Many people like horrors and scary tattoos design. Thus zombie tattoos stand perfect for them. Zombie is said to be dead creatures, and they have only one wish to infect other living people by biting them. The zombie tattoo is also popular among people inspired by Gothic artwork, literature, and horror. People designed zombie tattoos for many decades, but the movies about zombies and the special effect and adventures made zombie tattoos more popular among tattoo lovers.

Zombie Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

Let’s glance at the top 9 types of Zombie tattoo designs for you.

1. Green Zombie Tattoo Design:

This zombie face tattoo has been depicted in green to make it appear more scary and frightening at first glance. The hollow eyes of the tattoo zombie depict it as if he is angry, and the broken teeth add a more complex look to the image and can easily scare other people at sight.

2. Zombie Bunny Tattoo Design:

Though zombie tattoos are horrifying when appropriately depicted, they appear sensational with signs of fear. Here, a zombie lover portrayed an elaborate design covering the ribs; the elements and colours lend a frightening appearance.

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3. Pretty Zombie Tattoo Design:

The light shades of green and blood dripping from eyes, lips, and some nails add a more fearsome look to this zombie girl tattoo image. A small woodpecker flying and kissing her with beaks adds a more spectacular look to the entire concept.

4. Marvellous Zombie Kid Tattoo Design:

This could be the terrifying tattoo design wherein a tiny boy has been designed on the person’s sleeves portraying the look of a scary zombie. The patches on the head and blood pouring out from the mouth give a realistic look to the image.

5. Thrilling Zombie Tattoo Design:

This zombie tattoo flash design has been termed dead people and reanimated into other scary and spine-chilling looks. Here in this design, the zombie’s skull is sketched wherein instead of the nose, and one eye, a hollow structure and the other eye is depicted in white and sharp ferocious teeth adding a more creepy look to the image.

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6. Appealing Zombie Tattoo Design:

Here in this image, the scary zombie is portrayed in a cute, hilarious way lending a cool and hilarious look to the viewer. The big bulged eyes, the broken teeth and the blood pouring out the mouth, and nearby ads look like this cute little zombie.

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7. Fantastic Zombie Hand Tattoo Design:

The wearer has designed daunting zombie hands on its shoulders, lending a realistic and lively look at a glance. It seems as if the zombie is pushing hard its nails on the person’s chest, and blood is gushing out.

8. Zombie Couples Tattoo Design:

This type of zombie tattoo, man and woman are perfect for attention seekers, and this type of tattoo can also enhance the look of their persona. The zombie is depicted on the feet of the tattoo lover, and the vivid colours make it more frightening.

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9. Spectacular Zombie Tattoo Sleeve:

The different elements, like bats, lighthouse and the graveyard, make this zombie tattoo more sparkling and horrifying from every corner. The hollow white eyes of the zombie, the spooky trees and the array of colours lend a superb look to the sleeves of the wearer.


The zombie tattoos can be styled in many styles and patterns; if they are clubbed with different miniatures like vampires, ghosts, and blood dripping from their mouths, it looks more daunting. The zombie tattoo can be depicted on any body part by both men and women according to your choice and wish.

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