Belts have been widely used by men for decades. They help in holding the pants or jeans on the waist properly. But with the moving trend, the simple belts are also adorned with adorable buckles to make it look fancy and stylish. It is accepted from the cowboy or pirate generation to the Michael Jackson era in the late 80s and till now, it is carrying its own expression. The internet offers a veritable bevy of custom belt buckles that vary so immensely and it can be quite overwhelming choosing a single one for you.

Latest and Different Types of Buckles for Belts with Images:

In this article, collections of belt buckles are enlisted for your knowledge.

1. Vintage Leather Belt Buckle:

The belt buckle collection is one of the arts of the modern age. People from various ages in the world try to enrich their collection of buckles. This vintage leather belt buckle is handcrafted with leather straps. This brown belt is a perfect fit for the silver-plated buckles. This handmade belt buckle gives a classy look to your outfit.

2. Mens Stars Wars Rebel Alliance Belt Buckle:

The Stars Wars Rebel Alliance belt buckle is handcrafted with sterling silver and this buckle is suitable for black or brown leather belts, which gives a stylish look for the wearers. This silver buckle belt is designed with a piece of metal and makes the wearer quite proud.

3. Skull Belt Buckles for Teens:

The skull buckle is one of the favourite buckles for teenagers; widely it can be used by all ages of men. This skull belt buckle is the most popular selling handmade belt buckle in the market. This belt buckle is great to wear any time of the year.

4. Mens Turquoise Belt Buckle:

The purpose of wearing buckles for the belt is now slightly changed from the previous time. Belt buckles increase individual personalities and nowadays, countless belt buckles are available for men. This turquoise design buckle is like a cowboy buckle; give the eye-catching silver-tone with a turquoise design. You can present this buckle as a gift to your loved ones

5. Personalized Engraved Belt Buckle:

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The Personalized engraved belt buckle is handcrafted with gold plated material and suitable for both men and women, this engraved buckle gives a unique look to the wearers. These buckles are the perfect gift for any occasion.

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6. Blank Silver Belt Buckles for Men:

The young generation exposes themselves as crazy by wearing fancy and blank belt buckles. This also is found at a cheap price. The silver handcrafted belt buckle is perfect for your casual costumes.

7. Butterfly Belt Buckles for Women:

Buckles that are custom-made are now among the most modern accessories being used by women as well as men. Varieties of custom-made belt buckles are available for women. The wonderful butterfly belt buckle is decorated with silver material decorated with a butterfly wings design, which gives a stylish and attractive look to the wearers.

8. Boho Belt Buckle:

The Boho belt buckle was handcrafted with natural materials and was decorated with contrasting colours which give an eye-catching effect. The buckle can be made with clay, and decorated with stones of various shapes and sizes. The semi-precious stones include coral set in base metal and grouted in black.

9. Cool Bullet Belt Buckle for Boys:

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These bullet belt buckles are designed with a variety of fired bullet heads and Swarovski crystals. Each and every bullet’s dimensions and sizes or colours may vary slightly due to the characteristics of their handmade products. This bullet belt buckle gives a cool look, so these belt buckles are called cool belt buckles.

10. Circle Belt Buckle for Women:

There are varieties of belt buckles available such as tang buckle, snap buckle, clip buckle, etc. This circle belt buckle is suitable for all kinds of outfits. You can wear this belt buckle for any kind of occasion. These belt buckles are also available in a variety of colours. Besides women’s belts were available in many materials, styles and colours they often are adorned with shiny objects like gold, silver, turquoise, diamonds, etc.

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11. Unique Plastic Buckle for Women:

The unique plastic blue buckles are perfect for girls who are fashion-conscious with their accessories. This small cute-looking plastic buckle will give a cool appearance while connected with white or other soft colour belts. This can be designed with brass prongs and is perfect for retro-inspired dresses and jackets as well as lightweight coats.

12. Silver Buckle Belt:

The Silver belt buckle is commonly used by both men and women. This kind of silver belt buckle gives the feel of style and cool. It can be designed with sterling silver materials and decorated with plenty of minute floral designs. These belt buckles are suitable for traditional and formal suits.

13. Holly Bow Buckle Belt:

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The holly bow belt buckle fits on an interchangeable and adjustable belt strap, a black belt strip is included with the buckle and it is decorated with coral stones, the base metal tin alloy is electroplated in either gold or silver and is secured by a hook and eye with a double bar on either side to thread the strip.

14. Fashionable Belt Buckle:

People are also making their very own statement by wearing the buckles. When you are sporting a custom belt buckle you can plan the rest of your outfit around it if you would like. This fashionable belt buckle is suitable for jeans and T-shirts with neutral colours. This buckle is made with stitching designs and it may be available in a variety of colours.

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15. Unique Gold Buckle:

This gold-plated customized design belt buckles are incorporated with black colour leather which gives a unique appearance to the wearers. You can wear these buckles for your casual and as well as formal dresses. You can also your initial or your loved one’s initials to the buckle.

Today not only men but women and also children are using belts of different sizes and styles. The buckles are made with metal, copper, fibre, etc. There are also fancy buckles available for children who have the design of cartoon characters. Similarly, women’s belt buckles are also given a fancy and designer outlook. So grab a suitable belt buckle to dress your accessories beautifully.

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