The fifth week of pregnancy is the most important time of pregnancy as it marks the beginning of the embryonic period and is accompanied by several changes like hormonal changes and metabolism changes. It is a crucial time when the embryo is starting to develop; your baby’s heart, brain and spine are starting to develop during this period. By the fifth week of pregnancy you would’ve missed your period and pregnancy test shows up as positive.

Pregnant women usually have a lot to deal with and require immense care.You should take a great care during your pregnancy because this is the time when your body has to support one more life. Cramping at 5 weeks pregnant is your body’s expression to tell you, to be prepared for changes.Cramps are a normal thing during pregnancy but when it causes discomfort to you, its time to find the causes and remedies for the cramping problem.Here are some facts and tips to help you understand and get you through5 weeks pregnant cramps.

There are various problems which you encounter during your pregnancy. You should have good knowledge about your body and problems which you are faced with during your pregnancy too have a healthy pregnancy and protect your baby from any sort of defect. A good knowledge about things related to pregnancy to have a comfortable pregnancy without any complications. Here are the causes for the 5 weeks pregnant cramping which you should have a good knowledge about

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1. 5 weeks pregnant cramps are caused due to stretching of the uterus or the egg implanting as the body needs more of the space to accommodate the baby.A mild pain is often experienced while coughing and sneezing which can cause cramping. If an unbearable pain is experienced then you should immediately see a doctor and seek medication to avoid any further discomfort.

2. Cramps are not the only problems, they are accompanied by other pregnancy symptoms and cramps like Nausea, Back pain, Leg cramps, Constipation, Dehydration, heart burns and contractions which also cause discomfort for the expectant mother.

3. As your body now needs more space for the accommodation of the baby, the uterus starts to expand. Also, the ligaments in the pelvic region becomes soft and expand to prepare your body for delivery by widening the pelvic region which can lead to cramping.

4. Since the space in the uterus is occupied by the baby and thus your space for the food decreases as the uterus rises up and this leads to slow digestion and complications in digesting the food normally as you used to do while you were not pregnant. Thus, slow digestion is common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes and other factors. The slow digestion leads to abdominal gas which could also be another reason for cramps during pregnancy.

5. Lesser space in your abdomen which is because of the fetus taking up the space could also result in cramps after food, this however happens generally in the later stages of pregnancy.

6. Since your body works so hard to feed the growing fetus and supports the metabolism of two people, half of the nutrients that you take in are utilized for the growth and development of the fetus and thus you end up lacking essential nutrients and vitamins if you don’t increase your nutrient uptake which could again result in cramps.

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We know cramps are a common thing during pregnancy caused due to the above mentioned reasons but sometimes they can be discomforting when they are more than the capacity of your tolerance limit. Thus to feel yourself comfortable during pregnancy you should try some remedies that can help you get red of the problem to an extent. Following are the remedies that may not fully help you get rid but to some extent they can get you relieved from the discomfort you are facing-

1. Exercise is a great way to remain healthy and protect your baby from any birth problems. Exercise programs according to a recent study are known to have reduced the number of women complaining about cramps. So incorporating good exercises in your daily routine through trained fitness expert can help you reduce or even too some extent get rid of 5 week pregnancy cramps.

2. Any treatment associated to Randomized control treatments (RCT’s) or combinations of RCT treatments help reduce or even eliminate 5 weeks pregnancy cramping.

3. Gentle exercises and yoga can help reduce stress on your veins and muscles and thus reducing the cramping to relieve you from the discomfort you were facing.

4. Walking and using stairs whenever possible are also a great means to keep your body healthy and are one of the best alternatives for the exercises and a good advantage is that it will also help you to reduce your 5 weeks pregnant cramping significantly.

5. Eat a healthy diet. A diet consisting of ample fruits and vegetables is a rich source of various nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and also highly rich in dietary fibers which will make you healthy and are sure to reduce the frequency of the cramps your were having during your pregnancy.

6. Pregnancy multivitamins or supplements should help you gain essential nutrients. These essential nutrients will fulfill the demand of your body thereby reducing the frequency of cramps.

7. Pregnancy being a very sensitive phase for a woman, it is always safe to obtain guidance from your doctor before taking supplements during pregnancy.

8. Try not to become over-tired. Stay active. Keeping your body hydrated atall times by drinking enough water will ease out cramps. Also relax your body as much as possible to avoid unnecessary cramps.

9. A hot water bath before bed will relax your muscles and also smoothen your cramps by fixing any stiff muscles in your abdomen.

10. Massaging your cramping areas with aromatherapy oils also reduce cramping at 5 weeks pregnant.

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Stretching, especially your calf muscles frequently will improve blood flow and reduces cramping.
Problems like cramps, nausea, dizziness etc. are very common during the pregnancy but when these things cause you discomfort, you can always rely on the remedies first to get your self relieved. And thus, you’re sure to have a pain-free pregnancy with these little natural remedies. A lot of pain however, could portray an underlying serious problem so keep having regular checkups with your doctor during pregnancy.


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