Zinc is one of the most important minerals essential to the human body. This trace mineral plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system of the body and is also responsible for carbohydrate breakdown. Zinc supports cell division, and cell growth and aids in the healing of wounds. Zinc is the element that is needed to help you taste and smell things. It is also one of the important elements that increase the utilization of insulin in the body. It is very important for pregnant women to consume the required amounts of zinc to ensure that the baby is not prone to any birth defects and infections. This article will help you know about the best zinc-rich foods available in India.

Why Is Zinc Important?

Zinc is one of the most essential elements required for the food functioning of the human body. It is key to support your immune system and help the body to stay away from infections. Zinc is also important for wound healing and stimulates cell growth. Children who have good zinc levels can be less prone to diarrhoea and the common cold. Zinc is also important for the good functioning of your senses like taste and smell.

Health Benefits of Foods High in Zinc:

Following are some of the best benefits of zinc rich foods:

  • Zinc can regulate the immune system and prevents infections.
  • Children under 5 years are given Zinc syrups to bring Diarrhea under control.
  • Zinc plays an important role in memory and learning.
  • It can keep the common cold at bay.
  • Zinc can repair skin cells and aid in faster wound healing.
  • Zinc can prevent inflammatory diseases related to age.
  • Studies show that zinc can increase the quality of sperm, thereby increasing the chances of fertility.

What is the Recommended Daily Zinc Intake?

The recommended daily dosage of Zinc is 8 mg for women and 11 mg for adult men. If you consume more than 25 gm of zinc per day, it could lead to copper deficiency and anaemia. Children’s dosage of Zinc should not exceed 8 mg per day.

Top Zinc Rich Foods Available in India:

This article provides a list of 18 amazing Indian foods rich in zinc that you should include in your diet for healthy living.

1. Dairy Products:

Vegetarians must comprise an adequate quantity of dairy products in their diet to derive an ample quantity of this mineral. Yoghurt is the finest source of zinc; moreover both 250 ml of yoghurt moreover ½ cup of ricotta cheese hold 15% of the necessary zinc quantity. Milk and cream involve traces of zinc.

Serving Size Of Yoghurt In Gms: 245 gms

Zinc in mg: 1.4 mg

DV% – 10%

How To Include In Your Diet:

Take 1 Cup of Yogurt every day as a snack and add fruits for more taste and fibre.

2. Mushroom:

Mushroom is one of the most powerful foods rich in zinc along with other minerals. Along with vegetables, mushroom moreover deserves a particular state as of its high unhappy of zinc. A cup portion of cooked white mushrooms offers 1.4 mg otherwise 9% DV of zinc. This is parallel to spinach. Uncertainly you don’t like spinach; you can return it with mushroom to obtain the same quantity of zinc.

Serving Size in Gms: 85 gms

Zinc in mg: 3 mg

DV% – 20%

How To Include In Your Diet:

You can consume mushrooms in the form of soups, stir-fries and even salads.

3. Spinach:

Spinach is a wonderful food rich in zinc that is wealthy in each nutrient and also protein is no exemption. This provides you with an extra reason to slot in this leafy veggie in your diet! The serving of the 100 grams spinach gives 0.8 mg of zinc.

Serving Size in Gms: 100 gms

Zinc in mg: 0.8 mg

DV% – 12 %

How To Include In Your Diet:

Spinach can be eaten in salads. It can be cooked with lentils and also can be consumed in the form of soups.

4. Cereals:

No other foods rich in zinc cannot beat this cereal in health benefits and taste also. Prepared, set to consume cereals are a brilliant basis of zinc. Pick for bran, whole grain, and multi-grain cereals for a high dose of zinc. However, cereals besides contain phytate, a composite that binds by the zinc in cereals also slow down absorption. Consequently, do not add up on cereals for your simply source of everyday zinc.

Serving Size in Gms: 85 gms

Zinc in mg: 5.8 mg

DV% – 39

How To Include In Your Diet:

Take whole grain cereals with hot milk for extra calcium and zinc

5. Wheat Germ:


The Wheat germ is moreover a brilliant source of zinc by a 100-gram serving offering 17 mg of zinc, equal to concerning 111% of the optional daily payment of this mineral. You can build it a component of your diet by sprinkling some toasted wheat germ on your salad. The 100 grams of serving offers 17 mg of zinc. From long time Indian doctors suggests this whole-grain consume as food rich in Zinc.

Serving Size in Gms: 100gms

Zinc in mg: 17 mg

DV% – 111

How To Include In Your Diet:

Toast some wheat germ seeds in your salads for crunchiness and healthy food options.

6. Brown Rice:

Brown rice is one of the perfect foods rich in zinc with an awesome taste. It involves extra potassium; selenium and magnesium have a lesser glycemic index achieve. This will make a big face for some meat dish. You can furthermore boil brown rice by vegetables wealthy in vitamin C and antioxidants, to improve the nutrient level in the body. A simple 100 grams of brown rice portion will offer you 3 mg of zinc.

Serving Size in Gms: 195 gms

Zinc in mg: 1.2 mg

DV% – 8

How To Include In Your Diet:

Brown rice can be cooked and eaten with curries, and stews.

7. Meat:

This involves the utmost concentration of zinc comprises beef, pork, lamb, chicken plus turkey. A 100-gram portion of ripe lean beef contains 12.3 mg otherwise 82 % DV of zinc. Likewise, 100 grams of cooked lean pork offer 5 mg or else 33 % DV of zinc. Chicken is too a good basis with one cooked drumstick if 15 % DV of this mineral. Meats do hold high levels of cholesterol plus fat make it essential to work out portion control while overwhelming it. No doubt this is one of the utmost preferable zinc-rich foods.

Serving Size in Gms: 28gms

Zinc in mg: 1.3 mg

DV% – 8

How To Include In Your Diet: You can make meat stews for healthy and tasty options.

8. Chocolate:

Chocolate one another great zinc-rich food. Choose for dark chocolates, as an alternative of milk chocolates, while it contains high antioxidants plus a moderately low quantity of sugar. 100 grams of chocolate will give you by means of 10 milligrams, concerning, 90% of your everyday zinc condition.

Serving Size in Gms: 100 gms

Zinc in mg: 10 mg

DV% – 39

How To Include In Your Diet: One dark chocolate bar is recommended per day. Choose the one with a high cocoa percentage.

9. Fruits:

Fresh pomegranate provides 1 mg of zinc. The Avocados are moreover great in zinc offering 1.3 mg in 1 medium fruit. Berries are superior source of zinc also. A cup of blackberries holds regarding 0.8 mg whereas raspberries plus loganberries each one encloses 0.5 mg of zinc. A cup portion of dates put forward 0.4 mg of zinc. Most of the fruits are zinc-rich foods with healthy nutrients.

Serving Size in Gms For Avocados: 201 gm

Zinc in mg: 1 mg

DV% – 12

How To Include In Your Diet: It is recommended to eat a bowl of fresh fruits every day.

10. Kidney Beans:

When you aren’t really keen on meat, kidney beans are great sources of zinc in food. Most vegetarians swear by the benefits of vegetables. The beans help keep the glucose level in your blood maintained well. Apart from that, they also keep you energetic more than usual. It can also be a good dish for your lunch side vegetable. Each serving of a bowl of kidney beans contains about 2.79 mg of zinc, which makes up for 127 calories on a whole. While the benefits are many, do keep in mind that kidney beans might lead to constipation issues and should be hence consumed within the check.

Serving Size in Gms: 184 gm

Zinc in mg: 5.1 mg

DV% – 34

How To Include In Your Diet:

Kidney beans can be made into salads, curries and even into stews.

11. Flax Seeds:

Flaxseed is the best and ideal zinc-rich food. Among the many food sources of zinc, most tend to skip flax seeds owing to their higher content of omega-3 fatty acids; however, they are no less on the grounds of the nutrient zinc either. Since you have quite a lot of seeds at one go, the total can be a good deal of 5 mg zinc per 100 grams. Flax seeds add great flavour to food and can be added to anything to make it taste perfect. From soups to smoothies, the chefs have time and again relied on the seed for a nutritious meal.

Serving Size in Gms: 168 gm

Zinc in mg: 7.3  mg

DV% – 43

How To Include In Your Diet:

You can chew some flax seeds and drink a glass of water. Sprinkling a few flax seeds on your salads can enhance the texture.

12. Oysters:

Although the sizes of oysters vary and the amount of nutrients differs accordingly, it is still one of the richest food sources of zinc. Each 100 gram serving of oysters contains anywhere between 16 to 182 milligrams of zinc. Oysters can let you gain about 199 calories and hence cannot be a daily intake of food. Instead, having it once a week can make things easier for you. If you love seafood, there is nothing that you will enjoy more than a handful of oysters and crams. When you plan on relying on diet supplements, oysters can prove to be a boon with its tasteful treat to your stomach.

Serving Size in Gms: 50 gm

Zinc in mg: 8.3  mg

DV% – 55

How To Include In Your Diet:

Oysters can be eaten raw or lightly boiled with some herbs.

13. Garlic:

Aside from the long list of benefits to your body, garlic is also one of the best sources of zinc-rich foods. Of course, the spice alone might not be enough to make up for your daily requirements, but it can make things easier for you. Garlic is known for its properties that help get rid of cholesterol, thus reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases for you. To talk more precisely about the zinc content, garlic has about 1.16 mg zinc per 50 grams.

Serving Size in Gms: 136 gm

Zinc in mg: 1.6 mg

DV% – 11

How To Include In Your Diet:

Sautee garlic in olive oil and use this to season your salads. You can also consume garlic in the form of powder.

14. Peanuts:

You can put Peanuts in the list of foods rich in zinc. Peanut is not just another sandwich taste enhancer but has benefits of its own. To begin with, they can endow with a generous share of the nutrient and help your cause. Peanut butter can itself be beneficial as well owing to its content of Omega 3 fatty acids. Being organic, peanut butter can have other nutrients as well, no matter how little the content. Every serving of 100 grams has about 218 calories and 3.27 mg zinc. You can make smoothies out of ground peanuts as well, and add chocolate and milk to your drink to make it tastier, but do keep the calories you are gaining in mind.

Serving Size in Gms: 146 gm

Zinc in mg: 4.8 mg

DV% – 32

How To Include In Your Diet:

Peanuts can be eaten raw, roasted or boiled. They can also be made into peanut butter.

15. Lobster:

While lobsters cannot suffice as your daily zinc supplement, it can still load you up with 7 mg zinc per 100 grams. It can also help your cause of making a pleasing meal. Bottom line, you will love what you taste whilst making the most of it with this seafood on your plate.

Serving Size in Gms: 85 gm

Zinc in mg: 6.5 mg

DV% – 43

How To Include In Your Diet:

Lobster meat is one of the most delicious seafood and can is usually cooked in garlic and butter.

16. Crab:

Crab is one of the seafood that contains high amounts of Zinc. It is a delicious shellfish that contains about 76 mg of zinc in 1 cup serving. This high amounts of zinc can sometimes be dangerous and hence it is recommended to eat in limited portions to avoid Zinc overdosage.

Serving Size in Gms: 85 gm

Zinc in mg: 3.1 mg

DV% – 20

How To Include In Your Diet:

Gently cook crab meat in hot water till it turns red. Use the meat in salads and curries.

17. Chicken:

Chicken is a rich source of zinc. A single chicken leg can supply about 18% of Zinc required by a person per day. It is also a lean meat and a healthier alternative to eating red meats. Chicken is also an important source of protein, Vitamin B6 and Niacin.

Serving Size in Gms: 41 gm

Zinc in mg: 0.8 mg

DV% – 5

How To Include In Your Diet:

You can use chicken in the form of roasts, salads, soups and curries.

18. Sesame Seeds:

Sesame seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition. These rich sources of zinc contain about 10 mg of zinc per 100 gm of serving. Sesame seeds are also good food sources of calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorous and other vital nutrients. In short, Sesame seeds are superfoods.

Serving Size in Gms: 100 gm

Zinc in mg: 10 mg

DV% – 52

How To Include In Your Diet:

Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on salads and curries.

Signs Of Zinc Deficiency:

If you are low on Zinc levels, you might notice these symptoms:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Skin ailments like Eczema, Acne
  • Burning Mouth Syndrome
  • Lack of smell and taste
  • Lowered immune system
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Impaired Cognitive functions
  • Delayed growth

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Certain people might also experience a lack of proper zinc absorption. In such cases, they might not be able to utilize the zinc available in natural food sources. One can take additional supplements upon the doctor’s advise to increase zinc levels. It is also recommended that one consumes unfortified foods for better zinc intake. Including these foods in your everyday diet can prevent deficiencies and the problems associated with them. Pregnant women and lactating mothers must ensure they consume the required amounts of zinc to ensure the well being of their babies. We hope you understand the importance of this vital element!


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