While we have been raving about hair products and facial cures, we have completely forgotten about the long lost need to take our body into account. While there are multiple cures for face whitening and hair smoothening, often people are unaware of the body products that can help you achieve your final goals. The topic for today is body toning and the different toners available, exclusively for your body.

Before we move on, let’s know a little about toners. Toners are often regarded as beautifying products that would help you tone up your body flab, firming your muscles at the same time so that you can sport a beautiful body without having to worry about excess fat. Apart from toning, a simple toner would also partake in beautifying your body. Let’s take a look in at all the body toners and their benefits.

1. The Body Shop- Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner:


Made out of a fusion of natural organics and chemical complexes, the tea tree skin clearing body toner from The Body Shop uses tea tree oil as an antioxidant and body clearer, stripping your skin from residual dirt gathered throughout the day, leaving a refreshed feeling while it tones and firms up your muscles. Accompanied by Lemon tea tree, corn starch and tamanu oil, this is a perfect mix for a healthy skin.

2. Dermadoctor Brazilian Bombshell:

A perfect rescue for the beach day, the Brazilian Bombshell from Dermadoctor usually focuses in providing a complete sun care routine for your body packed with SPF30. Not only does this toner hides imperfections such as rashes and body spots, but it also helps you tone your muscles. Enriched with Brazilian botanicals, this is lightweight and provides a matte finish to your skin.

3. The Body Shop- Aloe Calming Toner:

Infused with the essentials of Aloe Vera, The Body Shop presents the aloe calming toner packaged in a professional mint green bottle removes makeup traces and dirt impurities from your body so that you can feel free and fresh. This no fragrance toner comes with sans alcohol formulae that won’t irritate sensitive or damaged skin, but rather replenish and revitalize the dead skin cells.

4. Lierac Body-Slim Oil Toner:

Other than partaking in body curve contouring, this awesome toning oil from Lierac comes with a caffeine free form that would suit all skin type. It tones and reduces water retainment in certain body parts to firm it up while the presence of essential oils, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin on the cellular levels for long lasting effect.

5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner:

The main ingredient to a radiant moisturized toned skin is Vitamin E one of the classics for the skin, especially doing wonders for the oily skinned beauties. The mixture of wheat germ oil is a boon to this product as it forces out the dirt impurities from your face while making sure your skin is toned and soft at the same time.

6. Bio Oil Body Toner:


From pregnancy stretch marks to cuts and rashes, from tan patches to lose skin fat, Bio oil is a blessed product that deeply cleanses your skin from the inside, detoxifying it to make it more pleasant and smooth in appearance. Moisturizing and hydrating your skin along with skin firming is indeed a good idea.

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7. Himalaya Refreshing And Clarifying Toner:


Suited for all the skin types, Himalaya’s Refreshing and clarifying skin toner blends in all the natural ingredients that soak up the excess oil from your body reducing the unattractive shine while controlling the sebum producing pores. This toner specializes in clearing dirt particles and oil pockets as well.

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8. Perricone Md Cold Plasma Body:


An anti-ageing toner at its best, the Cold Plasma Body is a caffeinated body product that revives your skin from the unnatural damage from pollution and dust particles, replenishing and re-energizing it to get that perfect satin feel while toning and firming up the loose muscles to give you a youthful look.

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