The modern-day fashion trends are revolving around rugged, smart, and contemporary looks with low-maintenance and minimalism. Well, it isn’t difficult to find such a haircut where you find all these features you are looking out for! The answer is – all-new zero haircuts. Also popularly seen as synonyms for a buzz cut, razor or blade haircut, these zero haircut, and hairstyle trends are all about handsome and unique looks.

Today, we are going to show you variants and popular trends in these zero cut hair trends. From celebrities to fashion town models and common man, the zero looks have received heights in its popularity in the past few years.

15 Best and Popular Zero Size Haircut Trends of 2022:

When we talk about the men’s zero haircut looks, there come several styles within the same. To start with, the most popular ones include fade looks (full fade, skin fade, bald fade, light fade), buzz cut, blade haircuts, razor variants, side zero hairstyles and more! To give you a glimpse, here are our top favourite picks of zero hair cutting style this season!

1. Zayn Malik’s Blonde Zero Haircut:

Our favorite sensational celebrity, Zayn Malik, is popular for his fashion sense. His unique zero buzz cut variant with the blonde platinum hair variation is a heartthrob for the new-gen youth. With the lovely appearance and handsome, smart looks seamlessly, we love how he is flaunting the style statement so effortlessly. For all men and guys in the younger age group and new-gen, this is a must-try look if you are a fashion enthusiast. Be it for parties or events; this zero size hair cut style is going to remain the talk of the day!

2. Nick Jonas’s Met-Gala Haircut:

Our favorite singer, Nick Jonas, has also tried out simple yet latest zero cut variant. With sub-zero haircut and lighter fade on the sides, this look is dapper and no less than a sensational celebrity trend. Try this similar style with designer wear or formals, as seen in the picture, and we bet the entire appearance is going to be marked as a trend. For men with oval and elongated face shapes, this can be the apt match.

3. Zero Haircut with a Fade:

Another variant of zero cut hair with a fade is here. We love the way the haircut here transitions to fade seamlessly. With skin fade variant on sides and beneath with zero haircuts on the top, this men’s look is simple and very minimalistic. It is easy to maintain and is going to remain your best friend for seasons to come, especially during summers and hot, humid months. Further, this zero fade cut is super versatile, can be ideal for both formal and informal party occasions.

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4. David Beckham in Zero Cut:

Our favorite celebrity sportsmen and icon, David Beckham, was also spotted trying the zero cut hair variant. With lighter fade on the sides and zero cut, paired with a rugged beard mustache combo, we love how handsome the entire look has turned out to be. Pair the same with formals or blazers, and the makeover will look dashing effortlessly. This zero degrees low fade haircut can look youthful for men above 40 years of age group!

5. Zero Cut with Stripes:

This hairstyle is all modern in the fashion world. With burr zero hairstyle on the top and small fade on the sides. With the stripe on one side, the entire makeover turns to look classic and edgy with masculine looks. For those men who prefer informal and casual looks, with the party and vibrant vibes around, this high zero fade haircut be a fantastic fit for everyday life!

6. Long Induction Zero Cut:

If you prefer a bit thicker hair, with less than an inch all over, you can try this unique style zero cut. Yet with short hair, this look is ideal for men who have scars or uneven shapes around, which can help hide those flaws. Yet, with the same features, this haircut is comfortable to wear for longer day hours and is versatile for both casual and professional or formal occasions. Seen here is Bollywood celebrity, Shahid Kapoor, sporting a variant of burr-zero trim haircut, and we love the way how it turns out overall!

7. High Buzz Cut Fade Zero Cut Hairstyle:

This is a smart style preferred by the modern-day men that has fade pattern zero haircuts. Men who need high buzz with zero guard clipper length can opt for this style of haircut. They are mostly preferred by men with a long shaped face.

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8. Induction Short Buzz Zero Cut Hairstyle:

This zero hairstyle can be also named as the induction haircut with short buzz. These types of hair cots were preferably given to the fresh recruits in the armed forces from the historical past. It is one of the shortest types of buzz or zero haircuts that can be achieved by without taking the razor on to the scalp.

9. Cool Buzz and Line-up Hairstyle:

This type of number zero haircut is the coolest buzz cut that is popular among the youngsters. It is suitable for the hot seasons which would definitely give you the best stunning look. It has the coolest hairstyle with a line-up pattern.

10. Crew Cut Long Top Hairstyle:

The all-new crew cut is of the long top leading up to the shorter sides. This striking zero haircut is often taken by the competitive rowers who feel that there should not be a burden or kind of an obstacle during their races.

11. Edge up Buzz Fade Hairstyle:

This is exactly a classic type haircut for men that have the shortest length. They comprise buzz pattern and uniquely edge up to show off their shortest sides. It is the zero fade haircut that have the special features provided from the electric clippers to achieve the finest edges.

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12. Flat Top Short Sides Hairstyle:

This zero haircut is similar to crew cut or buzz cut that features shorter sides and leads up to look longer top. To achieve the flat top or the spikes, this style is created using hair gels. It can also be typically named as a long buzz cut pattern with stark contrasts.

13. Buzzed Top High Skin Fade Hairstyle:

Here is the Zero fade hairstyle that is usually for high toned or skinned facial shape. This buzzed top cut or the zero cut has the feature of usually sharper edges. They are solely dedicated to the men in military forces.

14. Burr Cut 1 or 2 Clipper Length Hairstyle:

This is a zero haircut that is more or less similar to induction type cuts. They are less distinguished from them but they are accomplished using 1 or 2 clipper guard length.

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15. Classic Taper Long Buzz Hairstyle:

Take a look over this classic type zero taper haircuts that is usually for a casual look. It literally requires less maintenance that also can be an occasional sequence with the clipper of lower readings.

These zero cut hairstyle photos are magically the unique style that is exceptionally meant for men. They do not cost much but need to be professionally designed by experts. They also carry low maintenance costs with less effort. And along with it, they are trendy and stylish first which most of the men prefer to have one.

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