There is a quick rise in the number of people who want to name their child after a dragon, all thanks to Game Of Thrones and many other dragon-themed movies and novels. Though Dragon baby names have come back in style, they have always existed in various forms through myths. Mythology class aside, with the list of unique dragon baby names we have curated in this article, you might find THE name that represents everything you want for your baby, blessing them with the prestige and power of a dragon.

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Dragons and the myths related to them have enchanted people of all ages and have been a part of many cultures worldwide. Therefore, before you go into full dragon mode with built-up tension, go through the list of dragon names we have provided that will blow you away. Read on!

30 Baby Boy Names That Mean Dragon:

Baby boy names that mean “dragon” often carry a sense of strength, power, and mythical charm. These names convey a sense of mystery and resilience, making them unique and impactful choices for parents seeking a distinctive name for their baby boys.

1. Drake:

This classic and strong name means Dragon and conveys power and resilience.

2. Aiden:

Aiden is a popular name for Little Fire or Dragon with Celtic roots. It symbolizes the fiery Spirit of a dragon.

3. Typhon:

Typhoon is a name taken after a monstrous dragon in Greek mythology, representing strength and chaos.

4. Wyatt:

Wyatt means Little warrior and is associated with dragonsin some cultures. It is a name that combines a fighter’s qualities with a dragon’s charisma.

5. Draig:

Draig means Dragon in Welsh. It is a unique and culturally rich name for dragon enthusiasts with Welsh heritage.

6. Kaida:

Kaida has an exotic flair, meaning Little Dragon in Japanese. It is a perfect name for those who appreciate Japanese culture and symbolism.

7. Emrys:

Emrys is a name that embodies magic and the mythical, perfect for a baby destined for greatness. It was borne by the legendary Welsh magician Merlin, who is often associated with dragons.

8. Tatsu:

Tatsu is another Japanese name meaning Dragon. Short and impactful, a nod to the strength and resilience of dragons in Japanese folklore.

9. Fafnir:

Fafnor is a solid and unusual name from Norse mythology that means a mythical dragon. It is inspired by the legendary Dragon who guarded a hoard of treasure.

10. Serpico:

Serpico is a bold and distinctive name symbolizing the might of a dragon with Italian roots.

11. Vritra:

Vritra is an ancient and powerful name from Sanskrit that is perfect for a baby with a strong presence.

12. Ryujin:

Ryujin means Dragon god in Japanese. It is a name that is perfect for a unique little child that combines the concept of a dragon with the divine.

13. Tarragon:

Suppose you want a unique name for your child that subtly conveys the strength and mystery of dragons. In that case, Tarragon is a fantastic and nature-inspired name choice.

14. Zmey:

Zmey is ideal if you want a strong and distinctive name for your little warrior rooted in Slavic mythology.

15. Naga:

Short and exotic name that carries the essence of mythical creatures from the Hindu tradition, meaning serpent or Dragon, then Naga is the name to choose.

16. Vasuki:

Vasuki is a regal and powerful name with ties to Hindu mythology and the dragon-like serpent Vasuki.

17. Balerion:

Balerion is a literary-inspired name for fans of the epic fantasy”A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin, symbolizing strength and a firedragon.

18. Gorynych:

According to Slavic folklore, Gorynych is a three-headed dragon. It is a unique and mythical name that reflects the awe-inspiring nature of a three-headed dragon.

19. Zhulong:

Zhulong is a Chinese dragon name symbolizing a dragon associated with light and fire, deeply rooted in Chinese mythology.

20. Kokuryu:

Suppose you are looking for a sleek and mysterious name inspired by the image of a mighty black dragon. In that case, Japane-inspired Kokuryu is an ideal black dragon name choice.

21. Ormarr:

Ormarr is a strong and traditional name with Old Norse origins meaning Dragon or Serpent, perfect for a baby with a Viking spirit.

22. Quetzalcoatl:

Quetzalcoatl might look complicated to spell. But it is a majestic and symbolic name from Aztec mythology, representing a feathered serpent deity.

23. Ryu:

Ryu is another Japanese-inspired short and modern name that carries the strength and mystique of dragons.

24. Viserion:

Viserion is a dragon from “Game of Thrones, ” a pop culture reference for fans of the fantasy genre, symbolizing power and majesty.

25. Zephyros:

Zephyros is a name that combines the elements of wind and dragons, creating a unique and poetic choice. The word means West wind or gentle breeze in Greek, often associated with dragons in mythology.

26. Dreki:

Dreki is a strong and straightforward name with Viking roots, the perfect choice when you want your baby to imbibe the warrior spirit.

27. Ladon:

In Greek mythology, Landon is a baby boy’s name, which means a dragon. It is a name with historical and mythical significance, symbolizing the challenges and triumphs of heroes.

28. Ananta:

The inspiration for Ananta comes from Hindu mythology, which means endless or infinite in Sanskrit, often associated with a mythical serpent or Dragon.

29. Bazyl:

If you have Polish heritage and want the same represented in your baby’s name, Bazyl, meaning royal or kingly, is a perfect choice. This name is often associated with dragons in Slavic folklore.

30. Zirnitra:

Zirnitra is a unique and mysterious name rooted in Slavic folklore, representing the awe-inspiring nature of dragons.

30 Baby Girl Names Related to Dragon:

These unisex dragon names offer a mix of elemental, magical, and powerful qualities, making them versatile for children of any gender.

31. Saphira:

Derived from the Dragon in Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance Cycle” series. Saphira is a beautifully crafted name with a literary touch, perfect for a baby girl with a sense of wonder.

32. Dragana:

Dragana is a strong and elegant name rooted in Slavic mythology. It symbolizes the beauty and strength of a dragon.

33. Ember:

Ember means a small piece of burning or glowing coal. This fiery and modern name subtly references the heat and intensity of a dragon’s breath.

34. Fira:

Fira is a delicate and enchanting name with Norse origins, perfect for a little girl with a free spirit. It means a tiny, winged Dragon, according to Old Norse.

35. Rylin:

Rylin means Queen in Old English and is associated with dragons in fantasy. It is a name perfect for a little princess with a strong personality because it combines regality with mythology.

36. Seraphina:

Derived from seraphim, Seraphina means Fiery-winged, the highest order of angels. It describes a celestial and elegant name with the fiery Spirit of dragons.

37. Tiamat:

If you are looking for a Primordial Dragon name from Mesopotamian mythology, Tiamat is a powerful choice. A legendary dragon inspires this ancient name and is perfect for a baby with a strong presence.

38. Vritika:

Vritika means daughter of the sea, inspired by Vritra, a dragon in Hindu mythology. This name combines the elements of the sea and dragons, creating a unique and ethereal result.

39. Wyverly:

Inspired by wyverns, Wyverly means a dweller by the river, a dragon-like creature. It is a name that captures the elegance of riverside living and the mythical allure of dragons.

40. Aithusa:

Aithusa is a name that brings together the concept of light and the magic associated with dragons. It means light in Greek, the title of a dragon in the TV series “Merlin.”

41. Dracaina:

If you want to give your baby girl a strong and feminine name with Greek roots, Dracaina, symbolizing the strength and grace of a dragon, can be a perfect choice.

42. Kaida:

Kaida is a name with Japanese roots that means Little Dragon. It has an exotic flair, making it perfect for those who appreciate the mystique of dragons and Japanese culture.

43. Lorelei:

Suppose you are looking for a name with a poetic and enchanting quality. In that case, Lorelei is a perfect choice for a baby girl with a captivating presence. It is inspired by the lore of dragons, which means an alluring enchantress.

44. Nuriel:

Nuriel is a name inspired by a dragon’s fiery nature, meaning Fire of God. It is a celestial and powerful name conveying the mythical and the divine.

45. Zephyra:

Zephyra is a name that creates a unique and airy choice by combining the elements of wind and dragons.

46. Elara:

Inspired by the radiance of dragons, Elara means Bright, shining one. It is a perfect namefor a baby girl who brings brightness and joy with a celestial quality.

47. Tyria:

Tyria is a unique name that symbolizes mystery and strength inspired by fantasy literature. It also means a dragon-like creature.

48. Aldora:

Aldora is a name that combines the beauty of wings with the concept of a precious gift inspired by dragons with wings.

49. Zirael:

Zirael is a perfect choice when you want your child’s name associated with dragons in folklore. The name carries a sense of grace and connection to nature.

50. Pyra:

Pyra means Fire in Greek. It is a short and fiery name that captures the essence of a dragon’s breath, making it a perfect choice for your feisty little one.

51. Kazul:

Are you a fan of “Enchanted Forest Chronicles” and looking for a baby name with its inspiration? Kazul is a whimsical and regal name for a baby girl with a royal spirit, which means Dragon queen.

52. Miraak:

Miraak means Dragon born, inspired by a character in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” It is a unique and adventurous name for fans of fantasy gaming.

53. Aurelia:

Aurelia is a name that exudes warmth and radiance and means golden. It is inspired by the treasure often associated with dragons, perfect for a golden-hearted baby girl.

54. Drakaina:

If you are looking for a majestic and powerful name with Greek roots, then Drakaina, symbolizing the strength and beauty of a dragon, can be a perfect choice, meaning Female Dragon in Greek.

55. Elvira:

Elvira means True to all, which the legendary Dragon Elvarg inspires. It is aperfect name for a baby girl with a strong and true spirit that combines tradition with a touch of fantasy.

56. Illyria:

Illyria is a dragon name inspired by dragons associated with light. This name is perfect for a radiant baby girl with a sense of illumination and magic.

57. Quetzalia:

Quetzalis is a female dragon name derived from Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent (Aztec). It is a perfect name for a baby girl with a free-spirited nature.

58. Salamandra:

Salamandra is a mythical dragon name that combines the magical and the legendary, perfect for a baby girl with a fiery spirit, meaning Salamander.

59. Thalassa:

Thalassa is a water dragon name that means sea in Greek, inspired by sea dragons in mythology. It is a perfect name for your little water-loving adventurer who evokes the vastness and mystery of the sea.

60. Vasilia:

If you are a fan of Hindu mythology, Vasilia, inspired by Vasuki, a dragon king, is a regal choice. This name is elegantly tied to the dragon lore, making it perfect for a girl child destined for greatness.

10 Unisex Dragon Baby names:

Certainly! Unisex dragon-inspired names can be an excellent choice for parents looking for names that transcend gender boundaries while capturing the essence of strength and charisma. Here are ten unisex dragon baby names with their meanings:

61. Aether:

Aether is a unique and ethereal dragon baby name that can befit both boys and girls. It beautifully represents the elusive and magical nature of dragons. In mythology, this name is often associated with dragons, meaning Spirit of the air.

62. Blaise:

Blaise is another dragon name suitable for children of any gender carrying a sense of strength and warmth. It means lisp but is also associated with the word “blaze” and the fiery breath of dragons.

63. Cinder:

Cinder means partially burned or consumed by fire, which reminds us of dragon-breathed flames. It is a unisex name symbolizing the aftermath of a dragon’s breath owing to its fiery touch.

64. Kai:

Kai means fire in Japanese and is associated with dragons in various cultures. It is a short and powerful name that reflects the fiery Spirit of dragons and works well for both boys and girls.

65. Linden:

Inspired by the Linden dragon in fantasy literature, Linden is a nature-inspired dragon name that can be unisex, perfect for a child with a connection to dragons and the outdoors, meaning Lime tree.

66. Nyx:

Nyx is a short and mysterious dragon name transcending gender. It means night and is often associated with dragons’ dark and mystical charm. The name is perfect for a child with an enigmatic charm.

67. Onyx:

We all are aware of Onyx being a black gemstone. But did you know it is also associated with the darkness and power of dragons? Yes! Onyx is a stylish, sleek, unisex name inspired by the Dragon’s formidable presence.

68. Phoenix:

Phoenix symbolizes the fire often linked to dragons, which means a mythical bird associated with rebirth. It is a name that embodies resilience and strength, suitable for both boys and girls.

69. Rune:

Rune is a mystical and unisex dragon name, perfect for a child with a mysterious aura, adding a touch of magic.

70. Zephyr:

Zephyr is a gentle and unisex dragon name inspired by the winds that dragons soar upon, conveying a sense of freedom.

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20 Dragon Baby Names Inspired by Movies, Shows, Cartoons:

Dragons have been featured in many films, cartoons, and shows, captivating the audience with their names, carrying a sense of adventure and fantasy. Here are some of them you can look into for inspiration:

71. Drogon:

Inspired by: “Game of Thrones”

Drogon is derived from the Dothraki word for Dragon, which means powerful and regal. It is a bold and impactful name for a baby, especially for fans of the epic fantasy series.

72. Toothless:

Inspired by: “How to Train Your Dragon”

Toothless might be your kid’s playful and mischievous nickname, inspired by the endearing dragon character.

73. Spyro:

Inspired by: “Spyro the Dragon” video game

Spyro is a vibrant and adventurous name for a baby with a spark of excitement, meaning spirited and lively. It reflects the energetic nature of the dragon character.

74. Smaug:

Inspired by: “The Hobbit”

If you are a fan of the Hobbit movies, Smaug can be a perfect name for a little one with a regal presence exuding power and mystery.

75. Mushu:

Inspired by: “Mulan”

Mushu is another dragon name that might suit well as a nickname. However, the name Mushu means little soldier, which is a spirited and fun name for a baby, especially for families who love Disney classics.

76. Charizard:

Inspired by: Pokémon

Charizard is a dynamic and bold dragon name for a child inspired by the Pokemon franchise. It means charismatic lizard, combining charm and reptilian strength.

77. Falkor:

Inspired by: “The NeverEnding Story”

Falkor means Guardian of the skies. This name is perfect for a baby with a gentle spirit, conveying a sense of protection and magic.

78. Puff:

Inspired by: “Puff, the Magic Dragon”

If you are looking for a dragon name that means gentle and whimsical, Puff, associated with a beloved fictional dragon, can be a perfect option. It is a sweet and nostalgic name that brings the baby a touch of magic and innocence.

79. Elliot:

Inspired by: “Pete’s Dragon”

Elliot is a timeless and classic dragon baby name perfect for a baby with a gentle nature, adding a touch of whimsy.

80. Firnen:

Inspired by: “The Inheritance Cycle” series

Finren is a dragon name derived from an ancient language, representing a dragon character from the series. It is a unique and mystical name with a solid connection to fantasy literature.

81. Norbert:

Inspired by: “Harry Potter” series

Norbert is a charming and quirky dragon name for a baby with a naughty side. It means Northern brightness, named after Hagrid’s pet dragon.

82. Dinah:

Inspired by: “Alice in Wonderland”

Named after the playful Dragon in Lewis Carroll’s tale, Dinal means judged. It is a whimsical and feminine name with a touch of literary charm.

83. Falka:

Inspired by: “Dragonriders of Pern” series

Falka is a strong and unique name connected to the world of science fiction and dragons.

84. Igneel:

Inspired by: “Fairy Tail”

Igneel is a dragon name derived from “igneous,” which is related to fire. And therefore, it is a fiery and dynamic name for a baby with a bold spirit.

85. Acidalia:

Inspired by: “Dragonheart”

Acidalia is a dragon name associated with love and beauty. It is a graceful and enchanting name with a nod to the themes of love and fantasy.

86. Viserion:

Inspired by: “Game of Thrones”

Viserion is another name derived from the Dothraki word for Dragon. It is a regal and powerful name for a baby, especially for fans of the epic fantasy.

87. Draco:

Inspired by: “Dragonheart”

Draco is a strong and timeless dragon baby name that directly references the majestic creature in the film.

88. Rhaegal:

Inspired by: “Game of Thrones”

Derived from the Dothraki word for Dragon, Rhaegal is a unique and exotic name for a baby. The Khaleesi uses her brother’s name to name her dragon child.

89. Shenron:

Inspired by: “Dragon Ball” series

This is a mighty dragon name connected to the martial arts world and Japanese anime. It means Divine Dragon.

90. Eragon:

Inspired by: “The Inheritance Cycle” series

Eragon is an adventurous dragon name for a baby, derived from an ancient language, representing the main dragon character. This name can be exceptional for fans of high fantasy literature.

10 Ice Dragon & Fire Dragon Baby Names

Ice and fire dragons are distinct in their elemental associations, and names inspired by these mythical creatures reflect those qualities. From the calm and serene nature of ice to the intense and passionate fire energy, these ice and fire dragon names offer a wide range of qualities.

Ice Dragon Baby Names:

91. Crystalis:

A name with a touch of elegance and magic derived from “crystal,” symbolizing the icy and crystalline nature of the Dragon, Crystalis is perfect for a baby associated with the incredible allure of ice.

92. Frostfang:

Frostfang is a dragon name that forms by combining the words “frost” and “fang,” reflecting the icy and formidable nature of the Dragon. It is a bold name for a baby with a calm and resilient spirit.

93. Glacius:

Derived from “glacier,” the dragon name Glacius represents the frozen expanses associated with ice dragons. It is a name that exudes the grandeur and majesty of icy landscapes. The name is suitable for a baby with a calm demeanor.

94. Arcticus:

Reflecting the cold and northern nature of ice dragons, Arcticus is a dragon name that evokes the pristine beauty of polar regions, perfect for a baby with a fabulous presence.

95. Eira:

Eira is a dragon’s name that means snow and is inspired by winter’s serene and gentle aspects. It is a soft and feminine name for a baby girl associated with the purity and tranquility of snow.

Fire Dragon Baby Names:

96. Inferno:

Inferno means hellfire, which represents the intense and fiery dragon breath. It is a powerful and dynamic name for a baby with a strong and passionate nature.

97. Ignatius:

Ignatius is a dragon baby name derived from the Latin word “ignis.” It is a classic and regal name suitable for a baby with a charismatic personality, adding a fiery touch.

98. Pyrrhus:

Pyrrhus is a unique and bold fire dragon name that captures flames’ vibrant and warm essence. It is inspired by the hues of fire, meaning flame-coloured.

99. Singe:

Reflecting the scorching touch of the Dragon’s breath, Singe is a spirited name for a baby with an energetic and lively spirit.

100. Vulcan:

Suppose you are an adherent follower of Roman gods and woild want to represent the

Roman god of fire and metalworking in your bay’s name. In that case, Vulcan is the name to choose. It is a mythologically strong name paying homage to the fire’s mighty force.

Therefore, the list of dragon baby names will introduce you to dragons’ ancient and mystical nature. However, the names we have presented aren’t limited to mythical creatures. Still, we have the honor of mentioning some of your favourite dragon characters from TV shows, movies, and novels. Finally, going through our list will help you select a name for your baby. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about unique Dragon baby names. These names are provided for informative purposes only. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. We do not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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