Top 6 Candy Bra & Wearing Tips

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The world is a better place when your intimates come in edible pieces as well. the candy bra is a more or less newer invention taking over the market, meant for specific purposes and yet a big hit already. Basically, candy bra is exactly what the name suggests, a brassier made out of candies. Maybe you can relate back to your childhood when there would be small garlands made out of colorful candies that would simply be delicious if not downright exciting. Using the same concept, and much similar to the edible G-string straps, the candy bra is an interesting piece of intimate wear often worn for fun and frolic. However, before we venture out into the path of purchasing one, here are some types and wearing bra tips to make your journey a smoother one.

Candy Bra & Wearing Tips:

How To Wear Them?

Candy bras is no different to the normal ones that we wear. The only hindrance to this is, often they are very fragile, a delicate item to be handled roughly so one should especially be a little extra careful while handling the product. Fitting the cups into your curve, ask someone to tie it from the back or use the usual method of tying it at the front before twisting it to the right fit.

What Are The Different Kinds?

Here are the different candy bra types. If you have given a brief though about wanting to opt for one, here are some outrageously delicious designs you can choose from out of the many others out there.

1. The Sunflower Day:

Candy bra

This looks like a scene right off the Sunday picnic with bright colors  of red yellow blue and green making a perfect rainbow on the bra cups. This is one of the fun looks where the candies are stuck onto the bra cup.

2. Gumball Delight:

gumball Bra

One of the most basic looks for a candy bra, this is quiet an easy and sweet gesture where the bra entirely is made up of hard colored gumballs stuck or sewed into place using the bra cup as a base. Not only does it look colorful but also a fun idea.

3. Laced Up Tight:

laced up tight Bra

Sugars and spice and everything nice is the theme for the bra made up into a perfect princess package, girly and delicious looking. Extensive decoration on the bra would include the cups being flattered with countless small time candies, heart shapes and smileys while the candy lace and pearls on the outer lines makes it a buy worth every single penny.

4. Finishing With A Bow:

Bra finishing with a bow

Intricately established and skillfully done up, this candy bra takes beauty and organizing to a whole new level. To the base cup of a normal bra, candy tablets are lined up in a row forming a beautiful pattern which looks enticing and sensual but at the same time quite alluringly cute. Often a skilled hand can even make a candy bow to top the look.

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5. Cupcake Fantasy:

cupcake fantasy Bra

This one right here reminds you of one of those Katy Perry quirky music videos by the beach jamming with the girls while being a little tease to the onlookers. The cup size to the bra is made into a frozen cupcake with a cherry to top the look.

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6. Skittle Alert:

Skittle alert Bra

For those who don’t know, skittles are much like M&Ms small and colorful, but the consistency is more like a semi-gum, chewy and flavored. Here is a candy bra with a white base and patterned with differently colored skittles which is simple yet pretty cute.

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