A Headband is ready to wear clothing accessory which you can wear for multiple purposes and occasions. A headband useful for sports and both men and women is a sweat headband. You might have often seen Tennis, Badminton, Football, etc. sports players wearing a headband across their foreheads to absorb all the sweat and avoid looking dirty and messy. Apart from keeping dry, the sweat headbands also help athletes avoid any distractions during their sport, i.e. if a drop of sweat enters their eyes while running, it might cost them the game.

Best and New Models of Sweat Headbands For Sports Activities:

The following are the Top 9 Types of Sweat Headbands.

1. Cotton Sweat Headbands:

The Best Sweat Absorbing headbands are cotton headbands as cotton is a natural material. It will absorb the majority of your sweat instantly. You must not choose if you don’t want to play with your sweat hanging on your forehead. Otherwise, if your aim is just quick sweat absorption, Cotton’s the way to go.

2. Polyester Based Headbands:

Although polyester has zero sweat absorbing qualities, when mixed with certain synthetic fibres, the resultant material has a magical sweat inhibition ability. As a result, Polyester based headbands are widely renowned as sweat-wicking headbands. They resist sweat and keep you cool instead of absorbing sweat.

3. Lycra Headbands:

Apart from Polyester, another material with a sweat resistance capacity to a certain extent is Lycra. Lycra headbands are popular for their stretchability, lightweight and comfortable feel. Mostly Lycra is used to make women’s sweat headbands to give them a more elegant look.

4. Printed Headbands:

Another variant of headbands is headbands printed with various designs. Men’s head sweatbands have only their brand logo printed on the frontal side most of the time. While women prefer attractive designs printed on the headbands and the brand names. For instance, you might have seen Roger Federer’s sweat headband has a “Nike” brand logo.

5. Nylon Headbands:

Nylon is said to be a close relative material of Polyester and Spandex. Therefore, along with these two, Nylon also has excellent sweat repelling power. But Nylon also has rapid drying ability. Therefore, nylon headbands are the best sweat-wicking headbands in the sports industry.

6. Bamboo Viscose Headbands:

Bamboo viscose is a modern entrant into the section of sweat absorbents alongside Cotton and Linen. Thus, bamboo viscose made headbands are also well known sweat-absorbing headbands. As it is a relatively new material, it is not commonly seen in the making of headbands.

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7. Technical Fabric Headbands:

Technical Fabric involves the customised development of various fabrics for various purposes. For instance, a technical fabric consists of two tiers; the first consists of a cotton layer for sweat absorption. The outer layer is made of polyester or nylon to dry the moisture immediately. Thus, these are the best headbands for sweat currently.

8. Velvet Lining Headband:

The headbands, originally made of some other material like cotton but have a velvet lining on the inside, are very precise and accurate in the fitting. They do not pose the risk of loosening or dropping off. Therefore, they are perfect sweat headbands for running.

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9. Designer Headbands:

At times, famous sports personalities also need designer sweat headbands for comfort. These headbands make the sportsman look more elegant and graceful.

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A Sweat headband is a very crucial clothing accessory for sports personalities. This is because they prove useful in absorbing sweat, providing comfort, and useful as a style statement. If you are a runner, you can use a velvet lined headband to assure accurate fitting and firm grip, while if you are a tennis player, then a cotton headband is the best option for you.

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