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Top 15 Zayn Malik Tattoos And Meanings That You Should Know!

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Lot of people love tattoo design but the madness and love for tattoos can be seen on actor cum singer all over body Named Zayn Mallik. He is person who is famous and well known for many things but his passion for inking can be seen as he has tattooed near about 51 different peculiar images all over body which makes him look different from other artist also. Zayn malik tattoos are not restricted to one way; he keeps on styling new, innovative design which surely brings him more fame and limelight. Some tattoos depict his perception about his life while other displays his adorns and love for someone.

15 Best Zayn Malik’s Tattoos Ideas And Meaning 2018:

Let’s us all have a look at top 15 tattoo design of Zayn Mallik.

1. Amazing Zayn Malik Tattoos Design:

Amazing Zayn Malik Tattoos Design

A person loves tattoo and its zeal to depict it can be seen on his body which is almost inked with beautiful images. Here he has styled series of designs covering his chest and shoulder in such a way that where he is bare body the other person can fall on him and would not stop praising his designs.

2. Glowing Zayn Malik Tattoos Design:

Glowing Zayn Malik Tattoos Design

Zayn is a true tattoo lover and he has tattoo design all over his body. Over here he has designed a lightsaber with UV ink which will glow in black light in between the fingers adding more startling look to his persona.

3. Unique Zayn Malik Tattoos Design:

Unique Zayn Malik Tattoos Design

This in an cute and elegant yin–yang tattoo design depicted on the wrist of Zayn’s , the tattoo design though looks very simple but has great symbolism. The dark shadow, yin is the shadow part and the lighted part reflects the passion and growth about his work.

4. Checkered Flag Zayn Malik Tattoos Design:

Checkered Flag Zayn Malik Tattoos Design

Here the tomboy has designed a chequered black and white flag on his hands wherein he might want to depict his love for car racing. Though he has busy schedule but this tattoo depicts his inclination towards car racing also.

5. Daring Zayn Malik Face Tattoo Designs:

Daring Zayn Malik Face Tattoo Designs

This is a zayn malik new tattoo design inked on his face above to his ears giving him a splendid and ignited look to his style. The most sensual singer has not any place in body where a image in not outlined.

6. Flying Tattoos Of Zayn Malik:

Flying Tattoos Of Zayn Malik

Here the sensational pop star has depicted a small flying bird on his hands, a cool way to convey about his attitude that he also love to fly like a free bird and doesn’t like boundaries or any limitations which are marked on him as because he is a celebrity.

7. Sparkling Zayn Malik Tattoos Design:

Sparkling Zayn Malik Tattoos Design

Here it can be noticed that Zayn might be well versed in other language also and depicting his affinity towards his culture and religion. That’s the reason he has designed a two tattoos on his chest in Arabic font where one displays his beloved Grandfather name and the other is a famous quote displaying his difficult schooling as he has mixed background of Anglican Christian and Muslim.

8. Bold Zayn Tattoo Designs:

Bold Zayn Tattoo Designs

Here this charming personality has sketched a big gun on his hip area in black ink lending a distinct look to the appearance. The tattooed is styled in a fabulous way as he in reality he has placed a gun out there.

9. Magnificent Zayn Tattoo Designs:

Magnificent Zayn Tattoo Designs

Through this tattoo design Zayn malik want to display his love for comical books and he love reading these books. The array of colours combinations make the design looks more extravagant.

10. Sparkling Flower Zayn Tattoo Designs:

 Sparkling Flower Zayn Tattoo Designs

This is masterpiece tattoo design style on his wrist lending a startling and appealing look at the first glance. Here an innovative and decorative flower is sketched and the small dots lend a marvellous look to the entire concept.

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11. Crossed Fingers Zayn Malik Tattoo Hand Designs:

Crossed Fingers Zayn Malik Tattoo Hand Designs

This is Zayn’s creative way of depicting a tattoo design on the hand. Here in the image a small hand is styles with his first two fingers crossed as if he is wishing for luck to his loved one. Outline the way and the positioning of the tattoo makes the tattoo look and feel terrific.

12. Zayn’s Hieroglyphics Tattoo Designs:

Zayn’s Foot Tattoo Designs

This is amazing and peculiar tattoo design on the ankle of hip-hop star where in a small screw in black has been outlined. It is being said that Zayn styled his design along ti match with his former One Direction members.

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13. Marvellous Zayn Malik Hand Tattoo Designs:

Marvellous Zayn Malik Hand Tattoo Designs

This is an eye popping tattoo designs styled on the right hand of Zayn and the way it is depicted it lends a reality and lively appeal. Here the red lips of a woman is inked with the smoke fluttering out lends a heavenly appeal at a glance.

14. Sizzling Zayn Tattoo Designs:

Sizzling Zayn Tattoo Designs

This is a sparkling tattoo design on the leg of the star a wolf along with feather, an eye popping combination of both. The shaded wolf and feathers have been designed brilliantly and might be Zayn want to convey the world that he is an intelligent as well loyal towards his work.

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15. Zayn’s Skull Tattoo Designs:

Zayn’s Skull Tattoo Designs

This is a tattoo design which adds more splendid look to his persona. The star has styled smoking skull design on his shoulders and even on arms to lay emphasis that he believes in destiny and should live your life in happy way, as you are unaware what’s going to happen in next moment.

Zayn’s love and admiration for inking is significant as he keeps of tattooing designs to make him appear more hot and appealing. His invention keeps his fans more charged up and they wait for his new looks along with new songs or albums. Zayn can be termed as lover of tattoos who keeps on inking new images on his body part.

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