Assam is known as the land of multiple cultures. There is a chain of festivals as a result of the different tribes who celebrate their own festivals throughout the year. This article lists the famous fairs and festivals celebrated in Assam.

Famous Festivals of Assam:

Here are our 7 most vibrant and colourful festivals of Assam with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Karam Puja In Assam:

Karam puja is the most important festival of tea tribe communities of Assam with a view to propitiating the “Mother of Earth” – the goddesses of creation. It is celebrated on the night of “Bhado Ekadasi”, which is generally in the mid of August. It is basically an agriculture-related festival. It is believed that by the blessing of God “Karam”, they will get bumper crops, and their family will be saved from evil.

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2. Rongker & Chomangkan Festivals:

Rongker is a major festival in Assam. It is the annual springtime festival of the state. This festival is celebrated among the tribes known as the Karbis. The celebrations are held in the month of April. This is around the same time as Baisakhi. The tribes join to celebrate Rongali Bihu. The Karbis form one of the major tribal groups of North-east India. They generally live in the Karbi Anglong district. They are also found in the North Cachar district, in places like Kamrup and Nagaon.

3. Jonbeel Mela:

Jonbeel Mela is a major fair of Assam. It was started in the 15th Century AD. This mela was said to have been organized by the Ahom kings several centuries ago with the objective of discussing the current political situations of that time. Jonbeel Mela is the only fair in the world where the barter system is still in practice. It is held 30 km from Guwahati which is the state capital. It is a community fair that is held for 3 days during the time of Magh Bihu.

4. Baishagu Festival:

Baishagu festival is a major festival of Assam that is celebrated by the tribal community of Bodos. It is held in the mid of April. This is around the same time as Baisakhi. The Bodos are the largest community of Scheduled Tribes that are found in Assam. They live in Lower Assam districts like Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon, Chirang and others.

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5. Bare Saharia Bhaona:

Bare Saharia Bhaona is celebrated exclusively in Assam. It is a traditional mode of entertainment for the native people. This mode of entertainment was first introduced by Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardeva. Bare Saharia Bhaona is a traditional medium which is used to convey religious and ethical messages to villagers through entertainment. It mainly focuses on the victory of good over evil by the grace of the Gods. The characters of the drama or play include characters from mythology, kings, queens, pawns, monsters, demons, Gods, wars, soldiers and others.

6. Majuli Festival of Assam:

The Majuli festival is a festival celebrated only in the state of Assam in India. This festival is celebrated in Majuli, on the banks of the River Luit. The River Luit happens to be the creator of the biggest river island in the world. This festival is held annually. It is held in a region that is located 1.5 kilometres away from Garamur, the capital of Majuli. The festival goes on for four days from the 21st of November right down to the 24th of November.

7. Assam Tea Festival:

The Assam tea festival is an annual festival that has won national and international acclaim. It is held in November in various parts of Assam. It is organised centrally by the Assam Tourism Department of the Govt of Assam. The main festivities are held in Jorhat.

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These festivals highlight the spirit and sentiment of Assam. They promote brotherhood and communal unity.

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