outfit: Funky T-shirts with a jacket or blazers can be the best fit for this hair idea.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round and oval face shapes are best suited for trying this style in men.
  • Ideal Season: Winters and monsoons are the right time of the year to experiment with this favourite Zayn Malik short haircut.

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11. Hot Yet Stylish Look of Zayn:

Ever heard of Ivy League hairstyles? The lesser-known hair idea is sported by our favourite Zayn Malik some time back, and we totally cannot take our eyes off it! This style is best suited for those men who love easy to go and comfortable looks and yet manage to appear handsome. Side combing the hair, as shown in the picture above, can do the trick, and you surely are going to rock the style just like Zayn!

  • Preferred Hair Type: Any hair texture can fit this look very well.
  • Matching Outfit: Formals can be perfect in this style to stand out from the crowd.
  • Ideal Season: Summers and spring times can be the apt and right time of the year for this look.
  • Best Age Group: Those in their 30s and 40s can appear more stylish and unique in this idea than others.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Men with oval and elongated face shape can experiment with this look better.
  • Preferred Occasion: Appear in this look during official meetings or events to take away the attention!

12. Quizzing with Quiff:

Zayn no doubt owns any look he experiments with, and one such example is here. Those who have thick and fluffy hair can rock this look similarly, however, needs to have an eye and wish for such funky looks. Our favourite Zayn looks breathtaking in this quiff haircut with blonde highlights. His tattooed body is further adding to the hotness and looks!

  • Ideal Season: Winters is the right to the point of time in the year to look great in this look.
  • Best Age Group: All boys and men below 35 can appear to be best suited in this look than others.
  • Preferred Hair Type: Any hair texture can do the magic to have this ZaynMalik quiff hairstyle look.
  • Preferred Occasion: Crazy music or dance parties or nights is the best time to experiment with this look.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval and oblong faces can look best in here, while heart face shapes can also look good.
  • Matching Outfit: Funky T-shirts and jeans or trousers can do the job in this look, as the hair takes all attention in this style.

13. Youthful Malik:

Another among the neat looks Zayn has appeared in is this short hair with the tone of a buzz cut. While this haircut is unique, it is a mild blend of a caesar haircut with an angular front. As usual, Zayn has rocked this look and appears stunning and stylish. All men out here who want a similarly lightweight and easy to go yet bold look can try this Zayn Malik inspired short hairstyle for men.

  • Best Age Group: Wear this style for only men below 30 years old.
  • Ideal Season: Summers is the right time of the year to try this look and appear perfect!
  • Preferred Hair Type: Smooth and straight hair texture can best fit this look and hair idea.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Men with round and square face shape is the best fit for this look than others.
  • Matching Outfit: One can go about formal or casual wear, as per the occasion demands in this Zayn Malik inspired buzz cut.
  • Preferred Occasion: Wear this look to a party or official meeting, as required to appear stylish and also out with attention.

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14. Zayn Hot Looks:


Another best Zayn Malik long hairstyle ideas are this swept-back hair with a stray lock. The style while is quite popular among youth today; many do not manage to appear as handsome and hot as our celebrities. The dense hair with waves around is adding to the style. While he keeps the hair longer, this look appears quite graceful and elegant too!

  • Best Age Group: All young boys and men below 50, can look good despite their age!
  • Ideal Season: Winters and monsoons is the right to the point of time to try this haircut.
  • Preferred Hair Type: Wavy hair texture is the right fit for this style than any other!
  • Suitable Face Shape: Those with oval and heart face shape is the right fit for this look and style.
  • Preferred Occasion: Wear this look during official meetings or parties to look graceful and elegant.
  • Matching Outfit: Formals with a black blazer can pull off the look and make anyone appear super stylish.

15. Zayn’s Shaggy Haircuts:


While the Shaggy hairstyle is not very popular and known for quite a few years, Zayn Malik has brought back the look into the style with his appearance. This is among the popular retro styles and is inspired by the 60s and 70s look. While it is not easy to pull this look off, we love the twist and style with side bangs given by Zayn. It is quite flattering and appears super funky too!

  • Preferred Occasion: Wear this look tonight at party or dinner events.
  • Ideal Season: Winters is the right time of the year to flaunt this look with style.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Any face shape and facial features can look good in this cut.
  • Best Age Group: Men below 35 years can be the best fit in this look than anyone else.
  • Matching Outfit: Casual T-shirt and trousers can do the job in this look, as the hairstyle is bold.
  • Preferred Hair Type: Longer and dense hair with waves is the best fit for this Zyan Malik inspired haircut.

Additional Tips:

With our super trending and different Zayn Malik’s best hairstyles, here are a few other tips to get the right look and attitude on you,

  1. Always trim hair at the right intervals to appear stylish and give a proper hair look.
  2. Make sure hair is always conditioned and well moisturised
  3. Never let the hair go away with its natural oils as the texture can get dry and greasy over time
  4. Work on a hair spa at regular intervals as the hair requires good nourishment and care.
  5. Apply hair spray at the end of the hairstyle as required if you want the look to appear in place for longer periods.

Given the popularity of Zayn Malik hairstyles in the fashion market, hope this list of top trendy and viral looks gave you some style inspiration. Now try them out as per your choice and pull them well with the right styling tips and options. Tell us which one did you first look into and experiment with.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Does Zayn Have Thick or Thin Hair in Real?

Ans: Zayn Malik is among a few who are quite blessed to have very thick hair texture. This adds to his crazy stylish looks and natural grooming techniques.

Q2. Which is Malik’s Favorite Beard Look?

Ans:  Zayn Malik is popular mostly with his scruffy beard. However, one can see him even in complete shaved looks to fuller and thicker beard, as per the event and style technique.

Q3. What is Zayn’s Real Hair Texture?

Ans:  Most of the time, we spot Zayn in different hair looks and styles. We see him in short length to medium length of hair with a neat look to bad boy fashion as well. Most of the time, we see the wavy texture in his hair looks.


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