Nail polish is an accessory that is sported by females irrespective of their age as it enhances the personality. Though there are several brands that boast top quality nail polishes and other beauty products, Zoya nail polishes emerges out to be the best amongst them. It is named after a Russian pianist, Zoya Reyzis, who along with her husband Micheal Reyzis confounded Art of Beauty that was initially a nail salon and it grew into an elaborate company housing several cosmetic brands.

Amongst these brands Zoya stood out as an excellent brand dealing in beauty accessories like nail polishes. This is one of the first brands to come out with innovative products like the fast drying top coat nail polish. It also created the most natural and toxin free nail polish thus bringing a revolution in the nail polish industry.

Popular Zoya Nail Polish Colors for Ladies:

Let us take a peek into the top 9 nail polishes that Zoya has to offer.

1. Zoya Nail Polish in Purity:

This nail polish is available in cream finish. It is one of the top quality product that is available in stark white colour with brightness and justifies it name as the white shade is absolutely pure and of a very clean and cool tone.

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2. Zoya Anchor Base Coat:

Zoya Anchor base coat is an excellent coat that is known to have a strong grip on the nail that keeps the nail polish in its place and makes it long wearing. It is not only flexible but also enhances the durability of the nail polish. It also prevents chipping and also helps in strengthening the nails.

3. Zoya Armor Top Coat:

Image Source: Zoya

Like the base coat even the top coat is highly effective in protecting the natural nails and prevents it from chipping as well. One can use the nails all day long without having to worry about the colour getting ruined. It makes the nails wear and tear proof and also retains the shine of the nail.

4. Zoya renew Nail Polish Rejuvenator:

Image Source: Zoya

As the names suggests this zoya product is known to be a nail polish restorative. It adds life to old nail polish so if you have to rush to a party and do not have time to apply fresh nail polish then this rejuvenator can come to the rescue and turn an old application into a brand new polish.

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5. Zoya Nail Polish in Claudine:

Image Source: Zoya

Zoya Nail Polish in Claudine belongs to the family of black and grey colours and is has a metallic finish. It is chic colour and gives an exceptionally smart look to the person wearing it.

6. Zoya Nail Polish in Maria-Luisa:

This coloured nail polish has a golden cellophane accent and can be easily layered as one desires. It belongs to the family of gold with a special effect finish. It is a favourite of young party goers.

7. Zoya Nail Polish Livingston:

Image Source: Zoya

This zoya nail polish is an autumn red coloured nail polish. It has the potential to give an hautelook as it has a cream finish and has a cool tone.

8. Zoya Nail Polish in Giovanna:

Image Source: Zoya

An awesome coloured nail polish with a metallic finish, this nail polish is the trendiest colour and is very much in vogue. The emerald green is stunning and enhances the persona.

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9. Zoya Nail Polish in Piaf:

Image Source: Zoya

This nail polish also belongs to the family of metallic colours. It is fresh colour with lots of brightness and cheerfulness. It is easily wearable as the colour is in a shimmer finish which is quite subtle.

Zoya nail polish claims to be a toxin free. It can be worn for an exceptionally long period. These treatment formulas are devoid of chemicals like formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate or simply formaldehyde. So if you are really looking forward to wear attractive shades without harming the nails you can safely choose from the options mentioned above.


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