15 Best & Latest Showcase Designs for Hall

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6. LED TV Showcase Design for Hall:

showcase designs for hall

Hall showcase models can be very sophisticated and modern. These floating shelves look sleek, elegant and blend in with the wall. The colors used in these models are very subdued and this makes it very striking. You can personalize this type of showcase as per your design choice.

7. Wall Space Wooden Showcase Design:

Wall Space Showcase Design

If you plan for designer showcase and utilize all full wall, then this model will be the great choice for your hall. Among the showcase models for hall are those that cover up an entire wall space. These showcase models have a wooden framework for the wall. The cabinets and shelves are then placed on this framework.

8. Traditional Showcase Design Wood:

Traditional Showcase Design

Early 90’s these types of models were famous for hall interiors. Here is a traditional hall showcase design that is made in wood. The design has closed shelves on the bottom rack and open shelves on either end. A TV can be placed in the center for viewing.

9. Hall TV Wooden Showcase Designs:

Wooden Showcase Design

Get this all wooden showcase designs for hall and use up the space of an entire wall. This wooden showcase designs for hall can accommodate all the entertainment units as well as photographs and other items. Books, etc. can be stored in the cabinets made. This good and stylish too, if you budget is low.

10. Stylish Showcase Design for Hall:

Stylish Showcase Design

You can convert an entire wall into a showcase with this wall showcase design. The wall is covered with shelves that are interlinked. You can put your nice collection of books and some dolls too. This design creates a seamless feel. This is suitable for youngsters too.

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