There is no right or wrong when it comes to siblings. But it is especially true when it comes to sisters. The sister tattoo designs mentioned in this article will help you represent the special bond gorgeously and permanently. Whether it is a matching tattoo, one with your date of birth, or a tattoo reminding you of your childhood memories, we have them all.

If you want to uniquely represent your special bond with your sister, going through the sister tattoo designs and choosing one can be a perfect solution. Go through the list and select the one you love the most. Read on!

25 Unique Sister Tattoo Designs:

We have curated some of the best and most unique sister tattoo designs that represent the special bond and keep you strong through tough times. The tattoo reminds you that there is someone who always stands by you.

1. Sister Ankle Tattoos:

The matching sister foot tattoos are the perfect way to show them off during any season and also honour the connection beautifully. These tattoos look amazing when you place your legs together whenever you meet up with your sister. The tattoo has two little girls on each portion, with a line connecting them when the legs are brought together. Another benefit of this tattoo is that you can cover it up with pants or trainers. Though the tattoo works well in black ink, you can add colours.

2. Sister Foot Tattoos:

Matching tattoos can be a perfect way to beautifully showcase your bond with your sister or sibling. These cute small sister tattoos don’t have too many details making them an ideal option for those getting tattoos for the first time. The pattern might not be unique for the onlooker, but it might have a lot of significance for the wearer. The tattoo looks exceptional in black ink, though you can use different colours to make the tattoo quirkier.

3. Tiny Sister Tattoos:

Sister couple tattoos represent the time you grew up together, symbolizing a significant part of your childhood. Every time you look at the tattoo, you will be able to spark the memory of the best part of your life. The tattoo has two little sisters or siblings standing together, hand in hand. The memory can be two sisters sharing a book and talking through a string cup which varies from person to person. When it comes to tattoo placement, you can choose the arm, leg, wrist or even the back.

4. Matching Sister Tattoos:

This is another matching sister tattoo that is unique to the wearer because there is a deeper meaning associated with the tattoo design. This tattoo is engraved as a band on the wrist, looking like a bracelet permanently. If you observe closely, one tattoo has the planet Saturn carved in the centre with the letter m on the side. In contrast, the other hand has an extra-terrestrial carrier with the m on the other side. The tattoo might mean the carrier is the way to reach the planet, a beautiful representation of the sibling bond.

5. Creative Sister Tattoos:

If you want to get creative in engraving sister tattoos for 3, these cute yet gorgeous tattoos can be a perfect option. Each sister has the sun during a different part of the day. This might indicate the birth time of each sister, making the tattoo more personal and customized. In addition, you can get your and your sister’s initials creating a sensational result. The arm is the perfect place to get the tattoo engraved in small or medium sizes.

6. Big Sister And Little Sister Arrow Tattoos:

Whether you are a big sister or the little sister, getting the same engraved in the form of a tattoo can be a fantastic idea. These sister tattoos 2 have an arrow engraved on each sister’s forearm. One arrow has the phrase Big sis written in bold cursive, whereas the other has Lil sis in the same font. The addition of two cute little hearts makes the tattoo more personal. To make the design customized, you can add the date of birth of each sister on their respective hands.

7. Cute Little Heart Tattoos On The Wrist:

Suppose you are a person who prefers simple designs to represent the bond between sisters. In that case, these cute little hearts can be an exceptional choice. However, when getting sister tattoos, it is best to get matching ones to make the pattern more special and memorable. Though the hearts are a perfect choice, you can brainstorm with your sister to nail the details and finalize a tattoo that all of you like. The wrist is the perfect engraving spot if you are getting a heart.

8. Beautiful Sister Tattoos On The Back:

If you are three sisters looking for matching tattoos to get engraved in the form of a tattoo, this sister tattoo design on the back can be a perfect option. An arrow tattoo represents the struggle one goes through to emerge triumphant finally. You can determine where you want this tattoo per your preference. For example, the elder sister can get it done on the back, whereas the younger ones can engrave it on the arms. The tattoo looks excellent in black ink, though you can experiment with colours.

9. Meaningful Sister Tattoos:

Getting a matching heart tattoo can be ideal if you want to symbolize the close bond you share with your sisters. This tattoo has three hearts engraved on the side of the wrist on each sister’s hands. The unique thing about this tattoo is that each sister has a different heart filled with colours indicating their age. For example, suppose the first heart is filled. In that case, it means the elder sister; the coloured middle heart symbolizes the middle child, and the last-coloured heart illustrates the youngest sister. You can choose the favourite colours of each sister to make the tattoo more personal.

10. Three Sisters Tattoo On The Arm:

This is another sister tattoo design that is engraved in cute little hearts. Three little hearts represent three sisters, and a heart is filled with red ink depending on the sister’s birth. Additionally, this tattoo has two phrases written under the hearts “Where life begins and love never ends,” which can be an apt demonstration of the bond between the sisters. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the arm, where you can show off.

11. Sister Flower Tattoo On The Thigh:

Getting a matching tattoo is very personal, and you can get one in an intimate area that can depict the bond you share with your sisters. This can hold especially when you don’t want others to see the tattoo. Floral tattoos have always been popular among men and women of all ages. Since a flower tattoo has a multi-layered and variable meaning, you can decide on what flower you want after discussing it because tattooing is a permanent business.

12. Sister Arm Tattoos With A Date Of Birth:

Are you looking for something simple that can represent the bond between sisters? Then this tattoo design where you each can engrave your date of birth can be a perfect choice. You can get the tattoos on the same place, like the back of your neck, arm or even the forearm or get them in separate areas. The meaning and bond associated don’t change. The year of birth or even the complete date of birth is clue enough to indicate the bond you have with your sister.

13. Sister Holding Fingers Tattoo:

This pattern can be a perfect choice if you want a sentimental tattoo design to depict your bond with your sister. One finger holding another creates a sense of belonging among sisters making the tattoo more personal. Since it is a matching tattoo, it is best to get the tattoos done in the same place: the wrist, arm, elbow or even the back of the neck. The tattoo looks exceptional in black ink. However, you can use different colours to make it more authentic and unique.

14. Sibling Tattoos With Interlapping Hearts:

Hearts are ubiquitous tattoos, whether a single heart or multiple or overlapping ones. This tattoo is among three sisters, where each heart is highlighted in bold lines depending on when the sister is born. For example, the elder one has a courageous heart on the top, the middle child has one in the centre, and the youngest child has one in the last. The wrist is one of the perfect spots to get this tattoo engraved. You can highlight the heart by adding colour, making it more unique and stand out.

15. Cute Matching Tattoos For Sisters:

Floral designs are one of the easy designs you can turn to regarding tattoos. But, of course, this is also always true for girls or women of all ages. Each flower has a varied meaning depending on what the tattoo represents for the wearer. Here, four sisters got a pink flower engraved near the inside area of the elbow. Furthermore, the design is further made beautiful and intimate by adding the words sister in cursive letters instead of the stem. The flower looks exceptionally beautiful in pink. However, you can decide on other colours too.

16. Sisters Forever Tattoo:

This sister forever tattoo perfectly represents the sisterhood and the bond prevalent among female siblings. Three sisters are sitting on a swing hung on a tree branch which reminds the siblings of all the memories they had as kids. This tattoo reminds you that your sibling is always there with you through thick and thin. The shading techniques in this tattoo give you a realistic and lively finish. Though the tattoo looks exceptional in black ink, you can also use colours to make the design more colourful.

17. Colourful Sister Bond Tattoo:

Suppose you are not a black ink fan and want to experiment with colours. In that case, using watercolours in your tattoo can be a perfect option. Using the colours in a smudge can add an artistic look to the tattoo bringing it to life. For example, the tattoo contains a line with a heart on one end and a bunch of leaves on the other. Four cute little birds stand in the line, representing the four sisters and their bond. Using a watercolour splash in the background beautifully elevates the design’s beauty.

18. Simple Sister Tattoos:

Suppose you are looking for simplicity in a matching sister tattoo design. In that case, this one can be an ideal solution. All the tattoo contains is a cute little heart with a cursive r beside it. This sister tattoo for four might have a deeper meaning to the wearer though it might look simple to the onlooker. The perfect place to get this type of tattoo which is small and cute, is the wrist because you can show it off, and it doesn’t occupy too much space.

19. Sister Tattoo Images With A Flower:

This flower tattoo is a perfect option if you are looking for s unique and colourful tattoo special for your sisters. Floral tattoos tick all the boxes for women and look fantastic too. However, discuss among yourselves before you finalize a colour that matches each other. Or depending on the sister’s age, you can decide on different colours for each sister to make it more personal.

20. Cute Sister Tattoos On Swings:

Wrists and arms are the prevalent places you can get a tattoo that can be a particular way to commemorate the bond between sisters. For example, this tattoo has two sisters swinging on a swing, one in each hand. The distinct difference between both the tattoos is that the girl is each tattoo’s hair is different. This can indicate the hairstyle of the sister wearing the tattoo. Finally, the words sisters in the cursive font can be a fool-proof way to make the tattoo commemorating the bond beautifully.

21. Unique Sister Tattoos:

Though siblings love each other to the moon and back, they have different personalities, to say the less. So this sun and moon tattoo can ideally indicate the sisters’ characters’ differences. If you choose small sun and moon patterns, engraving them on your fingers can be an exceptional choice. The tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, though you can add colours, depending on your preference.

22. Infinity Sister Tattoo:

“To infinity and beyond,” though this is a phrase spoken by Buzz light year, sisters often say that they love each other endlessly without limitations. However, the infinity symbol is done with the help of flowers, a bird, and a guided line. Furthermore, adding colours to the tattoo makes the design look gorgeous and realistic. It is best to use bright colours for the tattoo to stand out where ever you go.

23. Twin Sister Tattoos With Swings:

Twins have a special bond that is unique from other siblings. Each twin has the same tattoo with different coloured skirts swaying on a swing. The tattoo looks very natural, and even the hair of the girl is swinging, which makes the pattern more realistic. The number 17 is engraved on the students’ shirts, which can also indicate that the kids are twins. Either leave the tattoo or add additional elements to make it more personal.

24. Brother-Sister Matching Tattoos:

Brother and sister also share a unique yet special bond, often different from the ones sisters share. For example, each hand has the mountains engraved where; one hand has a crescent moon with stars, and the other has the sun on the horizon. These elements indicate the difference between the personalities of the siblings. Furthermore, the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, and adding colours makes a huge difference. Finally, the phrase You’re okay is engraved under the tattoo, which says that the sibling gives you a boost when you need it.

25. Sister Memorial Tattoos:

Memorial tattoos are popular among those who have a special bond with their sisters who aren’t there with them anymore. The features of the younger and elder sister are engraved realistically, making the tattoo all the more special. This tattoo looks like the elder sister is kissing, and the younger one is soaking up all the love. You can make this tattoo more personal by adding birth dates.


Though parents stand on top of bonds in our lives, the bond between siblings is much more unique and special. It is like having a best friend who knows everything about you yet still loves you for who you are. The sister tattoo designs can be a perfect way to represent the special bond beautifully. The curated list of tattoos gives you some unique options you can look into and draw inspiration from. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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