What is Zumba?

It is a fun and enjoyable workout regime that involves Latin American dances such as salsa, meringue, tango etc. and even Indian dances such as bollywood style and bhangra that are mainly focused on cardio intensive workouts. They aim to burn calories by sweating it out to catchy rhythms and beat.

Ideally it starts with a small warm up to flex out the muscles of our body and then it proceeds to the dancing portion where the real work is done.

It is a routine for everyone who can and cannot dance. This means you can’t have the excuse of two left feet for avoiding this work out.

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Different Types of Zumba:

It is a workout that has been a major hit since a Columbian dancer invented it in the early nineties. It has stood its test of time as a very effective and energetic workout with the addition of learning new dance moves. It has since been developed into modules which are suitable to different kinds of demographics with different needs. Usually they are of thefollowing types:

Basic:  The basic level that helps to increase our heart rates and lose pounds.
Gold:  A slower paced workout that is suited for those who are of a higher end of the age bracket and want to workout.
Toning: This one aims at sculpting the body specializing on the arms and the legs.
Aqua:  it is a variation of aqua aerobics.
Atomic: This one is for the children and have child friendly moves
Circui :this is the super fast level that works on random and very fast moves for a core period of 30 minutes to burn the maximum calories.

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What to Expect From a Zumba Workout?

  An interactive class with the best moves and the killer Latin moves you always wanted to try. This is a fun alternative to working out and will especially appeal to them who don’t like gymming.

  The certified instructors will ensure you have a full body workout depending on which category you have signed up for. Yes they have various categories for a diverse demography to ensure proper moves fit the proper body type.

  Not all classes are equally intense; some might be leaving you panting while others will leave you yawning. It is not the fault of the program as it looks to cater a bigger audience.

  If the Zumba class is not working up your heart rate then chances are it won’t do you any good. It is best to switch to another fitness style.

Zumba can burn from 300 to 600 calories in a session of 90 minutes and not more. So don’t have unrealistic weight loss expectations if you hear someone boasting of a 1000 calorie burn.

  It has a whole lot of benefits to offer our bodies apart from weight loss in the form of

  • Preserving bone density
  • Reducing occurrence of injuries
  • Improved joint dexterity and posture

But it only lacks strength training and just manages to tone your body so one will have to look for an alternative to fill that gap.

Music is the essential motivator in Zumba. It keeps us straight on the track and induces to body to exert more into the cardio intense regime because it starts enjoying the music and the beats. The fun element is what makes this high cardio regime such a big hit.

It is an interval based circuit training that aims to tone and mobilize every muscle group in the body.

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If this got you excited then find out the nearest Zumba centre and dance your way to a leaner and fitter you.