Is your kindergartner just starting to learn numbers? We are here to help your kids learn numbers by providing a variety of number worksheets designed specifically for kindergarten kids.

Number worksheets provide a foundation for children to recognize and write numbers. Numbers play an essential role in mathematics, enabling comparisons, addition, subtraction, and problem-solving. Learning numbers not only enhances cognitive abilities but also contributes to future academic and career success. To facilitate number learning and make it enjoyable, parents can incorporate engaging activities, puzzles, and games at the kindergarten level, helping children establish a solid grasp of basic numbers at home. This approach ensures a fun and beneficial learning experience for children.

In this article, we offer multiple number worksheets featuring eye-catching pictures and engaging activities for kids to practice counting, tracing, and more. Take a look at our collection below:

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Free Printable Number Worksheets for Kindergarten:

1. Number Tracing Worksheets:

These individual number worksheets cover numbers 0 to 9, guiding children to learn correct number formations using dotted lines.

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2. Number Names Worksheet:

Tracing number names from 0 to 9 is essential for children to recognize and remember numbers.

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3. Number Recognition Worksheets:

Engaging activities where children circle specific numbers among scrambled numbers, enhancing recognition skills.

These are number recognition worksheets for kindergarten kids. In these worksheets, we have provided scrambled numbers where the child must circle the specific number asked in each worksheet. For example, if asked to find and circle the number 2, the child must circle all “2” numbers on the page.

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4. Ordinal Numbers Worksheet:

Ordinals indicate the order, rank, or position of something or someone. Here, we have provided a worksheet for practicing ordinal numbers from 1 to 10. Practice ordinal numbers from 1 to 10 through identifying and writing ordinal positions of colored objects.

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5. Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten:

These worksheets help develop counting skills from 1 to 9 through various activities and counting practice sheets, making learning enjoyable.

Counting is an essential skill that every child must learn during their early learning stages, i.e., Kindergarten. It helps children understand quantities and enables them to answer questions like ‘How many?’ In general, children in Kindergarten should thoroughly learn to count numbers from 1 to 20. However, in the previous worksheets, we provided tracing sheets only for numbers 0 to 9. Therefore, these worksheets focus on counting practice for numbers 1 to 9. These worksheets help develop counting skills from 1 to 9 through various activities and counting practice sheets, making learning enjoyable.

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A. Counting Animals Worksheet:

In this worksheet, we have provided different animals. The child has to count the number of animals and write the resulting number in the corresponding box. For example, if there are elephants, the child must number each elephant consecutively. The first elephant should be given number 1, the second elephant number 2, and so on. The answer to this calculation is the maximum number given to any animal, which, in this case, is the maximum number assigned to the elephants.

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B. Count and Match Worksheet:

We have provided a variety of learning worksheets to keep kids interested. This is a count-and-match worksheet where the child has to count the fruits and match them with the corresponding number.

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C. Count, Trace and Write Worksheet:

Here is another worksheet for practicing counting where the child has to count animals or objects and write the correct number and name of the number in the box.

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D. Count and Color Worksheet:

Given a 4-box worksheet with various sea animals, this is a fun activity for kids. In this activity, the child must count the sea animals in each box and color the corresponding number. This activity helps improve the child’s concentration.

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6. Number Sequence Maze:

Here is a number sequence maze worksheet for kindergarten kids. In this worksheet, the child has to find a way for the bee to reach its destination through the number maze. The maze consists of a number series from 1 to 9, and the child must identify and follow the correct sequence to guide the bee. This activity helps children improve concentration, visual motor skills and more, and guides the bee through a number sequence maze from 1 to 9.

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7. Numbers Flashcards for Kids:

Flashcards are a wonderful addition to a child’s learning. Here are free printable 0 to 9 number flashcards with numbers, names and pictures to help improve learning and memory skills.

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8. Tracing Numbers 1-20 Worksheets:

Children in Kindergarten should fully learn to count numbers from 1 to 20. In these worksheets, we have provided tracing worksheets that reinforce counting skills by tracing numbers and names from 1 to 20.

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9. Ordering Numbers Worksheet:

In this worksheet, we have given jumbled numbers from 1 to 20 in the box above. The child has to arrange the jumbled numbers from 1 to 20 in the correct numerical order. This number worksheet can help kindergarten children improve their memory.

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10. Missing Numbers Worksheet:

In this worksheet, we have provided a missing numbers practice worksheet. A kindergarten child must fill in the black with the missing numbers from 1 to 20. It helps children remember number orders and problem solving skills.

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11. Counting Objects Worksheet:

Since we have provided worksheets that count up to 9 numbers above, here we have given a fun activity worksheet to count up to 20 numbers. In this worksheet, there is an apple tree with some apples. A farmer stands there asking you for help in counting apples. Your task is to count all the apples on the tree and write the total count in the box provided.

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12. Number Formation Worksheet for Nursery:

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Throughout this article, you have been engaged in identifying, naming, counting, and matching activities for numbers from 0 to 20. We believe these worksheets make learning numbers an enjoyable and enriching experience for your preschooler (ie 3 to 5 years old). For access to more worksheets, please visit our website.


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