The Indian fashion market is sure expanding rapidly, and the homegrown clothing brands are the newfound love. Indian clothing brands have a special advantage of knowing the particular desi style, fashion, and preferences. Today, we have numerous such fashion brands growing in popularity, and most of them are far better than the foreign brands. They give you a whole new definition with a specialized Indian outlook and style statement.

If you want to try out some new and top Indian clothing brands, we have something for you today. We compiled a homegrown brand edit and these are ready to take you on tour to find your style personality! You will surely love them, given their unique style statement, innovative fashion prints and more!

When experts set out to identify the top clothing brands in the industry, they consider several key factors. These include the quality of the products, the level of creativity and innovation shown by the brand, the brand’s reputation over time, the popularity of the brand among consumers, and the overall brand identity. Clothing brands that consistently produce high-quality garments, have a positive reputation, offer fresh and exciting designs, and are recognized and worn by a diverse range of people are generally considered to be among the top brands in the industry. In addition, clothing brands that have a unique and compelling identity that resonates with consumers are also likely to be considered top brands.

Top 20 High Quality Indian Clothing Brands Names 2023:

Here we go with the new Made in India label! These clothing brands are among the favourites of several men and women across the country, and even we spotted a few celebrities flaunting the labels. Isn’t it exciting!

Made in India Clothing Brands for Women-

1. AND:

Many do not know that AND is part of Anita Dongre’s fashion house. It was exclusively opened for women in 2015 to fill in the void for contemporary wear in India. AND looks into stylish fashion with modern designs, cuts and prints and gives ample attention to silhouettes, creating a designer look for a chic, edgy style statement.

They specialize in jumpsuits, tops and dresses. It is among India’s best and most well-known top clothing brands for ladies.

2. Koai:

If you love prints and the luxury look of desi designs, we have the Koai for you! Koai is an exclusively women’s outfit platform that uses Indian prints and fabrics to give you a new style of modern-looking clothing. They have gorgeous ensembles and luxury-based outfits that will catch your eye and give you a mesmerizing feel. The botanical and geometric prints collection is sure to impress you.

You can pick a variety of outfits from Koai ranging from dresses, jackets and women’s suits, co-ord sets, dresses and more.

3. Nori:

Do you love aesthetic and minimal pieces? If so, Nori is the clothing brand you must not miss in checking out. The brand focuses on high-end clothing outfits for women and has busting prints that will impress you. The outfits are seasonless and will seamlessly fit women across age groups for a magical look.

You can find several kinds of outfits with Nori, such as dresses, trousers, printed blouses, playsuits and many more. They specialize in highly detailed dresses and outfits and do check them out.

4. Globus Fashion:

Many may already have heard the brand’s name, Globus! The fashion clothing brand is based in Mumbai and is found in 1998 for both men and women. This clothing brand has amazing collections for women who always stay on top of the game by giving youthful fashion with affordable trends. They come first in mind for chic fashion sense and primarily target the younger generation.

Globus is particularly famous for Indian wear outfits, though it has a branch on western wear too.

5. Urban Suburban:

You might not have heard this name, but this brand is among the millennials’ new favourites. Urban Suburban is found by Gujarati sisters who love versatile looks that are Indian fushion with a bohemian theme. The brand focuses on creating colourful and mesmerizing feminine-based prints.

The dresses, blazers, and jumpsuits are the most popular outfit pieces that can be found on Urban Suburban.

6. Basque:

If you are fond of contemporary and timeless fashion, Basque is an excellent option to check out. The Mumbai-based brand operates on both Instagram and its website, and aims to deliver chic and exquisite, aesthetic and high-end outfit looks. The outfits fit across seasons and occasions and will give you a diva-inspired feel.

We love their blazers, dresses, shorts and skirts sets.

7. Soch:

Most women in India may have heard of this brand, Soch. Founded by Vinay Chatlani in Bengaluru, Soch has been in the fashion world since 2005, and there is no turning back. Women who love ethnic and Indian fashion statements can prefer this brand for their elegant and exquisite collections. They are timeless and perfect for giving you a luxurious look for various festive occasions.

Soch is especially famous for its sarees, lehenga sets and suit sets.

8. Fab India:

Fab India is an internationally famous Indian clothing brand label. It has been present in our fashion world, serving young men and women since 1960. Although the label has women, men and kids collections, their women’s outfits are incredibly famous for delivering a raw ethnic Indian feel and appearance. Their collections are handcrafted with love and originate from traditional Indian fabrics.

You can find salwars, churidars, palazzos, pants, trousers, lehenga sets and even jewellery in the brand.

9. Biba:

Talking about affordable yet high-end fashion brands in India, we first think of Biba. Biba is found in 1988 by Meena Bindra and has Indian contemporary trendy designs with a classic Indian look, emphasizing on heritage and ethnic feel. They focus on manufacturing Indian clothing designs for women, with traditional prints, rich looks and intricate designs.

Their suit sets, lehengas, skirts and kurtis are incredibly famous in the brand. Do check out!

10. W for Women:

W for Women is among India’s highest-selling Indian brands for women. It was launched in 2001 by TCNS clothing limited, and there has been no turning back ever since. Women in India showered the brand with love, given they meet the requirements in a budget-friendly way, yet without compromising on designs and prints. They stock contemporary designs that blend Indian fashion with a modern outlook and mix and match styles instead of pure traditional outfits.

The brand has a range of women’s outfits like sarees, kurtis, set dresses, tops, footwear and jewellery. They are also famous as brands in India that specialize in plus-size clothing for women.

Clothing Brands in India for Men-

11. Indian Terrain:

The brand Indian Terrain is launched in India in the year 2000, primarily to serve the men’s fashion world. The clothing brand focuses on contemporary wear and fashion, focusing on casual looks and the everyday style to flaunt a stylish personality. They offer a premium range that looks at affordable prices and is worth checking out.

You must check out their shorts, casuals, denim, sweaters and shirts. The Earth Khakhi collection within the Indian Terrain brand requires special attention for its attempt to deliver sustainable environmentally friendly clothing pieces for men. It is indeed among the top sustainable fashion brands in India.

12. Mufti:

Mufti was launched in 1998 by Kamal Khushlani and is based in Mumbai. If you have an eye for offbeat and unusual, unique and exceptional looks, Mufti will impress you. They have distinctive designs with particular reference to millennials. Moreover, their unique prints and collections will impress you, as they are way different from other brands you can find in the Indian market.

Do check out their T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and shirts for men.

13. Raymond:

Every man in India knows the brand Raymond. Launched in 1925, it is among the oldest Indian original and largest clothing brands. It specializes in men’s suiting fabrics and has been ruling the fashion market ever since. The brand’s speciality lies in the quality fabrics for men without compromising on sleek style and comfort.

You must check out their speciality, suiting, shirting and denim. It is among the most famous Indian brands for suits.

14. Peter England:

Most confuse Peter England to be a foreign brand; however, the brand is owned by Aditya Birla Group. It is among the top and largest Indian men’s apparel brands with a wide range of outfits. They specialize in formal wear and prefer to give a classic style statement with a chic feel.

Their shirts, suits, formal wear and casual wear t-shirts are among the best sellers. It is among the top brands in India for men’s shirts and trousers.

15. Louis Philippe:

Another big miss for Indians! If you think Louis Philippe is a foreign brand, you are mistaken. It is inspired by the name of the French King, Louis Philippe; however,it is a homegrown brand. It is owned by Madura fashion and lifestyle and focuses on men’s apparel. The premier brand is inspired to deliver plush and polished look outfits for men in the country and suits for contemporary yet classic preferences.

Their shirts, formal wear, and trousers are best-selling outfits.

16. Bombay Shirt Company:

Bombay shirt company is another classic Indian brand for those who love elegant and everlasting timeless styles. It was launched in 2012 with the aim to deliver quality-oriented, world-class outfits for men precisely. Although they do have a women’s range, the men’s outfits are more diverse with various designs and prints. They also have contemporary fashion inspired by old-school classic love with elegance.

Their chinos, trousers, shirts, and T-shirts are must check out. You can find amazing quality branded shirts for men in India here.

17. Rare Rabbit:

Check out the Rare Rabbit if you love experimenting with styles and unique blends. The Rare Rabbit’s motto is to move away from conventions and traditional styles and deliver quality heterogeneous designs of outfits that celebrate an individual’s personality. As a result, their fashion sense is quite unorthodox and gives you a sleek and distinct feel.

Rare Rabbit specializes in men’s blazers, co-ord sets, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, trousers, and denim.

18. Kaapus:

Kaapus is found in 2014 and is a premium men’s wear brand that tailors to perfection. Their tagline is ‘clothes that fit’ and works towards meeting its objectives in delivering modern, contemporary outfits that feel comfortable on skin without compromising the design and authenticity. They have versatile styles and give you quality occasional and everyday wear.

The must-check-out men’s outfits in Kaapus are casual shirts, chinos, cotton shirts, and co-ords.

19. Andamen:

Andamen is another premium men’s clothing brand in India that touches Indian heritage and roots to create contemporary outfits. Found by Siddharth and Satvika Suri, they offer an affordable range of men’s wear without compromising quality. They have a range of fine premium fabrics with classic and modern chic prints.

Their heritage collections and formals are best-selling in the brand.

20. Oxemberg:

Talk about the classic and yet simple blend of contemporary and chic fashion; we can only think of Oxemberg. The men’s wear brand is a perfect choice and a one-stop destination to find casuals and formals at premium looks. Their supreme quality with affordable price range sets them apart, not to mention the perfect tailored fit.

They have a range of versatile men’s collections such as Shirts, T-shirts, trousers, jeans, formal trousers and more.

How did you enjoy exploring these men’s and women’s Indian clothing brands? These are well-known fashion brands made in India and deserve all our attention. With the blend of both ethnic and contemporary fashion in these outfits, you can easily find the outfits you need for several occasions. What do you think? Do you agree with us? Do let us know your thoughts!


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